What are Home remedies for everyday life?

How to make phone cover at home with paper

Pound few garlic pods and mix it with water and splash it in your kitchen cupboards.

In that way you can get rid of cockroaches and insects (Do this once a week).

,Want to get rid of ants? Simple.

Crush cloves and mix it with the table salt and spread this powder along the ants path.

,Running out of toilet freshener? Take a transparent cover/ a zip lock cover, punch small holes in it and drop few camphor and hang it in your toilet (last for three to four days).

,Vetiver (grass) packets are available in the market (if not make one).

Punch a few holes and throw it in your clothing racks.

Smells divine.

Free from damp smell.

,Do not throw the unused specs cleaning solution, use it to clean your mirror, glass tables, objects and show pieces (one can use this to clean your mobile screen and Tv screen too).

,Take a side step to check, how dirty mirrors are! (photo view)Heavily glued stickers like price stickers and labels on glass and fibre materials are hard to remove.

,Just apply oil on it, leave it for 15u201320 minutes.

Spray specs cleaning solution on it and rub.

No trace, just vanished.

,If the sticker stain is fresh, just clean it once, if the sticker stain is very old clean it twice for better result.

,Well, people in South tie flowers, the biggest problem for them is the thread gets knotted with one another and it creates a huge mess, so what you do is, take a bowl, pin a paper clip and insert the thread through its handle.

,Well, I made an extra provision to cut the thread by removing the sharpener blade and fixing it on the top of the clip.

,Same idea can also be used while sewing clothes using hand.

,Insulated small black wires come with few electronic devices like phones (with earphones and charges).

Do save it, as it helps to tie long wires or cables at home.

,Silica gel bags come with various products these days.

Use these bags in flask, water bottles and all other closed containers and bags (especially for leather bags) to avoid bad odour.

,This bag comes with medicines and certain food items too.

Placing phone safely while charging is one of the biggest tasks.

So what you do is? Use bags/ pouches that comes with products like perfume and jewellery stores offers us money bag/ purse.

Do not throw it off.

,Buy a sticky hook and paste it on the wall, pierce a hole in the pouch, hang it and now your mobile is safe and compact to charge.

,Make sure to select a right pouch to hold your phone to avoid any damage due to overweight.

,Use the phone and watch boxes to store important cards like driving license, aadhaar card, pan card etc.

,These are the few hacks that I follow in my home.

If you find it useless, Im very sorry about it.

And please avoid cursing me.


How to make phone cover with cardboard

Im an example.

At age 60, I built a model railroad in my basement, returning to a long dormant youth hobby interest.

In so doing, I scoured eBay and similar sites and Craigs List for products both new and used.

Soon I realized that to acquire what I needed at reasonable cost, I had to also accept much of what I did NOT need or want; thus I became a part-time eBay and Bonanza merchant in experienced model trains and related goods.

,Over the course of a year, as I acquired more collections, I would email previous buyers with a newsletter covering various modeling tips or matters of topical interest to rail modelers and rail fans.

I would also list some of my inventory.

I re-wrote my web site to list product and provide access to modeling information.

Soon, the flow of communication TO me became as great as that flowing FROM me.

,It wasnt long before a nearby customer asked to meet me at my shop.

I had no actual store -just a garage with a work room filled with goods.

The man who came to see me was like a kid in a candy shop; he was amazed by what I had and the low prices I asked.

I finally had to just tell him, Mike, Im not here to make as much as I can, Im here to make as little as it takes to keep doing this; I like the hobby and like the people involved with it.

If I expect their continued trust and their business, I must demonstrate this by making an expensive hobby as accessible as I can.

By the end of the day, the 2 of us were partners.

,Now we had the beginnings of a serious business; I jumped through all the hoops to be licensed, set up to collect sales tax, separate business bank account, etc.

Over the next few months, I had little difficulty showing the major distributors that while I was a serious hobbyist, my selling of model railroad product was not a hobby, and I had the income tax bill to prove it.

So now, Mike and I were legit.

,We actually got to the point where customers would call and say, Send me 50 rail cars, your choice, and send me your PayPal invoice.

You know what I like and I trust you.

With more of that happening, Mike and I guessed our style was a winner.

,In the fullness of time, we started going to train shows.

Like gun shows or home shows, these are weekend events held in a large venue where dealers rent tables from the show operator and sell their wares to the public who pays to enter the show.

We were an immediate hit both with the public at large, and with serious modelers who recognized the value we offered.

Of course, many whom we met at the shows also became customers by phone and email.

,We also introduced innovated methods of packaging model commodity products, such as couplers and wheels.

