As a model, do I have any rights to the photos taken of me from a professional photoshoot?

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Professional model photoshoot

If itu2019s a professional photo shoot then as a professional, the photographer would have you sign a model release form.

You will have no rights to the images once you do.

The reason for that is that a photographer has no idea if, when or how your image will be used or leased.

For instance, you do a shoot this year and a large corporation wants to use that image in an advertising spot ten years later.

The photographer has to be able to make a decision about leasing/using the image without having to pass it by you first.

Is that un-fair? No.

Fact is, people move all the time, addresses change, phone numbers change etc.

If the photographer has to share rights with you and then he canu2019t get hold of you, then no sale.

Letu2019s say you died.

If you shared rights, then he would have to then deal with your relatives.

The photographer needs to have the freedom to make decisions without having to hunt you down or deal with relatives.

Whether you get paid or if itu2019s a T/F shoot, a model release form needs to be signed.

If the photographer does not give you a release to sign, then the photographer is not a professional and you should beat feet out of there.