If I were to retire in the Philippines, how much money would I need? I would want to retire at 55 and will not have any debts.

SM laptop price Philippines

Like anything else in life, it depends on how many people you are supporting and what part of the country.

Big city, touristy, and ritzy/trendy is going to run you more than living in a low-key smaller provincial city or low-key rural area.

When it was just my wife and I, we lived a simple but comfortable life in 2017 on 25000 - 30000 pesos ($500u2013600 USD) a month while living in a semi-rural swath of rice and fruit farms between a city with a population of roughly 300,000 people and the smaller provincial capital.

We were a 3u20134 hour bus trip away from Manila, so (from my perspective as a Northeastern American) our situation was analogous to avoiding the high cost of living in New York City by living in Albany or Scranton where it is cheap and easy to hop on a Megabus whenever you crave big city action.

,By u201ccomfortable,u201d I mean that we lived with good wifi, bucket showers, only occasional AC use, and only using tricycles and our motorbike when traveling around the greater Cabanatuan-Palayan City Metro Area in Nueva Ecija Province.

These trips into town were on a weekly basis and consisted of visiting an SM Mall to get non-perishable groceries and any classroom/office supplies I needed, walk and window shop in the AC, and treat ourselves to Jollibee or Mang Inasal.

Other than that we cooked at home with occasional purchases from puto and noodle vendors in our barangay, and my wife and stepson got meat and any vegetables we couldnu2019t grow ourselves by going to the city wet market at 4 in the morning and haggling.

We passed most of our free time at home, where we managed my wifeu2019s family guava farm, hosted visiting relatives, gardened in the yard, and played with our dogs Sweetie, Fleeky and Freaky (R.




I also remember spending hours (but not a single peso) next to the fan on my laptop as I updated a blog my family back home was following, taught myself basic html and web development skills, and read blogs and amused myself reading commentary on that twisted train wreck known as the Trump Administration.

,Securing a position as a part-time online English tutor with a virtual school based in China generated enough income to cover day to day expenses mentioned above along with domestic land-based travel around Luzon Island.

During the 9 months that I spent working from our provincial farmhouse while waiting for my wife to get cleared for coming home to the USA with me, we managed to avoid dipping into savings when paying bus fare and four nights in mid-range hotels when touring Baguio City and visiting my in-laws in her hometown barangay in Baler, Aurora.

,There are some additional expenses that a part-time online income of $600/month will not cover.

If you are going to the Philippines, whether it is to enjoy the single life or live with a significant other.

If you are flying solo, you will have to pay around 2,000 pesos to extend your visa-free stay for a second month.

To stay more than 2 months, you have to spend something like 6,000 or 7,000 pesos to get an alien residency card and extend for another month or two.

Donu2019t remember the details and exact costs, but they can easily be searched for online.

Long story short, you can get a round-trip ticket to either Hong Kong, Macao, Taipei or Kota Kinabalu for the same cost as navigating the red tape in Manila, so you may as well travel and reset your stay when you come back.

If you are really trying to save money, I recommend Kota Kinabalu.

It is dirt cheap since it is not as developed as the other 3 cities I mentioned, but I found it to be walkable, safe, and clean when I visited.

It is also an amazing place for seafood and nature lovers, and Malaysians are generally just as proficient in English as Filipinos.

Just remember that you will have a bit of culture shock entering an introverted Muslim country after 2 months in an extroverted Catholic society.

I occasionally had to ask officials and vendors to speak more loudly when traveling in Malaysia, but people there are generally friendly and laid back enough to make communication and taking care of business easy.

,If you are married, you can arrive visa-free and then take your spouse on a quick jaunt to a nearby country where he or she can get in visa-free (again, Malaysia is the best option if you donu2019t have the dough to hustle around Hong Kong).

Remember to bring your marriage certificate, because when you return to the Philippines and show it to the immigration officer, you will get a Balikbayan Stamp for a 1-year stay for, get this, zero pesos!,Although you avoid most of the visa and alien residency costs when you are married, you have to remember that Filipino culture is much more family oriented than Western cultures, so if you have income you will be expected to cover birthday parties (which are elaborate events in the Philippines, especially for kids) and chip in for in-lawu2019s wedding and funeral costs.

