What is the song "Watermelon Shugar" by Harry Styles about?

Harry Styles - Watermelon Sugar lyrics meaning

To put it simply, if you really listen to the lyrics, it isnu2019t so innocent.

,Everybody knows the song, you here it in the car and maybe sing along.

But did you ever really listen to the lyrics? Letu2019s take a look,Strawberries on a summer eveninnBaby, youre the end of JunenI want your belly and that summer feelinnGetting washed away in you,Iu2019m hoping you see what I do?,Getting washed away in you? I mean maybe it takes a dirty mind, butu2026?,I just wanna taste it, I just wanna taste itnWatermelon sugar high,Once again, is it just me? He truly could be talking about wanting to taste a - watermelon sugar high? Do you know what that is because I sure donu2019t.

Seems to me as though thereu2019s something else he wants to taste, if you get my driftu2026.

,Just one last lyric here:,Its so wonderful and warm,Right moving on to this next part.

,In Harry Styles Fine Line interview with Zane Lowe he asks Harry (something like):,u201dFans are saying Watermelon Sugar is about oral sex, is it?u201d,To which Harry, king of not answering, says:,u201dIs that what itu2019s about?u201d,These are not the exact words but you get what Iu2019m saying.

If it wasnu2019t about that, Harry would just say.

,So yeah, the song is about oral sex.

You can go on pretending it isnu2019t if youu2019d like, or just accept it.

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