Buy 1, buy 100, buy just what you need.

We introduced some new products of our own invention; inexpensive but attractive display cases, cardboard storage boxes for self-assembly, real stone track ballast from the same quarries the railroads took theirs.

Time and again, customers would ask, How do you do this and actually make any money? And time and again we would answer, We dont need to make ALL the money, just ENOUGH.

I will also say we knew how to buy right, but those details are the secret sauce.

,After 2 or 3 years of selling at trains shows, Mike and I started wondering what it was like to actually own and operate the entire show.

Our favorite venues were the Great Scale Model Train Shows operated by famed modeler Howard Zane, and when a rumor circulated that he and his partner were considering selling their enterprise, I asked his partner Ken if a deal was in the offing.

No, he said.

But every now and then someone makes a proposal.

Are you guys interested? I answered, I dont know - it was just a rumor thats been going around.

,No more was said, until I received a call from Howard himself, about a week later.

He invited me to an exploratory conversation at his home, which houses one of the largest and most realistic privately owned layouts in the world and has been featured in numerous hobby magazines over the years.

Given his personal fame and reputation, having an invitation from him was akin (to model railroaders) to having an audience with the Pope.

So I did call on him and, well, the rest is history.

Mike and I are the owners of the largest (bar none) train shows in the Mid-Atlantic, and among the biggest shows in the country.

,Aside from the somewhat breathless prospect of running something which was magnitudes greater than anything we had done, purchase of the shows marked the first departure from our policy of growing the business organically and internally -no outside investors.

Our investment was funded by a loan which we are amortizing way ahead of schedule.

The trains are arriving ahead of schedule.

,Since we have taken over the shows, we have introduced innovations which have been enormously disruptive to the train show industry generally; our competitors have taken note.

,So today, my primary focus is producing the next show; Mikes is the retail side of the house.

Our partnership is an easy exchange of lead and follow, shared vision, shared work and shared reward.

,Although this story refers to a small business in general terms, it reflects, I believe, where most of the action really is; not in the heady world of venture capital or viral recognition.

On the contrary, it refers to discernible, accessible constituencies with a common need that might be served.

Our enterprise is driven not by formulas, but by passion and commitment.

,As a recent edition of the AARP magazine has noted, entrepreneurship thrives among the senior crowd, and seniors as a whole tend to be more successful at it than youngsters.

Why? Because most of what younger adults are just starting to learn is something we have already done.

In the end, it is not about technology stacks, MVPs, finding angel investors, radical new technology, learning how to code, or any other such things.

It IS about people; what they need and want, their passions, their expectations.

It is an eyeball-to-eyeball engagement of people.

Age tends to produce both familiarity and comfort with people and with life.

For Mike and me, our enterprise is an expression of our passion and our values.

The money is good, but absent the positive contribution we are able to make in the lives of others, no amount of material wealth would ever be enough.

,More about our venture:,HOME PAGE of THE GREAT SCALE MODEL TRAIN SHOWSnhttp://makemytracks.

com/,Hope that splains.

How to make a homemade phone case without a case

You are sitting on your laptop reading the news.

Suddenly, your laptop goes blank and the power shuts off.

You attempt to turn it on but to no avail.

You turn on your cell phone to find that the memory has been wiped.

Nothing works, and you have no idea what is happening.

,An EMP weapon could make that nightmare a reality.

,EMPs (Electromagnetic Pulse) are released with Atomic Weapons.

A nuclear weapon detonated high in the atmosphere could cause a widespread devastating EMP.

Scientist are also researching a weapon that would provide only the electronic slaughtering power, minus the gamma rays.

,But what better way to understand this technology than to make one yourself?,DISCLAIMER: This project is for entertainment purposes only.

I am not responsible for any damage caused to Electronics by this device.

,Ready to make an EMP?,I have two methods for you.

,Method #1, Handheld,Handheld EMP?! I thought they only came in massive bomb types?,If you knew anything about EMPs before reading this, thats what you will think.

Well, it is possible.

,Amazingly, you dont even have to build a complex circuit.

The entire circuit part of this project is already provided, pre-built.

It costs around $5.

Yes, the disposable camera strikes again!,http://wpuploads.



jpgTo start your EMP project, you need a homemade Taser.

This can be easily built from that vicious little tourist device above me.

Scroll down a bit to find my guide on how to make one.

It should literally take around 5 minutes.

,Familiarize yourself with all the parts on the Cameras circuit board.

,Now, you will need a few other parts.

Go buy some insulated copper wire (the thicker the wire, the more powerful the EMP) and an iron rod.

