What is meant by up to 95MB, and how does a video camera impact the recording speed of a card?

sandisk extreme pro 64gb 95mb/s

The cardu2019s record speed is independent of the camera.

Cameras can be set to record at different record speeds or data rates.

At lower rates you can record longer videos, but at lower quality.

Faster data rates record less video, but at higher quality.

,There are two numbers associated with an SD or any data card.

One number is the amount of data the card can store, for instance, 64GB or 128GB.

The other number is the maximum speed or data rate at which the card can record such as 95MB per second.

,You have to be careful the camerau2019s record speed doesnu2019t exceed the cardu2019s max data rate.

,Hereu2019s an SD card.

Note the numbers on the label.