Is love jihad really happening in India, or is it a hoax?

Seeing old woman in dream Hindu

Ive had the chance of meeting a victim of this crime (yes, it is a crime) a few years back.

,I was traveling from Kolkata to Mumbai in train after my summer vacation was over like we do every year.

It was all well and good except it wasnt as it seemed.

There was a muslim woman with her 4 year old son and mother in law traveling along with us too.

During the entirety of the journey this woman kept to herself only coming down to use the loo or have food.

We didnt think much about it assuming she was a reserved sort, which is nothing unusual.

,However, her mother in law was a totally different case where she couldnt and wouldnt stop talking about her daughter in law no matter my moms clear disinterest.

She kept telling my mom about how incompetent and lazy her daughter in law was and how she was fed up of putting up with her.

We didnt mind her much because the old woman didnt seem like she was telling the whole truth.

,The next day u2013 the day we were supposed to get down in Mumbai.

The woman came down and started talking to my mom.

I was sitting right there and was quite surprised that someone who didnt speak a word since the start of the journey had so easily started a conversation and here I realized that it was because her mother in law was nowhere around.

,Seeking the opportunity of the old womans absence she started to tell her story.

She was actually a Hindu girl from Kolkata, whod come to Mumbai for the first time to visit her older sister.

She was staying with her sisters in laws who had promised to show her around Mumbai.

During one of these visits, she met a man and fell in love.

He was a nice guy from a good family with a stable job (or so what he portrayed).

So, when he proposed she said yes for she thought shed met her dream man.

,This woman told her older sister that she wanted to get married to this guy.

But her sister cautioned her that it would be very difficult to convince their parents as a love marriage was not usually accepted in their family.

,When she told this to the guy, he suggested they elope.

So, even after knowing this guy for only about a few months she eloped with him.

On the day of the marriage with his family present she realised her mistake.

For the guy who shed known as u201cSameeru201d all this time turned out to be Shahid instead.

This guy had never told her about his true religion or his real name for that matter.

After the marriage he became distant and careless.

He became short with her on everything and even physically abusive.

,After a few months of being married she was forcibly told to convert her religion and name otherwise, they will throw her out for she would not be a part their family without accepting islam.

Knowing she didnt have anywhere to go as her family in Kolkata had already casted her out after her elopement, she did as told.

She was forbidden from celebrating any Hindu festival or even uttering the name of any Hindu God in the household.

She was told not to contact any of her family members.

She accepted that as well.

,After a year of their marriage she had a son and she thought things would get better.

But it went worse.

One day she came upon her husbands unlocked cell phone and saw all the messages he was sending some other woman (again using a different name).

He was having an affair with a second woman and repeating everything hed done with her.

Thats when she realised what was going on but it was too late to leave (thats what she said).

,I dont know what happened to her after getting down the train.

I was 15 then and it was quite shocking because my dad used to tell us about things hed hear when he would go to buy his raw materials from a Muslim dominated area in Mumbai.

He used to say that the preachers would talk on loud speakers demeaning things about Hindus (without fear and shame) and why India belonged to them alone.

They taught the men in crowd to spread their teachings and get more followers like some cult satanic group shown in Hollywood movies.

But I never paid any mind to it.

Because I could never believe that people could be that insane and just blindly follow whatevers preached, so much so that they would forget the difference between right and wrong.

,So, seeing a live example for the first time it struck me how big of a conspiracy this was and still is.

,I hope that woman is in a better situation today.

Hopefully she got out of the marriage or something.


Its definitely not a hoax.

Its real and its happening and girls need to be taught about this before they become a part this conspiracy someday too.

,Ofcourse, Im not saying religion is above love.

Hinduism itself teaches us to love all.

But learn to know the one before you decide to love.

,Reality is not a Bollywood movie.

Not everyone gets a happy ending.

Learn to know the difference and be vigilant.

Seeing an unknown old woman in dream islam

Yes I did dream about murdering not many, but this person for many months :,Before judging me,,WHO IS HE?,His name is Govindsami, 38 years old as of now hailing from Tamil Nadu.

,Do you see this young woman in the picture?,Her name is Soumya whom he raped mercilessly.

,A little background :,The incident took place on 1st February 2011(Yes almost an year before Nirbhaya case.

)Soumya,a 23year old woman who was the only bread winner in the family worked at Ernakulam (Kerala).

Her family was financially backward.

Her father passed away when she was young and she took care of her mother and younger brother with her small earnings.

She used to go to her house at Shornur once in a while via Ernakulam-Shornur express which leaves from Ernakulam in the evening.

,On that dreadful day of 1st February, she boarded the train at 5:30pm for going home as the next day was her pre-engagement ceremony with the love of her life.

She couldnt go few days before as she couldnt afford to take leave.

,The accused who was handicapped and begged in train for livelihood entered the ladies coach as there were no passengers other than Soumya.

She was travelling in the ladies compartment attached just infront of the last compartment.

As Govindasami rushed to Soumya, she screamed and ran here and there in the limited compartment inorder to escape from the culprit.

But all her attempts went in vain and her cries were unheard.

She tried her best to resist.

But Govindsami caught her head and forcibly hit repeatedly on the walls of the compartment.

On sustaining fatal injuries, she became dazed and practically immobilized.

She was dropped down from the running train down to the track.

The side of her face forcibly hit on the crossover of the railway line.

