What are the things that make a computer slower?

How do you find out what is slowing down my PC

Your computer is not actually u201cslowing downu201d.

,Think of it this way.

Imagine a restaurant u2014 say a burger place.

Now, are they slow? Nope, they can crank out a burger with fries in about 8 minutes.

,So you get used to it.

You park your car, walk in, place your order, goof off reading Quora for 8 minutes, and youu2019re out the door.

,Now imagine that, I donu2019t know, maybe Tom Cruise says that this place has the best burgers in the world.

,You go there, and thereu2019s a wait to get into the parking lot.

And the front door.

And then when you order the kitchen is slammed so it takes longer for them to get to your order.