What is the exact cost for laying floor and wall tiles in a home?

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High gloss floor tiles review

So many reviews are different because the price can be decided according to what is the size of the house, but here I have given an explanation that can be useful to you in many ways.

,If you are planning to makeover/ renovate your home with tiles,Then the first thought that comes to your mind is what will be the complete cost of tile installation,,How much amount you need to spend on tile installationMajorly there are 5 types of costs for tile installation1.

Demolition Cost,2.

Raw material cost(cement&stone dust),3.

Tile installation cost,4.

Tile Cost,5.

Grouting Cost,So the demolition cost is when you have an existing flooring and you have to remove that flooring by breaking and dumping it outside the house then the cost is known as the demolition cost,If no existing flooring is there then you dont have to include that cost.

,Note- this is only for the ground floor because as the height increases the floor increases the rate will also increase.

,So the demolition cost is between 5R.

S/Sqft to 10R.


This cost included breaking lifting and dumping waste outside of your house,On Average lets take it 7R.


,The 2nd cost is raw material cost.

So the base of cement and stone dust mortar we make for tile we generally assume is 2 inches thick.

Generally, it varies from 1ich to 3inch but the cost remains the same.

,So the cost of that raw material, I am telling you that crazy secret cost which no one going to tell you to listen/read carefully.

,So that cost will be around 40R.

S/sqft to 50R.


On average let us consider this as 45R.


,The third Cost is the Laying Or Installation Cost.

The cost mason and labor or contractor going to charge you for tile installation.

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-+91 99786 00408Tile cost depends on two points i.


size of tile and area of tile.

,If your area is more than 2000sqft then you can get cheaper rates.

If your area is less than 1500sqft then the rate will be on the higher side,So the tile installation labor rate cost is between 15R.

s/Sqft to 25R.


If your tile size area is more than 4sqft for example if tile size is 2ftx2ft then the area of a single tile is 4sqft so if any tile you choose and area of that tile is less than 4sft then the rate will remain the same So on average lets take it 20R.

s/sqft,The third Cost is tile cost.

Its a very important point.

This cost depends on the Brand & nonbrand tiles and also the thickness.

,Thickness is a standard thing majorly thickness is 10mm to 12mm.

Its to be considered only when you are installing tiles for heavy load purposes,The main point is Should You buy brand and nonbrand tiles.

So of course, branded tiles are quite higher in rates.

,Personally ill recommend going for non-branded tiles theres not a major difference.

,and in between 40R.

s/sqft to 55R.

s/sqft youll get high-end finish and quality made in non branded tiles like gloss, semi-gloss, high gloss, sugar finish, matt finish.

,So lets take in an average of 45R.

s/Sqft,The Grouting cost means the cost you have to pay to fill the joints of tile with powder with its adhesive read very carefully its a very important point so the joint filling is called grouting cost.

,If grouting is not done in a proper way then lots of home maintenance issues will arise.

Ill share you in this series,So the general cost of grouting is around 4R.

s/Sqft to 6R.


So on average lets consider this 5R.

s/Sqft,So now you got the total complete tile installation rates from beginning to end.

,When you calculate the total sum of this, you will get around 117R.

s/Sqft to 122R.


,Now you get all the cost rates.

This rate can come up to 100R.

s/Sqft depending on what size & finish of tile you are procuring.

,If someone offering you less than 100R.

s/Sqft you dont have to hire them because somehow he is going to cheat in any possible way.

,I am doing this construction business for the past 7Years and still on, so if anyone offering you less than 100r.

s/sqft you have to run from there and look for someone else.

,You have the cost 120R.


Now you have to take the area of your room for example if the room size is 10ft x 10 = 100sqft@120r.

s/Sqft = 12,000/-.

This means your room is ready with new tiles in 12thousand rupees