,Govindasami, who is experienced in that way of doing things, jumped down from the running train on the other side, rushed to her and took her to a shady place, where he raped her brutally like a beast (rather animals dont rape, unlike humans).

He raped a woman who was unconscious, with blood oozing out from injuries on her head and face.

After satisfying his lust, he ransacked her bag in search of valuables and robbed her mobile phone which was the only valuable material that poor girl had.

He left her body nude.

There were two male passengers travelling in the general compartment attached infront of the ladies compartment, who heard her cries.

Even though one of them wanted to pull the alarmchain to stop the train, he was discouraged by the middle-aged man who was standing at the door at the right rear side of the compartment stating that the girl had jumped out and escaped and he shouldnt unnecessarily disturb the other passengers.

,Within a short span of 10mins, the train reached Shornur.

Immediately they rushed to the guard of the train and complained about the incident which triggered a search by the locals and by 9:30pm, they eventually found the distorted and mutilated body of Soumya which was in naked a state fighting for life with blood all over her body, gasping for breath and the left side of the body being completely paralyzed.

She was immediately taken to the hospital.

Surgeries and all sort and tertiary medical assistance were given to her,vthough her conditions never improved.

By 6th February, 2011 she lost the fight and left this world.

,The postmortem report states that her death was due to blunt injuries sustained to head as a result of blunt impact (injury 1) and fall (injury 2) and their complications including aspiration of blood into air passages (during unprotected unconscious state following head trauma) resulting in anoxic brain damage.

She also showed injuries as a result of assault and forceful sexual intercourse.

She had features of multiple organ dysfunction (MODS- a medically hopeless endstage condition where all major organs of the body fail to function) at the time of death.

,Govindsami was found guilty by the High Court of Kerala and was later awarded death sentence.

It was also found that he had undergone imprisonment before in eight criminal cases in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh and was an undertrial of another robbery case.

,This is Govindsami when he was arrested,This is Govindsami when he was brought to court after few months of imprisonment,Do you see the difference?Well, the picture speaks it all.

,Now you can guess the treatment he must have be gotten in the jail.

,However, Supreme Court set aside the murder charges and altered the death sentence to a mere seven year imprisonment for this shameful act against humanity.

Do you know who he is?,He is Mr.



Aloor, one of the most expensive criminal lawyer in the country.

Among the clients he represented are Devinder Singh (Bounty Chor) reported to have committed 500 burglaries across the country.

He also represented the men arrested for murdering the rationale thinker Narendra Dabholkar.

At the time he was representing Govindsami in High Court, he was also fighting another high profile rape and murder representing one of the men accused in rape and murder of Nayana Pujari, a 28 year old software engineer in Pune, where he helped to accused go scot-free by making him an approver in the gang-rape case.

He also represented Ameerul Islam in Jisha rape case.

Previously he also claimed that he would represent Ajmal Kasab convicted and hanged for the 2008 terror attacks in Mumbai.

,Aloor represented Govindsami in Supreme Court, a part of a team of four lawyers who then got his sentence commuted from death sentence to just seven years of imprisonment.

,While Govindsami or any accused is free to hire any lawyer of his/her choice, how could Govindsami, a petty thief or begger afford a lawyer like Aloor?When asked about the same,Aloor said: How is that anyones concern? I charge Rs.

5 lakhs per criminal case and my duty is only to represent my client.

Since I have represented him in three courts, the charges have exceeded to Rs.

15 lakhs, but that is not of anyones concern.

,When asked who approach led him to represent Govindsami, he was elusive.

He said There are certain people who wanted to help him.

People who have been accused along with him in other cases who had approached me.

The mafia connection is a media concoction.

he said.

,Yeah sure, it is.

There is no mafia.

The amount even a common man couldnt afford easily was paid by a syndicate of beggars!?On 28th April, 2017 Supreme Court dismisses the curative petition filed by the Government of Kerala.

Truth is as transparent as water which everyone can see apart from Indian Judiciary System it seems.

Sadly we live in a country where people are murdered for eating food of their choice; Whereas rapists and murderers are roaming freely.

,This is Sumathi, Soumyas mom weeping after the Supreme Court announcement.

,She says,When this happened with my daughter, I prayed daily there shouldnt be another Soumya.

No other girl should suffer like this.

But now the number of Soumya will only get increased as Govindsami is not sentenced to death.

I will go till any extent for giving justice to my daughter.

,Apparently, the highest court of justice has ordered the meek punishment and it is not going to change.

There is no news on the mefia related to Soumya anymore as it would no longer earn news channels any TRP.

The amount of pain that mother would have been suffering is unimaginable ; especially when the culprit would be roaming freely after a few years and probably commit the same crime much more efficiently.

,Now, coming back to the question,,Did you ever dream about murdering any unknown person?,Yes I had.

And thats him.

This case happened when I was in 11th std.

I dont know why, but this case had a very huge impact on me.

Maybe because this was the news in every single news channel for weeks.

Somehow his face was imprinted in my mind.

I would often had nightmares of what happened that night.

It was as if I was an eye witness of the above incident.

,There have been many brutal cases than this one.

Then why havent I dreamt of killing any of the culprits in those cases? I dont know.

I still remember tearing up when Supreme Court altered his death sentence.

I often think about her mom, how rough life would have been for her.

Its been years since then, alas his face is something I would never forget.

Once I start earning, the first thing I am going to do is help her.

I really wish he pays for his misdeeds.