Can you post the difference between your first and your latest sketch, being a self-taught artist?

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2011 (the year I started drawing),u200b,u200b,u200b,u200b,u200b,You can see the hallmarks of a beginner here: giant eyes, obvious facial lines, stiff hair, etc.

u200b,u200b,u200b,This was a study I did of the artist Ed orgs painting.

It helped me to learn a lot about measuring and about using shading to create form.

u200b,2012:,u200b,u200b,I still had the big eye problem, but Id started to learn about creating form with shading and making hair less stiff.

,u200bn 2013:,u200b,u200b,Up to this point, Id almost exclusively drawn humans, so you can see that translating what I knew to animals didnt come easily for me.

Then I began to understand that form, shape & depth are all the same, no matter what youre drawing.

That led me to my next piece:,u200b,u200b,In fairness, its easier to create shape and depth with color than it is with graphite; the color distracts the eye, but this was definitely a step up in growth.

,u200b,2014:,u200b,u200b,u200bI still like this piece because it represented a turning of a corner for me, but I can still see glaring mistakes, like edges that are much too sharp, particularly on the cougar - it drives me nuts!,u200b,u200b,u200bThis was the first piece that I was really proud of.

It represented a style I was really happy with and I felt like Id successfully executed it.

,2015:,This was just a study piece for me.

Ive always had a lot of difficulty with birds, so every once in a while I force myself to practice them.

I kind of like this one, though.

I think it could use some work, but its a definite step up from past attempts.

,This piece was from January, 2015.

Its one that Im mostly happy with, although I do need to work on my environments.

u200b,u200b,u200b,u200bIm proud that this piece was chosen for a how-to in Color Magazine, and it was chosen to be on the cover for April, 2016.

,u200bn2016:,This year Ive switched from graphite to pastel pencils, so Im a beginner again, but Im having a great time learning the medium.

Ill return to graphite for a bit soon, Im sure, but for now Im really enjoying my new medium.

,Pastel pencil pieces:,NOV.

, 2015,u200b,u200bDEC.

, 2015,u200b,u200b,u200bJULY, 2015,u200bSEPT.

, 2015,OCT.

, 2016:u200b,JANUARY, 2017:JUNE, 2017:NOVEMBER, 2017:2022:AND:Also, here are some fun comparisons I found on my computer that Id made a while back:,u200b,u200b,u200b,u200bnu200bnThis was fun looking back on the oldies and Im inspired to add more to my portfolio as I get better at pastel pencil this year.

,UPDATE 2017: Im overwhelmed by the wonderful response to my artwork here.

A big thank you to all of the kind people who have up voted my answer and left such amazing comments.

I read each and every one and theyve brought me such great joy.

Thank you again, everyone, for the great support for my artwork!,UPDATE 2022: This just came up in my feed again, so I thought Iu2019d update it with some newer pieces.

:)My YouTube channel: Amberwing ArtMy Instagram: http://www.