,If you are working on immigration paperwork with plans to bring your spouse home, you also have to consider the cost of trips to Manila (or presumably Cebu for those living in the south, but I donu2019t have expertise in the Visayas and Mindanao) because the Filipino Government makes citizens jump through a lot of hoops for the privilege of moving abroad.

Iu2019m assuming this is a jobs creation program for paper pushers, or at least it was back in 2017u20132018.

Perhaps the COVID-19 pandemic may have finally forced Filipino bureaucrats to shift paperwork processes from waiting in long lines to hand someone a form downtown to filling the form online, but please comment on my answer to share any emigration-related updates as I donu2019t know this for sure.

,We covered some of the family and immigration related expenses with income from my wifeu2019s family farm, where we could pick guavas every other day and harvest a half-hectare of rice twice a year.

However, donu2019t be like me and dive into rural Filipino life with the romantic fantasy that you can live off the land sustainably.

I found out the hard way that farm income in the Philippines is unreliable due to fluctuating crop prices.

Sometimes we would trade 20 kilos of guavas for 1,000 pesos (enough for a couple to feed themselves for the 2 days until the next harvest), but then there were those days where we picked over 100 kilos yet only netted 500 pesos after paying the hired pickers (which was not a huge expense).

If you are in the northern Philippines like I was, typhoons will inevitably wipe out farm cash flow for a month or two.

This can happen anywhere from 1 to 3 times a year, and it will only get worse as climate change progresses.

,Whether your in-laws have a farm or not, I highly suggest securing back-up sources of income to supplement savings and wages from online work.

I lucked out and was able to cash out my bitcoin at the peak of the December 2017 bubble to pay for the family Christmas, a couple grandkidsu2019 birthdays, and traveling and transitioning back to Maryland with my wife.

This was solely because I bought and used bitcoin to make online purchases and saved my crypto change to speculate, and the spare change ballooned to thousands.

If you want to risk the cryptocurrency game and buy low and sell high, that is up to you.

However, if I were to attempt to live the simple life on the Nueva Ecija farm while practicing English with kids online for a few hours a week again, I would hustle in America for a couple years first, save $20,000 - $40,000, and park that money in high-yield dividend stocks.

Do your research and look for REITs and other companies that have a stable stock price history and no history of dividend cuts.

If you do this homework and choose the most reliable stocks with an average 8% yield, you would have around an extra $125u2013250 a month to cover unexpected expenses and fulfill your duties to your inlaws.

,Iu2019ll close this answer with an insider tip for native English speakers who are living in the Philippines or playing with the idea of becoming an Pinoy expat.

If you apply with virtual Chinese schools, you will have a leg up on the competition because China is in the same time zone as the Philippines.

That means managers wonu2019t have to worry about you not showing up for a class because you messed up when calculating the time difference between Baltimore and Beijing.

Affordable laptop for students

Hi, It totally depends on your need.

,If you are from a Computer Science department or IT or you need for Coding in schools, then go for HP laptop with maximum Core I3 (If you want in cheap)- Search under flipkart you can get the same under 25000 INR.

It will also help for Civil Engg and Mech Engg students who uses AutoCad or similar software.

,If you want for some hard core coding like AI, Machine Learning or App development, go for little bit higher configuration with 8Gb RAM and atleast Core i3 (HP or Lenovo would be preferable).

,If you want for iOS app development, go for MacBook Pro (Not Macbook Air),If you require for Windows app development, go for Microsoft Surface book (Little bit expensive),If you require for Gaming purpose or Game development Go for Lenovo Alien Ware or similar laptops (I donu2019t remember the exact model).

,If you want for entertainment like movies, songs or home type work then go for mini laptop or Hp Laptop for around 20k.

,(Its just my personal experience, choice is yours)

Best laptop for work from home Philippines 2022

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Start a blogBlogging tops my list because its my main source of income.

