What is the most unforgettable sentence that someone said to you?

Stairs in living room good or bad

A 97 year old Japanese woman visits a nearby Buddhist temple every evening to pray, and ring the bell until the sun sets.

On one of my own routine visits, I lay inconspicuously near the stairs listening to the vibrations take over the silent winter evening.

Only this day I failed to wake up before she finished, and soon found myself at the end of her walking stick.

,u201cWould you like some tea?u201d I was asked, while she strutted down the stairs without waiting for an answer.

,Soon, I was being served matcha (Japanese powdered green tea) in her living room, as we talked away for half an hour or so before she looked at me and uttered these words-,u201cI have seen my children and grandchildren pass away before I could, but what makes me sad is how I remember less about them with each passing yearu201dThe fragility of life that hangs in those words is truly terrifying.

Being this young and strong, itu2019s hard to comprehend the intensity of her helplessness.

Living Room with stairs to basement

In 2004, I started looking around at houses.

My wife and I lived in a 1200 square foot, two story home.

The long stairs up to the second floor was getting a little hard on the knees.

,I like big houses with lots of room and a big back yard like the house I grew up in.

Many of my dreams are of wondering around a big house and me finding rooms I never knew existed full of furniture, toys or antiques.

I love those dreams.

,I will be posting a story about my childhood house soon as so many people have been asking me what was the house like that my sisters and I grew up in.

,Anyway, I found the house I wanted; right in the same neighbourhood I grew up in as a kid.

Beautiful area near a river, lots of trees and woods and wildlife.

,I checked the house out three times before I bought it.

My wife did not like the green counter top.

I told her we would change it.

We bought the house.

I changed the countertop to a colour that she liked.

,It is a 2000 square foot bungalow.

It has 3 1/2 baths.

Full bathroom on the main floor and a guest bathroom.

Believe me, itu2019s very good having more than one bathroom.

There is also a full bathroom with walk in shower downstairs in the finished basement.

,There are four bedrooms on the main floor.

One, my wife has made into her school room with her collection of school related memorabilia, including mannequin teacher and two antique desks; the other her doll room with her doll collection.

One is a spare bedroom though the other bedrooms also have antique beds in them.

My sister Tracy said, u201cIu2019m glad you have all those bedrooms, if I ever have a fight with Jeff, I know where I can come.

u201d Jeff is her husband.

,I took over the fourth bedroom and turned it into my office themed as an army officeru2019s quarters in an Indian Wars fort complete with roll top desk and pot belly stove.

She Wore a Yellow Ribbon is my favourite move so I kind of copied it from scenes John Wayne was in when he was in his quarters.

My Civil War and Indian War uniforms and headgear are on display there also.

Itu2019s like my own museum.

Love that room.

,Big dining room for family gatherings (we used to have before this Covid crap), kitchen and nice large living room with fireplace.

We love our fires.

,Down in the finished basement is my music room where my drums and other musical instruments are kept, laundry and furnace room, my library, I have always loved books and I also sell rare out of print books online and in a store here in the city.

Downstairs there is also my workshop and the family room, which is like another living room but we call it the family room.

Our TV is down there, the other one in our bedroom.

There is no TV in the living room upstairs.

,Between the two car garage and the house is the sun room, a room about 16 x 16 feet which I made to look like a log cabin with log walls and a wood plank floor.

It has an old wood cooking stove in the corner and has our antiques there.

We put on an antique sale a few times a year.

My wife and I buy and sell antiques and before Covid hit the world, we would travel all over the US buying antiques to bring home and sell.

We really miss doing that.

,We have a large back yard with lots of trees and lilac bushes, and we love sitting out and watching the wild life.

Itu2019s very park like.

,As I said, I love big houses with lots of room like the one we grew up in.

With a big house, we can have family get together with no problem which we did on Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and Easter.

My wife loves to cook.

,One of my favorite things to do is go for walks or bike rides and cruise around the neighbourhood I lived in as a kid and see the same things my eyes saw when I was young.

Some things havenu2019t changed, I love that.

Itu2019s a great feeling.

,Itu2019s terrific to live in the same neighbourhood one grew up in.

,I wonu2019t show the outside to protect myself from the internet but Iu2019ll show you some of the rooms on the inside.

,Living room, sorry about the window light.

,Part of the sun room.

I say good morning and good night to Wild Bill every day.

,The door I built to the sunroom.

Unbelievably, had no problems on this project.

I usually do.

,My wifeu2019s pride and joy in the kitchen.

This is actually an electric working stove made by Elmira Stove Works.

You will see the controls that are hidden by the warming door at top in photo below.

,One of the bedrooms with some of my wifeu2019s collection,Part of my library.

,My music room.

,Some of my US Indian War collection in my office.

,Family room downstairs.

,Kids playhouse in backyard.

,Wood burning stove in the log cabin sun room.

Narrow living room with staircase

In Amsterdam: window pulleys.

n,nA very curious thing about Amsterdam that gives rise to the delightful architecture is how the Dutch were taxed on the width of their homes.

Consequently, homes were tall, deep and narrow.

n,nWhat the frugal Amsterdam dwellers quickly realized was that it was hard to bring a sofa up an almost vertical staircase.



n,nThe answer: hoist it in through the upstairs living room window.

n,(not a sofa, but you get the idea.



),The requirement: lean the houses in to the street, so the sofa doesnt bash the downstairs neighbors window on its way up!n