Which scientific discoveriesinventions in the last 100 years are directly based on quantum indeterminismrandomness?

Scientific discoveries in the last 100 years


Chemistry, Nuclear Medicine, u2018Atomic Bombsu2019,,From Google:But just to make things a little clearer, heres a quick look at some of the myriad everyday things that depend on quantum physics for their operation.

Computers and Smartphones.

,Lasers and Telecommunications.

,Atomic Clocks and GPS.

,Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

5 most important scientific discoveries

These are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse,Death, Famine and War are still with us.


not so much,Thatu2019s thanks to a guy named Edward Jenner who wondered why milkmaids rarely if ever contracted smallpox.

Back in the day, smallpox pretty much had 100% infection rate and a 50% mortality rate.

,Smallpox survivor, pretty much like any other living adult in 1776.

,Jenner also realized that no-one ever got smallpox twice.

If you had the disease, you never got it again.

,It turned out that almost all the milkmaids had contracted cowpox from their work with cows.

Cowpox is a mild but rarely fatal disease.

,Based on this limited information, and without a developed understanding of the immune system, Jenner started deliberately giving people cowpox.

,And it worked.

,And thanks to u201cvaccinationu201d no-one has contracted the disease in the general population since 1973.

Come to think of it, there hasnu2019t been a widespread epidemic of any disease since 1919.

,And outbreaks are always traced to people who arenu2019t vaccinated.

,Iu2019ve had measles, mumps and chicken pox,And no one ever need have those diseases ever again.

Major discoveries and developments in science timeline

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