Can untouchables achieve moksha?

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Fire fire my heart composer

aham u0101tmu0101 guu1e0du0101keu015ba sarva bhu016btu0101u015baya sthitau1e25 | aham u0101diu015bca madhyau1e41 ca bhu016btu0101nu0101m anta eva ca || Gita 10:20 ||,20.

I am the Self, O Gudakesha (Arjuna u2013Conqueror-of-sleep), dwelling in the hearts of all beings.

I verily am the beginning, the middle and also the end of all beings.

,This verse declares unequivocally that Lord dwells within every living being - spiritual equity (equality of outcome) is guaranteed because it is dependant on the individual and God who are related as the smell is to the rose.

,Achievement of social equality is something much harder to achieve because it depends upon others to grant.

,u015bu016bdrau1e41 vu0101 bhagavad bhaktam niu015bu0101dau1e41 u015bvapacau1e41 tathu0101 | dvija-ju0101ti sama manyo na yu0101ti narakau1e41 narau1e25 || Garuda Purana 1,230.

49 ||,All those who are devotees of the Lord be they sudras, tribals (nishadas) or untouchables (svapaca) they are equal to the twice born and will never achieve hellish states.

,vidyu0101 vinaya sau1e41panne bru0101hmau1e47e gavi hastini | u015buni caiva u015bvapu0101ke ca pau1e47u1e0ditu0101u1e25 sama-daru015binau1e25 || Gu012bta 5:18 ||,18.

The sages regard with equality one well-endowed with learning and humility, a Brahmana, a cow, an elephant, a dog and a dog-eater (untouchable).

,api-cet suduru0101cu0101ro bhajate mu0101m-ananyabhu0101k | su0101dhur-eva sa mantavyau1e25 samyag-vyavasito hi sau1e25 || Gita 9:30 ||,30.

If even the most sinful person worships Me with devotion to no other, he must be regarded as righteous (su0101dhu), for he has rightly resolved.

,ku1e63iprau1e41 bhavati dharmu0101tmu0101 u015bu0101u015bvacchu0101ntiu1e41 nigacchati | kaunteya prati-ju0101nu012bhi na me bhaktau1e25 prau1e47au015byati || Gita 9:31 ||,31.

Speedily he becomes righteous and obtains everlasting peace (moku1e63a), affirm on My behalf, O Kaunteya, that My devotee never perishes.

,In the Puru0101u1e47as we have myths which emphasise the equity in terms of Moksha.

Gajendra was an elephant caught by a crocodile and was struggling to save itself - finally when the water reached its ears he held up a lotus flower and appealed to Narayan for salvation.

Immediately the lord appeared and saved him.

,There is a story in the Shiva Purana about the liberation of a Chandala.

Pu0101rvati once asked Lord u015aiva why the liberated ones were so few when the Ganga was flowing freely and available to all to be purified from sins.

u015aiva took Paravatu012b and appeared in Kasi.

He became a corpse (u015bava) and Pu0101rvati a grieving widow.

She asked passersby to help her cremate her husband when they came to help she said only those that are completely sinless can touch the crops of her husband.

Everyone retreated, then suddenly an untouchable arrived not he seen and offered to help her.

When she repeated her demand that the helper should be completely sinless, the untouchable asked her to wait a few minutes and plunged into the Ganga he then emerged and declaring himself pure and sinless prepared to help in the cremation project.

u015aiva and Pu0101rvati recovered their original divine forms and blessed him and granted him moku1e63a.

,The moral of the story - even those high caste people who were bathing in the Ganga nearby never actually believed that they were purified and were just going through the motions, yet the u201cuntouchableu201d was the only one who truly believed he was purified and so was blessed above all others.

,There are many stories like this in the literature.

,In Srivaishnavism one of the 12 Alvars or Saints was Tirupu0101n u0101lvu0101r who was born the lowest caste - some say musicians who were treated as untouchable and denied entrance to the temple of Srirangam.

,One day he was standing on the banks of the river Ku0101veri singing a passionate song on his love for Sriranganatha, being immersed in devotion he didnu2019t notice that he was standing exactly where the priest had come to take water for the bath of the Lord.

