How do I know if Im eating enough in eating disorder recovery without counting calories?

how do i know if im eating enough

Hey, gorgeous! To start with, forget about counting calories, please! You already made great progress getting rid of anorexia, and this is the moment when you dont have to be that hard on yourself.

Theres no magic quantity or calories or diet to get rid of eating disorders.

Worrying to much about it is natural part of the disorder itself.

If you are super lost and need a target, you should make experiences with 250grams, 300grams, 400grams of food and so on, and pay attention on how you feel.

nI recommend you 2 techniques that were extremely helpful for me when I had bulimia.

nFirst, you should still make a diary of everything you eat, but just marking what/how much/ hunger level before eating / satisfaction after eating / thoughts or emotions you felt, dizziness, etc.

You can also take pictures.

There is a very nice app for registering meals, Evernote Food from Evernotenhttps://appsto.


inThe benefit you get from registering is that you will learn what is enough FOR YOU.

In the beginning it will be challenging, youll think that youre abnormal and your body just cant cope with the regular amount of food people are used to.

But with time and discipline on writing and reading your diary, youll generate very powerful data to teach your mind how to listen to your body.

nSecond, you should eat mindfully.

That means being aware of the food that goes inside you; before eating, ask yourself some questions: Where did this food come from?nWhat does it look like?nWhile eating, try to describe the different sensations that go into your mouth.

Keep your mind focused on all the experiences the food can bring you on that moment.

Theres an amazing mindfulness app called Headspace: Meditation techniques for mindfulness, stress relief & peace of mind de Headspace meditation limitednhttps://appsto.


inThe greatness of this technique is that it helps you fall out from the neurosis of thinking before, during and after eating.

It brings you to the moment, which is what you need to learn how to listen to your stomach and your cravings.

Its ok not to like some foods, and its amazing to taste and discover new delicious foods.

Making a list of what you like and what you definitely dont like, and why/when you like to eat it, can be very helpful to find out who you are, what youre looking for in your life.

nTo top it all, respect yourself, and treat your body right.

And be patient! Youre on the right track!