Is grilled chicken chop with potato wedges and a side salad a healthy meal?

Healthy sides for grilled chicken

YOUR grilled chicken chop meal sounds perfectly healthy, but it is questionable in Malaysia.

,Our version of u2018Chicken Chopu2019 while popular is the famous Hainanese version sold in coffee shops and restaurants - itu2019s Malaysian-style.

,You get a whole piece of battered chicken thigh (skin on) panfried in oil (locals donu2019t like breast meat);,(i) a side of potato chips (many outlets used frozen) fried in oil; OR,(ii) a side of homemade potato wedges fried in oil; and,a tiny portion of mixed veg (frozen peas-corn-carrot) cooked together with onion in a demi glaze brown sauce, and garnished with cucumber slices.

,There are not many places in town that serve the style of chicken chop pictured above; the others are inedible.

I wouldnu2019t say itu2019s healthy - a cooking tradition that mainly involves frying food in oil canu2019t be pro-health.

Simple sides for chicken

fried chicken tends to be a u201csouthern Stapleu201d so simple dishes are usually the norm some classic examples include,Mac and cheese,potato salad,coleslaw,greens,seasoned green beans,biscuits,corn in many preperations,mashed potatoes,okra,Succotash,several rice dish varities (dirty, buttered, spanish),beans (baked, black, pintos),These are jsut a dozen of the many options that come to my mind.

Side dishes for chicken breast Recipes

Steamed rice and roasted asparagus.

Grilled chicken is a healthy chicken dish, so staying in the healthy food range, I think rice and asparagus fit the bill.

The rice adds a healthy starch.

Roasted asparagus adds a healthy vegetable with a bit of a crunch.

Well rounded meal with a starch, protein and vegetable.