What are some very frugal ways to decorate your home?

Low budget small office interior design

since you are asking for Inexpensive home decor ideas here i am going to talk only about Wall painting, you only Require 2 to 3 different types of (colors)wall paints and a Brush(it costs around 500Rs Only.




here i am posting some of the very simple painting which i have done in last couple of months.



Branch of a tree with few leaves and flowers.








,these are all very simple paintings, anybody can do this at their home or office.

,Yes Lets Say ABCD: Anybody Can Drawu2026,if you a are looking for some more decorative wall ideas here you go,Thirtha Prasad R Ks answer to What are some creative ideas to paint or decorate walls?THANK YOUu2026

Office interior design concepts

The best office interior design makes a feeling of composed attempt and creativity by arranging in huge, open-plan spaces.

One of the fundamental and inevitable spaces to be assigned to an office is a conference room.

The room must be so designed and outfitted that stays aware of the respect and reflects the genuine image of the organization.

Office design images

For day to day productivity tasks, no.

For tasks which leverage high core and thread counts (like scientific math, 3D design, image/video rendering) definitely yes.

,For office-work computing, i3s are terrific; inexpensive and energy-efficient processors.