,And before you even think you need to know the code to start a blog, let me clarify, in 2022 you can create a blog and also develop one without writing a single line of code.

,AI didnt start out as a blogger and I didnt have any qualifications to make me a good blogger.

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28 for 1 year and $ 60 for 4 years (with our,).

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,As far as making money from your blog, below are some of the ways you can make money from your blog.


Affiliate MarketingAffiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online from your blog.

,He tops my list because I earn almost all of my income from affiliate marketing.

,Simply put, affiliate marketing is a form of marketing in which companies pay you a commission to promote their products or services.

,If you sign up for the companys affiliate program, you will receive a unique link that you can promote on your blog, social media, or even YouTube.

,However, some companies only allow you to promote their products on your own website, which is also the most common way to promote Affiliate Products.

,Usually, you only get paid if the company gets sales through your promotions.

,However, some companies also pay you to generate leads for sales.


Use Google AdsenseIf you have a free Blogspot blog or a professional WordPress blog, you can also make money by running Google ads on your website.

,This is one of the most common ways to make money from blogging.

,Once you have some decent visitors to your blog, you can apply to create a Google Adsense account.

,If approved, you will receive a code to install on your website and the ads will automatically appear on your blog.

,Ads are of two types: pay-per-click (CPC) ads and pay-per-thousand impressions (CPM) ads.

,As the name suggests, with pay-per-click ads, you get paid whenever a user clicks on your ad.

,You get paid for CPM ads whenever an ad becomes visible to a visitor on your website.

,While CPM sounds better, usually CPC ads pay you a lot more.

,Unfortunately, Google randomly displays CPC and CPM ads on your blog.

,Plus, you have little control over which ads are shown on your blog.

,While you can block certain categories of ads on your blog, you can still end up showing ads for products you dont want to display on your blog.

,Google Adsense is good for bloggers who dont have affiliate marketing skills.


Sell u200bu200bad space on your blog directlyIf you are worried about what kind of ad appears on your blog instead of Google Adsense, you can privately sell ad space to advertisers.

,Companies will provide you with banner ads and you can charge them according to the banner size and location.

,If youre new to blogging, you wont find many advertisers interested in advertising on your blog.

,This method is suitable for bloggers with good monthly traffic to their blog.


Accept sponsored reviewsTaking a sponsored post is another way to make money online from your blog.

,If you have a popular blog, companies will pay you money to publish their posts on your blog.

,Usually, companies provide you with content that advertises their products.

,In some cases, they will ask you to write their article with a link to their website.

,The amount of money charged for sponsored posts depends on the traffic to your blog as well as its authority.


Make Money Online With Micro JobsMicro jobs are one of the best ways to make money online without investment in 2022 if you dont have special skills.

,To work at the micro level, you only need basic knowledge of the Internet and sometimes good analytical skills.

,On Micro Jobs websites, you can make money by completing simple tasks like signing up for a newsletter, liking something on Facebook, posting something on Twitter.

,Some Micro Job websites also offer jobs that require analytical skills.

,These websites will ask you to categorize products by category, find data on the internet, rate the sentiment of tweets, gather information from a document or invoice, and more.

,There are several websites where you can find Micro Jobs.

,However, the following two websites are very popular for micro jobs.

,Amazon Mechanical Turk or Mturk from Amazon Inc.

,Microworkers,Out of the above websites, Amazon Mechanical Turk is considered the best as it is operated by Amazon Inc.

,However, there may be restrictions on signing up for Amazon Mechanical Turk for people from certain countries.

,In any case, whether you can register or not, you should also register with Microworkers to maximize your earning potential.


Work as a freelance search engine optimization expert.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the foundation of digital marketing.

,According to research by Backlinko, the top three positions on the search engine results page (SERP) receive 75% of clicks.

,So, unless you rank in the top 3 rankings on Google, you can expect very little traffic to your website.

,However, as weve discussed, new businesses and bloggers are rapidly taking off on the Internet.

,As such, the competition to be ranked # 1 in the SERP is enormous.

