Whats the coolest architecture, design, furniture or home feature youve ever seen and would like to have in your home?

Dining table design for small space

Here are some of the Cool feasible designs which i like to have in my (or any cozy) Home interior :,A Hidden Double bed, Which folds into a Exquisite Study TableWindows That Morph Into a Balcony at the Push of a ButtonA PAC-MAN TV Showcase / Book Shelf,(if you make a Book Shelf it means Books eats up TV for good),A Beutiful dining with Seating Blends inside,,The picture Convey the beauty of the design of a Window / ledge with InnovationA sleek ChairA Staircase with innovation the design is really terrificA staircase with unique design, in fact ideal for Human legs to climb,Bed in Small Space can be designed like this that includes everythingAn Expanding Dining Table (but need Expertise to make and little bit Expensive) But really innovative to have at my home and space saving and more people can accommodated when required,Another Version of a Compact Dining TableA colorful worktable Compact and Elegant with InnovationElegance of this Bedroom is something Extra-ordinaryDonu2019t worry, a Shelf only the car will not fall!Depicting Creative ideas as a designReminds your time alwaysBeautiful Shoe Rack and Functionally goodBed room side table converts into a breakfast or dining tableKitchen Corner Innovative thinking!Space saving PulloutsWhat a Staircase !And final one a Dining Masterpiece ! Heights of Creativity !Hope you Enjoyed the visual treat.

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