You can also use a non-metal rod, but this will be less powerful.








jpgnTake the copper wire and wrap it around the rod, TIGHTLY.

As tight as possible.

Once you are finished there will be a wire sticking out on either end.

,Take the Camera Circuit (Taser) and solder the ends of the wires to the Capacitor.

Make sure it is shorted first and the battery is out, unless you want to end up like the criminals mentioned in the Taser guide.


Go far out into your backyard.

Ensure that you dont have ANYTHING electronic in your pockets.

Ensure that you dont have ANYTHING electronic in your hands.

Heck, ensure you dont have ANYTHING electronic in your underwear, just in case.

A mistake, and you may permanently break whatever you forgot to put away.

,If you are using a Pacemakers or life support device, go get a hammer and smash your EMP.


Youll kill yourself.

Keep this well away from anyone who has any of these devices.

,Lastly, NEVER use it to interfere with other peoples electronics or broadcasts.

If you destroy some guys iPhone with your EMP, you can be arrested as easily as if you took a chainsaw and destroyed it that way.

,But of course you want to make sure it works.

Hence why I said get outside.

You arent going to leave this awesome device sitting there not knowing if it works, are you? Of course not.

,We need a guinea pig.

No, not an actual guinea pig.

The EMP wouldnt even affect it.

A theoretical guinea pig.

And the little device we are going to punish for no real reason? Meet the $0.

99 Office Depot Calculator.




jpgLook at that.

Just asking for it, isnt it?,Maybe not, but its only a dollar and is electronic.

Need I say more?,Take your victim (the calculator, what were you thinking?) and place it as close to the EMP as possible without touching it.

Again, ensure that you are nowhere near anything else electronic.

Your EMP should have a blast radius of a few feet.

,Put the battery in.

Push the switch.

If needed, you may want to remove the wires to charge the capacitor, but this as dangerous as you may shock yourself.
















None of that will happen.

If you did everything right, you really shouldnt see anything.

Once it is finished, go unplug the battery.

Now, the moment of truth!,Pick up your (hopefully) dead victim and press the ON button.

Does it work?,If yes, well, you did something wrong.

,If no, CONGRATULATIONS! Your EMP is finished.

Please keep reading for the warning at the end.

,Method #2, EMP Explosive Device,This one is not re-usable.

You also dont need a Camera.

,First, check your local laws to find out if Firecrackers are legal.

They are? Excellent!,http://photoshopinc.


jpgGo to the Firecracker store and buy one.

,Now, look up Neodymium Magnets.

Neodymium is a Rare Earth that forms superb magnets.

Buy two of them.




jpegnMake the EMP Coil rod as described in Method #1.

But, instead of a solid rod, make sure that the rod is hollow and can fit the firecracker.

Also, do not connect it to any Camera circuit or capacitor.

,Stick the Neodymium magnets on either end of the firecracker, and connect the copper wires to the magnets.

Put your electronic victim near the device (not too close or you will just blow it up).

Make sure you are in a safe area with no people or electronics around.

Take a match, light the fuse, and RUN! Get as far away as possible.

The firecracker will explode and possibly send a neodymium magnet into your skull.

However, it should generate the same EMP affect which will wipe out the Calculator.

,Legal Issues.

In the United States, do not use this device on any device other than your own or you risk being arrested.

Keep it legal, and only break your own electronics.

,Always keep the battery out when not using it, and store it away from electronics.



just in case.

,NEVER use this near ANYONE using a pacemaker or life support.

Keep them as far away as possible, or you could hurt them.

,If you have an RFID that needs killing, this works great!,Lastly, if you built an EMP Proof box and want to test it, just stick a calculator in there and fire off the EMP.

If it still works, you did well.

How to make phone cover with cloth


Firstly, the ICC guidelines quoted do not apply to the Army insignia.

,equipment and clothing regulations do not permit the display of messages that relate to political, religious or racial activities or causes during an international match.

,The paramilitary forces do not fall under either u201cpolitical, religious, or racial activitiesu201d.

They are a national defense organizations.

,Secondly, MS Dhoni is a Hon Lt Col in the Indian Territorial Army.

,Thirdly, he was not trying to make any political or religious statement.

It was likely only his personal fashion choice.

The logo was not so conspicuous unless the cameraman zoomed in.

He also has a phone cover with the same logo.

,Muslim Cricketers often bow down in Sajda after achieving any milestone during a match.

If that is allowed (which it should be), there is no reason Dhoniu2019s gloves shouldnu2019t be.

,The official England jersey sports the Royal Arms of England on the chest.

How is that allowed then?

