What are menu ideas for a Christmas party?

Christmas party food ideas buffet

Do you wish to host a more formal sit down pass the platters dinner? are you hoping to host an appetizer party or maybe a buffet style eat at your own pace while you roam the room and talk? There are a lot of different styles of Christmas parties that require there own set of meals/dishes.

christmas appetizers make-ahead

At Casa Eubank, Christmas 2016 is a five-day affair.

,The u00fcber-hub and I wound up having Thursday through Monday off together.

Five days off in a row at the same time hasnu2019t happened since he started his new job nine months ago, so thatu2019s a big deal.

,Hereu2019s the plan of festivities (noting that itu2019s now the Saturday smack in the middle):,Thursday - We went to the county animal shelter.

,On the way, we looked for and found a new little hole-in-the-wall Mexican food restaurant.

It was clean and smelled nice.

The homemade salsas were delicious and the beans, both refried and charro, were some of the best weu2019ve ever had.

,At the shelter we chose the cutest little grey and black tabby kitten.

He or she (couldnu2019t be sure) is about two months old.

Couldnu2019t take it home yet as it has to be spayed/neutered first, so weu2019ll pick it up next week.

So hard to put the little fuzzball back in the cage!Then we went grocery shopping for the long weekend.

The supermarket was a total madhouse! My princess parking superpower fortunately kicked in, and we actually had fun shopping.

Lots of food samples were on offer and we had a well-organized list to work from.

This shopping trip broke the record of the most expensive grocery bill weu2019ve ever rung up - a portent of excellent meals ahead.

,Unloading and putting away all those groceries was quite a production; you couldnu2019t fit an extra caper in the fridge right now.

,We took an hour to rest and then started cooking the appetizers for the next day - roasted piquillo peppers stuffed with shrimp, crab, manchego, & shallots to be served with a smoked paprika aioli, and baby portobello caps hollowed out and stuffed with hot Italian sausage, pecorino, green onions, and mascarpone, topped with shredded Italian cheeses.

That took a while; we enjoy being together in the kitchen and it was a treat.

,Dinner was broiled shishito peppers - I was so excited to find these at the market! I made a little creamy dipping sauce and they were delicious.

,Friday - Went to the u00fcber-mother-in-lawu2019s house to celebrate Christmas with her.

,We took the appetizers and the makings for the broccoli dish and dulce de leche/chocolate chunk bread pudding I was making there.

She made her traditional rack of lamb with red wine-dijon-cream sauce and hasselback potatoes.

It was a delicious meal! With plenty of champagne and wine, of course.

,Much of the entertainment was playing with the Echo Dot we gifted her - asking it to tell us jokes and showing her the neat things it can do, like turning the lights on and off with the special bulbs that were part of her present.

,We played some Farkle after dinner and then came home, sated and sleepy.

,Saturday - Today we will enjoy one of the UMILu2019s gifts to us - a gorgeous three-pound tomahawk ribeye.

,She knows us so well!Unbeknownst to her, we had purchased a ribeye (considerably less impressive) for todayu2019s dinner - surf & turf with lobster tails.

,That one went into the freezer; weu2019re definitely going to enjoy this stunning hunk of cow today.

,Hey, itu2019s the holidays; meals are supposed to be indulgent!I just put my famous dry-rub on the steak so it can sit for several hours before going on the grill.

It will be accompanied by the lobster tails, roasted in their shells with butter, shallots & herbs, grilled asparagus and loaded baked potatoes.

,Other than cooking the feast, today will be a lazy day of football, video games, wrapping presents, and maybe a movie.

Good times!Sunday - For once, we have chosen to wait to open our gifts for each other until Christmas morning.

That will undoubtedly be the first order of business; I am anxious for the u00fcber-hub to open the dozen pairs of funny socks I got him (along with all the other items, which wonu2019t be as surprising since they were selected from his wish list).

,We will spend some time playing with the whisker-kids; each of them will get a new toy of his or her favorite type.

Thatu2019s going to be loud; all but one like toys with bells or rattles.

Scootie, by contrast, is a catnip fiend.

,Our Christmas dinner will be seafood & andouille gumbo, which will be a joint undertaking of a couple of hours.

This is why the grocery trip was so expensive - we went all-out on loads of excellent crab, oysters, and shrimp.

Itu2019ll be a big batch so we can freeze some.

,Outside of gumbo-making, we may go to the theater; there are several movies out we want to see.

In general weu2019ll just hang out together doing things we enjoy.

,My mother will call me, and hopefully my father will too.

Both conversations will be short and awkward but well-meant.

,Monday - This will be more of a getting-back-to-real-life day; I need to get my nails done and run a few other errands.

Itu2019ll still be fun and relaxed, and weu2019ll have lots of leftovers to choose from, so no cooking to do.

,Why is all this mundane stuff special?Because I get to spend the time with the people I love most in the world.

,Because food makes me happy, especially when I get to prepare it and have the best ingredients to work with.