How often do you cook?

Where to put things in kitchen cabinets and drawers

Today my kids wanted crescent rolls.

The u2018easy to makeu2019 ones that you unroll, put on a baking sheet and pop in the oven for 12 minutes.

,Naturally, the time my kids want something cooked my husband, the chef of the house is not at home.

So I decided Iu2019d try making them.

I donu2019t cook.

Pasta is about as far as Iu2019ll go, and even that isnu2019t fancy.

,It took me 25 minutes to find our baking sheets.

Iu2019m not joking.

25 minutes.

I donu2019t know where they were.

Clearly I donu2019t clean either as Iu2019d put them in the oven, not in a cabinet in the back of our pantry.

Who the hell puts them there? Iu2019ve got a huge kitchen, plenty of drawers, shelves and places to put things.

You would think it would be near the cabinet on our island where we keep pots and pans.


Entirely different location, not even close.

,Theyu2019re still cooking.

Hopefully I donu2019t food poison everyone.