How to make phone cover with wool

Assuming they have all the modern knowledge and technical expertise at their disposal?,Sure - in a matter of weeks.

(well, if they are luckyu2026 see below).

,Obviously this isnu2019t the prevalent opinion here, but guns and radios(!) are specific technologies that donu2019t require much infrastructure to produce (unlike, say, a digital watch or a Number 2 pencil).

Here are the required stages:,ProspectingnFirst our time-travelers need to find some useful rocks.

For example, they might find Malachite, Sphalerite, Galena, and some Clay (none of which is particularly rare).

Here, Malachite is a copper ore and Sphalerite is for zinc.

Galena is a magic rock weu2019ll discuss later.

Other metallic ores would also count as u201cuseful rocksu201d, but would make our teamu2019s efforts much harder.

In many places on earth there wonu2019t be any such rocks, and they would be out of luck.

They also find a large cave full of bats (which may come handy), and of course streaming fresh water, trees and animals.

nJust to be clear - Iu2019m not talking about mining here.

All we need is one gun, and one radio, right? That would need maybe 20 kg of malachite and a few sphalerite and galena rocks (they may even come in a package deal: a sphalerite-galena rock).

,[Malachite, Sphalerite, Galena, Clay],Producing charcoalnCharcoal is required to reducing ore to metals, and can be easily produced by burning wood.

If done in a stone kiln, less wood would be needed, and the kiln could be used later for further pyroprocessing (baking clay, forging, etc.


,[A kiln - it doesnu2019t have to be this big],Smelting ores (and getting some more materials on the way)nA fine smelter can be built from clay bricks and a leather bellow, connected with a wooden, clay covered pipe, and fueled with charcoal.

Crushed malachite ore mixed with charcoal is easily smelted into copper in small clay receptacles.

Getting the zinc is not that easy: first the sphalerite has to be roasted:,2 ZnS + 3 O_2 rightarrow 2 ZnO + 2 SO_2but wait - they canu2019t let something as valuable as sulfur dioxide to go to waste! Channeling it through a clay exhaust and combining with carbon monoxide and hydrogen from the burning charcoal should produce even more valuable sulfur (in case our valiant prospectors had not found it just lying around):,2 SO_2 + 3 H_2 + CO rightarrow S_2 + CO_2 + 3 H_2O (some water should probably be added to increase hydrogen contents).

,Zinc oxide could then be smelted into zinc vapors, which should be collected and liquidize in a water-cooled clay condenser (not as complicated feat as it sounds, especially to our by-now expert potter):,ZnO + CO rightarrow Zn + CO_2Right.

Now, they toss the galena into the smelu2026 NOOO! wait! Chip off some PbS crystals first, thatu2019s a naturally-occurring semiconductor [lead (II) sulfide].

You didnu2019t think those are only made in fabs, did you? The rest can safely go into the fire, and smelted away into lead, in a similar process to zinc.

,Ooh - almost forgot about the bats, have we? Useful little creatures:,Eye of a newt, and toe of a frog,,wool of bat, and tongue of dogu2026,For a charm of powerful trouble,,u2014- Fire, burn; and, caldron, bubble!,Nah.


wool of bat is useless, but their dropping are a different matter.

Guano contains quite a bit of potassium nitrate (saltpeter), which can be easily purified by sedimentation in water.

The u2018charm of powerful troubleu2019, in this case, would be gunpowder: basically a mixture of grind sulfur, charcoal and potassium nitrate.

,[Copper, zinc, lead, sulfur, lead (II) sulfide, potassium nitrate],Casting and forgingTime to build a proper foundry: a clay furnace, a clay crucible for melting the metals and degassing them (not unlike a pipe), and some continuous-casting apparatus to make copper wires.

,The antenna and the simple circuit of the radio can be cast directly into clay molds from liquid copper.

Continuous casting can be employed to make thin copper wires, For the gun barrel (actually, this is the entire simple gun), copper and zinc should be molten together into brass, which was a common barrel material in the past.

Casting the barrel is somewhat harder, and would require first creating a wax model which will be used to make an accurate mold, and be sacrificed during casting (this process is called u201clost-wax castingu201d.

A gunpowder chamber, with a small vent to the side of the barrel, should also be included in the simplest gun design.

Also, u2018ammunitionu2019 can be cast from any leftover metal, as long as it just a tiny-bit narrower than the barrel bore.

,Lead and copper would be cast into small plates, which will be useful later, and a small metallic ring should also be cast to form the magnetic core of the radio speaker.

If our prospectors could obtain some ores of ferromagnetic metals such as iron, nickel or cobalt - those would make a far better core which wonu2019t require sustained electric current, but letu2019s not needlessly add to their work.