,An SEO expert uses certain techniques to help businesses improve their websites ranking in Google search engine results, thereby increasing the traffic to their website.

,Higher traffic can lead to more sales.

,This is the reason why companies spend a lot of money hiring the best SEO expert.

,And with competition likely to intensify in the future, SEO professionals are expected to get lucky.


Offer social media marketing services.

Late Night Social media is more than just a place to chat and have fun with friends.

,Over the years, it has grown to be one of the best places to promote your brand, resolve customer complaints, and increase sales.

,Social media is used by both businesses to promote products and people, especially celebrities, to promote their personal brand.

,While large businesses tend to hire dedicated employees for social media marketing, small businesses and individuals tend to rely on freelancers as it turns out to be a cheaper option for them.

,So if you love spending time on social media, then social media marketing will be the best option for you to make money online without the investment.


Make money online with surveysOnline survey work is one of the most popular ways to make money online, requiring some kind of technical skill.

,You get paid to participate in simple company surveys.

,Online survey jobs are part-time jobs, not full-time jobs.

,Completing surveys wont make you rich, but it will help you use your free time to make money.

,Paid Surveys are very easy to work with.

,Brands need feedback on their products and services.

,Therefore, they turn to survey companies to conduct surveys.

,Research companies then upload the survey questions to their websites, where people can register and take surveys in exchange for cash or gift certificates.

,The amount you earn in each survey varies greatly and you may see the same thing before attempting a survey.

,Each survey targets people from specific regions, demographic groups, and a host of other factors.

,However, most of the surveys are for Tier 1 countries like USA, UK, Germany, France, Malaysia, UAE, South Africa, etc.

But even people from Tier 2 countries like India, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam get decent the amount.



Offer web design and development services.

A number of companies go online every day to attract potential clients from all over the world.

,These companies will need not only developers, but also website designers.

,Add to that that more and more people are starting to do e-commerce and blogging.

,As such, the demand for web developers is expected to increase in the near future, making it one of the best ways to make money online in 2022 and beyond.


Sell your products through Amazon FBA.

If you have an offline business and want to do it online, you can sign up for the Amazon FBA program, which allows you to sell your products on their platform.

,You just need to list your product on the Amazon website and then ship the item to the Amazon warehouse.

,Amazon will take care of the storage of your product until it is sold.

,Once sold, Amazon staff will package and ship the product to the customer on your behalf.

,The Amazon FBA program can help you reach customers across the country, and in some cases worldwide, without spending marketing dollars or worrying about product packaging and shipping.


Make money with ethical hackingSecurity is one of the biggest concerns on the world wide web.

,Hackers have long exploited loopholes in websites or software for malicious purposes.

,This could leak important information, including your personal information and credit card information.

,An ethical hacker works to find loopholes in a companys website and software.

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Make money selling photosOne picture is worth a thousand words.

,But if youre a good photographer, it can cost you thousands of dollars.

,You can sell your photos through Stock Photo websites or create your own website and avoid the high fees charged by Stock Photo websites.


Become a Freelance VMware AdministratorVMware administrators are responsible for creating, deploying, and maintaining the network and server infrastructure based on VMware products such as vSAN, vRealize, and vSphere.


Sell vector graphics.

Graphics are required by everyone, from individual bloggers to large companies.

,However, not everyone can afford to hire a full-time graphic designer.

,Plus, creating custom graphics with a freelancer is costly.

,For this reason, a few bloggers like me and small businesses also prefer to buy graphics from stock sites.

,To make money, you can register with these sites as a graphic designer and then create and upload quality graphics that you think people will love.

,These websites will then promote your graphics to their customers.

,If someone likes your graphics, they can purchase a license to use it.

,Since the website only sells the license and not the graphics, the same image can be sold to multiple clients, bringing you passive income.


Work on data entryWorking with data entry is one of the most popular ways to make money on the Internet.

,In fact, it is the most sought after job among non-technical professionals.

,While data entry does not require any exceptional skill from you, you still need a very good typing speed, typically 60 words per minute.

