Which colours will suit a newly married couples bedroom best?

Couples bedroom

>Which colours will suit a newly married couples bedroom best?Whichever colors they both like.

,This isnu2019t a matter of right or wrong.

,It is your bedroom, and you get to decide how it will look.

Bedroom ideas for couples 2022

Comfortable can mean differently to people however I will make an attempt to give you an idea of costs in Sydney and if itu2019s worth making a move.

,You will end up getting around $6u20136.

5k per month after taxes so think of that amount as you plan to come and spend money, check pay calculator for after tax amounts.

,Rent at a suburb half an hour away from the city will be the biggest expense at anything from $2u20133k per month for a decent 2 bedroom flat, if you can live with one toilet instead of two then reduce it by around $500 per month.

Check on Domain.


au | Real Estate & Properties For Sale & Rent or Real Estate, Property & Homes for Sale for sample rentals.

($6k-$2k= $4k),If you are ok with public transport ( donu2019t go by what the naysayers tell you, public transport is great) thatu2019s an extra $200 per month.

I would recommend not to buy a car straight away for at least 12 months.


8k),Your grocery bills will set you back by around $500 per month, it will have to be a mix n match across shops for eg.

tomatoes can be $7.

99 in one shop and $2 in another one.


8k-$500= $3.

3k),If you donu2019t have PR and need private insurance thatu2019s a couple of hundred dollars again, if you are coming on PR, then you are sorted for medical expenses.

,The next important part is if you have kids that are school going or not and if you are ok with them going to a public school ( nothing wrong with it , and they are great) it will not be a big expense cause itu2019s mostly covered by taxes you pay.

If your kids will go to daycare add $500 per week for them.

,Your gas and electricity bill will turn up to around $100u2013150per month at max, add internet at another $70 per month.


3k-$200 = ~$3k),Probably you will not end up saving anything and live month to month (not a great spot to be in honestly)but then thats considering if i was getting that amount so think about it before you make the move to Sydney.

,Sydney is an expensive city to live in with kids and family but the weathers fairly good and there are heaps of things to do for a family so you wonu2019t have one weekend where you will get bored of :),good luck for your move and let me know if you have any questions .

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Bedroom Ideas for Couples on a budget

The two cases of welfare fraud which I have personally known were by well-educated persons earning a high income.

,Both in New York City.

,The first person occupied a large one bedroom apartment in housing designated specifically for low income families.

This was a place in downtown Manhattan at that, where the rent this person paid was some $1,500 a month, when a similar place on the market would be at least $3,000.

And probably much more.

I remember living in a shoe-box sized one bedroom at the same time some five years ago and paying $2,400 a month.

That apartment was not u201cinheritedu201d either from some parent or something, it was snagged through some kind of loophole in the system.

How delightful.

,The second case was even more egregious.

This personu2019s mother did live in a rent controlled apartment in the housing projects.

This woman then asked her mother to move in with her and then rent out the place at a market rate, so that she could then pocket that rent.

Which would be at least $1,500 a month.

,The startling thing was that these werenu2019t some uneducated unemployed persons trying to scam the system.

,Both of these persons made six figure salaries working at a reputed corporation, neither had any children or dependents.

But hey you know, the cost of living in Manhattan is so high that you do what you can to make extra on the side {sarcasm}It was especially grating how one of them ranted against the u201c1%u201d, spoke about u201cthe richu201d not being willing to pay more taxes and all that.

Even attended some of those Occupy Wall Street rallies.

,And then they wonder why New York City has an annual budget of a freakinu2019 $89 billion (yes, thatu2019s right).

And then still struggles to balance its books.

,And you wonder just where the hell all of that money goes.

And why the mayor keeps going on and on about u201caffordable housingu201d.

,You do the math to get some idea of what that level of expenditure is like.

,Thatu2019s a budget of $89 billion for a little over 3 million households (~10 million people) - $30,000 per year per household.

Let that sink in.

What on earth they spend that kind of money on, I honestly donu2019t know.

,Lord, for that kind of money, city residents should be getting top-of-the-line healthcare and education.

And a couple of nice annual vacations all-paid for on top of that.

,Thereu2019s a good goddamned reason why all five families controlling the American Mafia are based in New York City.

And it isnu2019t because of the tourist destinations!