What color goes with black and white?

Colors that go with black and white

Any color really can go and match with both of these because they are neutrals.

In general, neutrals have the ability to match and go with any color you decide to pair it with: blue, yellow, orange, red, purple etc.

It doesnu2019t matter what color you choose which is the beauty of the neutrals.

You can pair them with any other color and you can 100% guarantee that the pairing will match.

This is because neutrals serve to compliment the color rather than being a color that stands out in the outfit.

,Since they compliment the color by highlighting the color you decide to match it with, wearing neutrals is a color that works for everyone.

It can be worn by any person with any skin tone and all you need to do is get any color you like, pair with a neutral and a guaranteed outfit that looks good, hence effortless style! That is also the beauty of the neutral: highest versatility of options available.

Best accent color for black and white website

Many colors will look good with black and white.

Choosing an accent color depends on the situation and the context.

If you were designing a website for a funeral home you might choose more subdued shades.

You wouldnu2019t pick magenta.

If you were choosing an outfit for an outdoor party perhaps you would pick magenta.

If you were designing something for the automotive industry you might go with red.

If your project pertains to the environment, perhaps you will choose green.

If you are making banners for the local beekeeping society, then youu2019ll probably go with yellow.