What does your home office look like?

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Best master bedrooms 2022

Hi there,,i am a web developer since 2017 and today my WFH setup looks like this in 2022, Actually, itu2019s not just setup itu2019s a proper office in the master bedroom.

,We have bought a 4 BHK house near our hometown to stay with our family & at the same time we also wanted to focus on our work, so we have decided to make a dedicated office in the home itself.

,Looks from the entrance doorMy Setup (With 38.

5u2033 Curved Monitor)Posting some answers on quora & my wife is having zoom calls with his team mates.

Beautiful, chilling & relaxing weather outside of bedroom, sorry itu2019s an office now ;)One of our clients sent this 27u2033 Mac from the UK, but the FedEx delivery service broke itBestnPradip