If Leicas are so great, why do you so rarely see professionals shooting with them?

Canon 5D Mark II manual focus

I personally know a lot of professionals that use Leica cameras.

Ive used both their rangefinder M types, their R9 which shot film plus had an optional digital back, plus their S2 medium format.

All great cameras, great glass.

Leica once took note of my photos with their cameras and featured me in Leica World.

,While autofocus is great, I was an NBA credentialed photographer for five years and on many occasions Id use my Canon 5D MII and the Leica M digital rangefinder.

Each had a purpose as when photographing an NBA game, things happen before and after the game which is great for a rangefinder.

Not to mention when youre underneath the basket you can grab some great shots too.

The photo below is shot from one of the court to another in the AT&T center using my Canon system with the Canon 70-200 zoom lens.

You can read about my sports photography here: ,When I shot the Sacramento Kings Dance Team calendar, we used the Leica S2 and had my Canon 5D Mark II as a back up.

Yes, manual focus, but we were shooting a high-end calendar and I wanted the bigger sensor.

Oh, and I was in the swimming pool with a that expensive camera.

,Above is the photo I took with the Leica S2 system while Im in the swimming pool with the model.

Below is me actually a behind the scenes shot on how I did it.

,and one more, though we took safety precautions when working with electronic flash and water.

,The thing with Leica, they are expensive as they are handmade.

The glass is also great quality.

In the end, a camera doesnt make the photographer, the photographer has to know to use the right tool for the right result.

Leica has its pluses and minuses, as all photographic equipment does.

Some pros even rent the cameras which is always a great option.

Canon 5D Mark II Specs

5D Mark IV has a superior autofocusing system with more focusing points that are spread out more across the frame.

The 6D2u2019s points are squeezed in the center and even the Mark III is superior here.

( >Thisthis< is the 5D4u2019s grid.

),5D Mark IV has top dynamic range performance loved by professionals and reviewers around the world.

The 6D2u2019s dynamic range is below 5D3 and the original 6D.

,5D Mark IV has 4K (native) video recording.

I do believe that the 6D2 will get it, too, when the Magic Lantern team prepares their custom firmware for it (kudos to them for the amazing work!!).

,And the final point for me is the layout and the controls of the 5D series which is simply superior to the 6D/6D2.

You probably prefer the lighter weight of the 6Ds, but the ergonomics and buttons placementu2026 5D4 wins by a lot, imo.

,Having said all that, the 6D2 is still definitely a wonderful camera and if you know that it fits your needs, then why not get it.

,I myself was choosing between a 6D2 and 5D3 - I picked up a 5D3 and absolutely love it.

Upgraded from the 5D2.

,Best of luck with your new gear! :)

Canon 5D Mark II megapixels

The Nikon D850 isnu2019t in direct competition with the Canon 5D mark IV u2014 itu2019s more a match for the Canon 5Ds.

And itu2019s no shock that the brand new D850 would outperfom the two-year-old 5Ds (the rumor mill suggests a 5Ds mark II will appear in mid 2018, wiht a 60u201380 megapixel sensor).

,The Canon 5D mark IV is going to significantly outperform the D850 on video, which had been on of the regular 5Du2019s fortes.

The lens crop may or may not be to your taste, but the 5D mark IVu2019s dual-pixel technology, the higher performance video encoding, DCI-4K mode, etc.

That said, Iu2019m fairly certain neither would be my first choice for a stills-for-video camera anymore.

For example, both have the completely unnecessary shooting time limit of 29u203259u2033.

One advantage to Nikon here, though: they do offer HDMI output at 10-bit.

Canon cripples their DSLRs too much to put a gap between them and their Cinema EOS camcorder line.

,But the other consideration is that most people buying a DSLR are buying a new body for their existing system.

So if you have a Nikon system, youu2019re not even looking at Canon, maybe youu2019re buying the D850.

Maybe youu2019re buying the D500 or the D5u2026 it depends on what you need.

Same with Canon usersu2026 you have the Canon system, a huge investment compared to a single body option.

Youu2019re going to buy the body or bodies that match your existing lens collection, your flashes, etc.

Canon 5D Mark II autofocus

These are 9 Things Photographers Freaking Hate With a Passion-1.

People react to your camera flash like itu2019s a weapon.


When you have the perfect shot but theres something vryvry annoying to photoshop out.

Macey Foronda,3.

Being squeezed between a dozen other photographers at a press event.


u2026and the video crew behind you is yelling to get out of the shot.


Being a woman retoucher and having to make women look skinnier in photoshop.

The worst.


A good photographer will do anything for the perfect shot.


Getting the best photo ever but the person you shot doesnu2019t want you to use it.


u201cGorgeous photo! You must have a great camera!u201d9.

Never Having Good Photos of Themselves.

Someone Posted this pic and said-,The above is seriously the best photo my wife and I have together from our trip to Paris.

Lots of people offered to take our photo, but even after careful instructions, none of them could handle the autofocus feature on my Canon 5D Mark II.