,In addition, you must have at least a basic working knowledge of MS Office and Google Docs.

,However, some jobs may require you to have a deep knowledge of MS Office.

,hard to find.

,And on sites like Upwork, where you can find legitimate data entry jobs, the competition is fierce.

,In fact, Upwork might not even endorse your profile if you want to register there for data entry, as it is already chock full of freelancers looking for data entry jobs.

,And even if you somehow validate your Upwork profile, if you are not highly skilled in data entry and also do not know how to sell your services, it will be difficult for you to get any kind of data entry jobs.


Offer Android freelance development services.

Smartphones are becoming extremely popular all over the world.

,And when we talk about mobile devices, the market is unconditionally ruled by Android.

,And in the next 5 years, I dont see any new platform overtaking Android.

,With this growing demand for Android, freelance Android developers can look forward to many opportunities in the future.


Become a Content WriterIf blogging isnt your thing, you can still make money working as a freelance content writer.

,The most successful bloggers run multiple blogs.

,Its impossible for them to regularly write fresh and unique content for every blog.

,Therefore, they hire freelance content writers to get fresh and unique content.

,As more and more people join the blogging community, the demand for content authors is constantly growing.

,However, to be a successful writer, you must have exceptional writing skills and good grammar.

,Of course, you can always fix your grammar with tools like Grammarly (Check Grammarly Review).

,But you should be able to properly format your blog post and use the language that the reader likes.

,So, if content writing is your USP, then you can make decent money working as a freelance content writer.

,Below are some of the popular websites where you can find content writing jobs.

,In addition to the websites listed above, you can also get content writing jobs on various Facebook groups related to content writing as well as LinkedIn.


Become a copywriterOften times, people dont know the difference between content writing and copywriting.

,The main difference between both forms of writing is purpose.

,The purpose of content writing is to share information or educate the audience, indirectly encouraging them to take action to achieve the goal.

,The goal can be anything, including promoting your brand or your products, or getting subscriptions to your newsletters.

,On the other hand, copywriting is used to directly communicate your goals to your target audience.

,Its about using the right words and bright lines to convince the client to take action.

,So, if you think you have excellent writing skills and are able to grab peoples attention with your words, copywriting is a good option for you to make money online in 2022.


Become a freelance iOS developer.

While the number of iOS users is not even that close to the number of Android users, iOS users are generally considered to be wealthier and willing to spend more.

,For this reason, no business wants to limit its reach to Android only, leaving the best customers behind.

,This is why iOS development is one of the best freelance jobs you can consider to make money in 2022.


Become a PPC AdvisorSEO and Pay Per Click (PPC) are often intertwined.

,Both are categorized into Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

,The former focuses on getting organic traffic for businesses, while the latter focuses on paid traffic, usually through Google Ads or Facebook Ads, but also includes paid ads on other networks.

,As with SEO, there is a huge need for qualified PPC professionals who can campaign for a company and generate strong leads at the lowest cost, which will increase the companys ROI.

,I would not advise a beginner who has just learned PPC advertising to freelance right away.

,Brands and companies are more selective about the people they hire because the PPC expert will be in charge of managing a large chunk of a companys digital marketing budget.

,One wrong move can cost a company huge losses.

,And it is for this reason that companies choose to hire experienced people, as PPC experts can help them save a lot more money than they charge for running a PPC campaign.


Online fitness consultant.

The number of people who want to lose weight is constantly increasing.

,This makes fitness one of the most lucrative niches out there.

,So, if you are also a fitness freak and know how to help people reach their fitness goals, you can become a professional fitness consultant.

,You can offer paid fitness tips or start a blog in the fitness niche.

,You can also sell online courses or write a fitness ebook.


Email marketingEmail marketing isnt just about sending random emails.

,People who send you unwanted deals and offers without your consent are not email marketers, but simply spammers, as we call them.

,Email marketing is creating a list of people interested in a product or service through subscription forms and then using that list to send targeted emails.

,It is not easy at all and requires a lot of experience.


Create and sell WordPress themes and plugins.

is the,in the world, serving over 35% of all websites on the world wide web.