The priest tried to get his attention to no avail so he threw a stone at him which cut his head.

Coming to his senses Tiruppu0101n u0101lwar moved aside so as not to contaminate the priest or his water.

,When the priest, Loka Sarangamuni entered the shrine to bath the icon he found blood coming from the head of the Lord who told him in a vision to bring the pu0101nu0101r to him so he could give him daru015ban.

,He rushed back to the river and found pu0101nu0101r and knowing that he was forbidden to set foot in the temple demanded that he mount his shoulders and he thus carried him into the sanctum of the temple.

As he entered he composed his only poem of 10 stanzas in chaste Tamil which is very beautiful so I shall include it in full.

It is said that he merged with the icon and attained moku1e63a.


,He is the faultless god.

nHe gives us his grace and makes us his devotees.

nHe is pure, the king of the gods in the sky.

nHe is the god of Tiruvu0113u1e45kau1e6dam hillsnsurrounded with fragrant groves.

nHe is the god of justice in the sky.

nHe is the dear one who stays in Srirangamnsurrounded by tall walls.

nHis lotus feet came and entered my eyes.


,He is pleasant and joyful.

nHe measured the world,ngrowing so tall that his crown touched the sky.

nAs Ru0101ma he killed the Ru0101ku1e63asas with his cruel arrows.

nHe belongs to the Ku0101kutstha dynastynand he is the god of Srirangam surrounded by fragrant groves.

nMy thoughts are immersed in the red garmentnthat he wears on his waist.


,The female monkeys jump everywherenin the Tiruvu0113u1e45kau1e6dam hills in the northnwhere the gods in the sky come to worshipnthe lord who sleeps on the snake bed.

nHe is decorated with a red garmentnthat is like the colour of the evening sky.

nThis devoteeu2019s heart thinks only of the navelndecorated with a red garment and the beauty of the godnwho created Nu0101u1e49mukau1e49 (Brahmu0101) from his navel.


,The god who has the colour of the oceannshot sharp arrows, conquering and killingnten-headed Ru0101vau1e47a, the king of Lanka,nsurrounded by great walls on all four sides.

nThe beautiful ornament tied on the divine waistnof the god of Srirangamnwhere bees that drink honey singnand beautiful peacocks dancenentered my heart and stayed there.


,He removed all the bad karmanthat has burdened me all my life.

nThe god made me his dear devotee and entered my heart.

nI donu2019t know what hard penancenI could have done for this to happen.

nThe ornamented divine chest of the god of Srirangamnmade me his slave and protects me.


,He removed the suffering of Shivanwho has the white crescent moon in his jata.

nHe, our father, stays in Srirangamnsurrounded with groves where bees live.

nSee, the throat of the god that swallowed all the earth,nsky and the seven mountainsngave its grace to me.


,He holds a curling conch in one handnand a discus like fire in the other.

nHis body is like a tall mountain.

nHis long hair is decorated with a fragrant Tulasu012b garland.

nHe is the god of beautiful Srirangamnand he, Mu0101yau1e49u0101r, sleeps on a snake bed.

nHis red mouth captivates my heart.


,He came as a man-lionnand split open the body of Hirau1e47ya.

nHe is the ancient god of the gods in the sky.

nThe large, red-lined divine eyes on his dark face,nshining and touching his ears,nmake me crazy.


,As a baby he slept on a banyan leaf.

nHe swallowed all the seven worlds.

nHe sleeps on a snake bed on the ocean.

nHis dark body, endlessly beautiful,nis decorated with pearl garlandsnand precious, lovely diamond chains.

nOh, his blue body steals my heart!,10.

,He has the colour of a cloud.

nHe is a cowherd.

nHis mouth is filled with butter.

nHe captivates my heart.

nHe is the king of the gods in the sky.

nHe is Rau1e45gam, the beautiful god.

nOnce they have seen him who is nectar,nmy eyes do not wish to see anything else.

,(Translation from Vedic & Hinduism Scriptures | Red Zambala)