,Making the gunOnce the gun barrel is cast, cleaned using fine sand and heat-treated, a wooden handle can be fixed, and a short fiber string inserted into the vent.

When gunpowder is loaded into the chamber, followed by a projectile, all one needs is a torch to make it fire.

,[Triggerless arquebus],Making the speakerThis is actually the hardest part in making the radio.

First, we need a small electromagnet.

Wrap the copper wire around the metallic ring (without touching! maybe coat it with resin beforehand), and connect to a battery.

Oh, sorry - the convenience store is closedu2026 just put alternating lead and copper plates in an acid bath (from acidic fruits, or from an animal source) and youu2019ve got yourself one.

If they got a ferromagnetic metal for the magnetic core, the coil and battery can be discarded after magnetizing.

Next, glue a copper coil to the center of a small diaphragm with some resin, and stretch it over a clay drum with the magnetic ring set around the coil.

,Making the radioHere is our u2018schematicu2019 for the radio:,We already have the copper circuit framework (with a nice spike that goes into the ground), an antenna, the phones, and a tuning coil is simple to make from copper wire.

The detector makes use of the galena (PbS) crystal we kept earlier.

Just connecting it to a sharp copper needle, would create a diode, which would rectify the AM signal - as seen below:,The carrier frequency would probably be eliminated by the speaker coil (and if not, a simple capacitor can be added), and the remaining audio signal be converted to sound by the speaker.

,Now our crafty time-travelers have guns, but no beer cans to shoot at, and a state-of-the-art radio receiver, with nothing to listen to but the lonely, gloomy statics of the universe.

,,EDIT: Corrected an error mistaking zinc for a ferromagnetic metal; clarified battery structure.

How to make phone cover with Mask

If the question is about doodle, meaning scribble absent-mindedly.

Then, I donu2019t doodle at all.

,But if the question is about doodle art, meaning simple drawings that can have concrete representational meaning.

Then, I doodle a lot.

,This is how my doodles look :,Random repetitive patternsMy name starts with u2018Ru2019 and hence my favorite letter :PMap of Karnataka, with famous monuments or items famous in the respective places.

This doodle went viral on Facebook during Kannada Rajyotsava, 2015.

,[Raagi mudde is wrongly placed.

It was a mistake I realized after uploading the sketch on social media.

Sorry about that],Doodle on my phone coverThis doodle has,My hobbies - Sketching, Reading books, Playing Guitar, Travelling,My favorite things - Pencil, Palette, Guitar, Lord Shiva, Ice cream, Kannada, Letters, Moon, Cartoons, Butterfly, Camera,My Life mantras - This is something I follow to lead a happy life - Smile(No matter what life gives me, I manage to smile), Laugh(and make others laugh), Live(and let live), Love(spread love), Help, Care(care and help the needy), Passion(follow your passion),Here is the colored versionDoodling random cartoons and characters[Inspired by Kerby Rosanes, an illustrator from Philippines],Doodled on my old study deskChanged this old dirty desk into this :,Horse[Inspired by Anikartik],Your wings already exist.

All you have to do is FLY.

Just fly away, leaving all this to yesterday.

A girl should be like a butterfly.

Pretty to see, hard to catch.

The Sun loved the Moon so much that he died every night just to let her breathe.

Follow my art works here : http://www.


com/RanjithasKalakrithi/Edit 1 : Thank you.

Received too many appreciations on comments and private messages.

Followers on my art page increased.

Many suggested me to take this up as my profession.

,Never felt this happy even when few sketches of mine went viral on Facebook.

Here I am receiving appreciation from the global audience.

Thatu2019s adding to my excitement.

Quora community is just awesome.

,Mine is the highest upvoted answer for this question.

Please go ahead and check other answers for this question.

There are some amazing artists out there with crazily creative works.

They deserve an upvote too :),EDIT 2 : Added more doodles after the Horse.

EDIT 3 : I have received many queries regarding the colors and pens I have used for my doodles.

I have tried to answer everyone in my best possible way.

If I have missed anyone or for people who wants to try these in future, here it is :,I am not a professional artist, I try to use materials that can be found easily in nearby stationary.

,For Phone Cover, I used,Camel acrylic white paint for the background,Camlin CD-DVD fine tip marker for doodles outline,Colored with normal sketch pens.

,For the color to stay, I masked it with Camel acrylic fluid mask.

,For Other doodles, I used Reynolds black gel pen.

You can find it next to my sketchbook in few doodles.

,Thank you so much everyone.

Thank you arjun for making me write this answer :),Loads of Love.