,Among the websites using CMS, it has 60% market share of all websites.

,However, many people using WordPress lack technical knowledge and are unable to write code.

,These people use WordPress themes and plugins to create their blogs and add additional functionality to their blog.

,This opens up the ability for WordPress developers to create their own themes and plugins and sell them either on their own website or through,such as,21.

Virtual AssistantWorking as a virtual assistant is one of the most popular ways to make money from home.

,By becoming a virtual assistant, you can save your time and money by commuting to your workplace for work that you can easily do from home.

,The advantage of a virtual assistant over a regular job is that you can manage multiple clients at the same time, which gives you more income than a regular job.

,There are many possibilities for Upwork to work as a virtual assistant.


Specialist in working with bloggersIn 2022, brands are looking to partner with bloggers who can help them promote their products to the right audience.

,Thats when the Blogger Outreach Specialist steps into the scene.

,A blogger specialist usually maintains good relationships with bloggers and can help brands save a lot of time that they would otherwise have to spend finding the right bloggers to promote their campaigns.

,And of course, bloggers reach isnt just limited to brands looking to market their services and products.

,Even bloggers looking to improve their search rankings by posting on other peoples blogs use the services of the Blogger Outreach Specialist.


Build and sell a mobile app.

Smartphones are the need of the hour.

,And to get the most out of your smartphone, you need apps.

,So, mobile app development is an evergreen business.

,You just need to think about a good feature that people will love in their mobile phones.

,You can then create an Android or iOS app and sell it on the respective marketplaces.


Become an online tutorWhether you are a teacher looking to make money online on a part-time basis, or a housewife mom looking for a full-time teacher job, an online tutor job is perfect for you.

,Some websites require you to have a teaching degree, while others require a graduation degree.

,Most of these websites also run tests to test your knowledge.

,Some of them may even conduct interviews.

,However, some platforms do not test your knowledge and skills.

,But I do not advise anyone to take up this profession if you do not know the subject that you are going to teach.

,To work online, you just need a laptop with a webcam and a high-speed Internet connection.

,Below are the best websites for finding online tutoring jobs.

,Best Websites To Make Money Online By Teaching,25.

Create and Sell Online CoursesOnline courses are one of the best ways to share your knowledge with the world and at the same time make good money for yourself.

,The best part about online courses is that you dont need a degree or certificate.

,If you have knowledge of the subject, you can create a video course and upload it to sites like Udemy that promote your content on their platform for a small commission.

,Of course, for the best results, you also need to promote your content through social media, blogs, and paid media.

,And if you donu2019t know how to create and sell courses, you can even buy a course for yourself to learn how to sell your courses online.


Write and sell an e-bookAn e-book is another way to use your writing skills to make money online from home in 2022.

,In addition to writing skills, you need a good knowledge of the topic to write an e-book.

,You will also need marketing skills to promote your e-book.

,Usually people write an e-book and convert it to Kindle format for sale on Amazon.

,However, you can also promote the PDF version of the book on your blog or social media.


Offer graphic design services to freelancers.

Whether its brochure or website design or e-book cover design, businesses and bloggers often require the services of a graphic designer.

,So, as a freelance graphic designer, you have ample opportunity to make money online.

,There are several freelance platforms where you can find graphic design jobs.

,If you dont like freelancing platforms, you can also get multiple gigs through Facebook or LinkedIn groups.

,On the pay scale, the average freelance graphic designer makes between $ 20 and $ 50 an hour.

,Experienced designers can be paid up to $ 150 an hour.

,So if you are creative and have design skills, you can make good money working from home.


Offer curriculum development services.

If you are an experienced teacher who has worked closely with other teachers and students, you may want to consider offering curriculum development services.

,As a curriculum developer, you are responsible for developing and implementing curriculum, recommending and reviewing training materials, and developing training procedures and other responsibilities.


Become a testerCounting test scores is one of the little-known ways teachers make money.

,Finding a job evaluating test results can be challenging due to the lack of ample opportunities.

,The Balance Careers has prepared a list of websites offering,that you can check for reference.


Resumes for writing online vacanciesAccording to a recent study, the average recruiter looks at a candidates resume for just 7.

4 seconds before deciding if its a good fit or not.

,So, the job seeker only has 7.

4 seconds to convince HR why they should hire you.

,However, for non-writing people, including engineers and marketers, no matter how talented they are, it can be difficult to create an attention-grabbing resume.

,To make sure they dont lose out on a poorly written resume, these people hire professional resume writers who are experienced in creating an attractive resume.

,So, if you are good at writing and know how to get the attention of a recruiter, you can make money quickly from writing a resume.


Testing websites / applicationsThere are many websites where you can make money by testing apps and websites.

,For starters, all you need is a PC or Mac, a good internet connection and a microphone.

,Some testing tasks may also require a webcam.

,For mobile tasks, you may also need Android phones, Android tablet, iPhone, or iPad.

,As a tester, you will need to test the UX of a website or app according to the instructions provided by the client.

,To get started, you need to download special software provided by the testing website that records your screen.

,You should then browse the website and voice your opinion of the website or app out loud according to the instructions provided by the client.

,Each test usually lasts 20 to 40 minutes.

,You can usually make about $ 10 for a 20 minute review.

,and,are legitimate websites where you can find website testing jobs.


Make money on proofreadingThere are many people who can write well.

,However, even good writers end up making grammatical mistakes, which is unacceptable if you plan to publish the book or use its content for other purposes where you might be judged for your grammar.

,So, if you are good at English or any other local language, and also have exceptional grammar skills, you can help other authors proofread their content while making some money for yourself.

,However, unlike content writing or even copywriting, where minor grammatical errors are usually made, as a proofreader you must be absolutely precise.

,As a proofreader, you must ensure that the content is free of grammatical, typographical, syntax, punctuation, or similar errors.

,You can find proofreading jobs on specialized websites like,or find them on freelance platforms like,and the,file,33.

Job Creation on PoD SitesIf you are a creative person with good design skills, print-on-demand (PoD) websites will be a good option for you to make money online in 2022.

,On PoD sites, you can create your own store.

,The website will provide you with all the online tools you need to create t-shirts, bags, etc.

When your design is complete, you can add the products you have designed to your store.

,The PoD website will then promote your products to visitors.

,Whenever someone buys a product you designed, the PoD website will print your design onto the product and send it to the customer.

,Everything from inventory to printing and shipping is handled by the Website.

,You get paid a royalty for your design.


The work of a translator.

With the globalization of business, people from non-English speaking countries often find it difficult to communicate with the rest of the world.

,This problem is huge in countries like Japan, France, Spain, etc.

, where the local language is preferred over English.

,So, if you are fluent in several foreign languages, especially Japanese, French, German and Spanish, as well as English, you might not miss out on the translator opportunity.

,You can either work as a full-time translator or receive translation services from Make Money Online on a part-time basis.


Offer branded packages.

While logo design is very popular, the amount you can earn from a logo is often small.

,So, if you are a seasoned designer looking to make more money, you can offer complete brand packages to your clients.

,As a branding professional, you will have to work closely with your client, understand their business, and then suggest suitable color palettes and fonts for a personalized logo that defines their business.

,Besides the logo, a branding package often includes social media images, business card designs, stationery designs, and more.


Online transcription worksIn transcription assignments, you will need to listen to an audio clip and then enter what you are listening to.

,These jobs usually require very high typing speed.

,Usually companies have sophisticated devices for transcriptionists to work with, especially for controlling sound reproduction.

,However, as a freelancer, you just need a computer with a high-speed Internet connection.

,You can find transcription jobs on the freelance sites mentioned at the end of the article.

,conclusionsDespite the scams on the world wide web, many people are still attracted to making money online.

,This is because not only does it allow the unemployed to make some money, but you can also surf the Internet part-time to earn extra income.

,I have tried my best to list the best ways to make money online in 2022.

,Each of these methods is legal and can make money if you have the skills to do it.