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,WandaVisionstar Kat Dennings discusses her unexpected MCU return,WandaVision star Kat Dennings discusses her unexpected MCU returnBy Chancellor AgardSaveFBTweetMore,00:00,01:50,You might like,u00d7,Chris Evans goes to infinity and beyond in Pixars Lightyear trailer,Skeet Ulrich and Matthew Lillard Look Back on Scream 25 Years Later,Nasty Girlu2013 The Cast of ABCs Queens,Skeet Ulrich Recalls Not Realizing Scream Was a Horror Comedy at First,Kate Siegel On Her Terrifying u2018Midnight Massu2019 Scream,Kate Siegel On Her Favorite Yet Most Difficult Role,Kate Siegel On Her Horror Career,Songwriters Camp with CNCO,CNCO On What They Learned From Touring With Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesias, & More,Jason Momoa on the Unbelievable Thrill of Starring in Dune,Watch Ruth Negga and Tessa Thompson in the Passing Trailer,Jason Momoa Is a u2018Duneu2019 Superfan - u2018Iu2019m Claiming It Right Now Dude, I Guarantee They Get the Oscaru2019,How Matthew Lillard Wants Stu to Come Back to the Scream Franchise,Matthew Lillard Shares Which Iconic Stu Lines In Scream Were Ad-Libbed,Skeet Ulrich and Matthew Lillard Pick Which Scream Costar Theyu2019d Want on a Deserted Island,Jason Momoa Relishes Playing an Honorable Character His Kids Can Look Up to In u2018Duneu2019,Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg Talk Snoop & Marthas Very Tasty Halloween,Matthew Lillard on What Makes Screamu2019s 25th Anniversary Special,Skeet Ulrich and Matthew Lillard on the Eternal u2018Who Killed Who?u2019 in Scream Question,Javier Bardemu2019s Inherent Power Totally Intimidated Jason Momoa in u2018Duneu2019,Digital Cover Shoot: Insecure Cast Looks Back Before Final Season,CNCOu2019s Experience Writing Their Next Album,The Souvenir Part II trailer,Scene Stealers with Tati Gabrielle,Dave Bautista on How Denis Villeneuveu2019s Direction Helps Him Find New Depths,10 Animated TV Shows That Should Be On Your Watchlist,Alec Baldwin Seen Distraught After Accidental Shooting on Set of Rust Movie, Killing Cinematographer,Bold School: Rebecca Ferguson,Youu2019s Tati Gabrielle Talks Pivotal Ending Scene With Victoria Pedretti,Tati Gabrielleu2019s Most Challenging Scenes in u2018Youu2019 Season 3,Dave Bautista and Stellan Skarsgau030ard on Making the Harkonnens u2018Humanu2019 in Their Villainy,Selena Gomez smashes garlic, shatters jar on Selena + Chef,Jason Genao On Ruby Being Both a Comedic and Dramatic Character,Digital Header: Danai Gurira opens up about life after The Walking Dead,Roswell, New Mexicou2019s Jeanine Mason and Michael Trevino Recount Reshooting Season 3 Finale,Roswell, New Mexicou2019s Michael Trevino Favorite Season 3 Moment,Roswell, New Mexicou2019s Jeanine Mason and Michael Trevino Tease Season 4,On My Block star Jason Genao shares his favorite part of Rubyu2019s arc,Roswell, New Mexicou2019s Jeanine Mason and Michael Trevino Talk Reviving A Beloved Series,1080p_BITCH_SESH_COVER_PHOTO_rev102121,Danai Gurira Digital Cover 2020,Roswell, New Mexicou2019s Jeanine Mason and Michael Trevinou2019s Favorite Underrated Latinx Actors,Watch Kate Beckinsale in the Jolt trailer,Aimee Carrero & Johnny Sibilly Say Que Pasa USA Is An Underrated Latinx Show,The History and Evolution of the Bond Girls,Exclusive Superstar: Robin Williams clip,Around the Table with Dune,Jaina Lee Ortiz on Portraying Andy on Station 19,Scene Stealers with Jason Genao,Gloria Calderu00f3n Kellett On One Day At A Time,WATCH IT NOW ON,Disney+,,Darcy Lewis has come a long way since we last saw her in Thor: The Dark World.

,After eight years away, Kat Dennings returned to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Darcy in last weeks WandaVision episode.

When we first met her in 2011s Thor, she was a quippy former poli-sci student interning for astrophysicists Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) and Erik Selvig (Stellan Skarsgu00e5rd) when they crossed paths with Chris Hemsworths God of Thunder, and she kept that position in the movies sequel.

However, WandaVisions expository fourth episode revealed that Darcy got her doctorate and became an astrophysicist herself in the intervening years (but still rocks a beanie), which is why S.





recruited her to help figure out whats going on with Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) and the town of Westview.

,Below, EW chats with Dennings about her MCU return, WandaVisions unlikely pairings, and more.

,ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Youve been gone from the MCU for almost a decade.

What was it like returning for WandaVision? How did this experience compare to the Thor days now that Marvels changed so much?KAT DENNINGS: Yeah, it was amazing.

That call was very unexpected, and of course I was delighted to be asked.

I am just a big fan of Marvel in general.

I had no expectations of ever coming back, so I was just thrilled.

,In the intervening years, had you given any thought to what Darcy was up to during all the major events she wasnt directly involved in?Yeah, that was a question initially.

Did Darcy blip? Or what happened? Where is she? But this kind of answered the question that shes just been in school this entire time, I guess, becoming a doctor.

Not an M.


, but becoming an astrophysicist.

,I did love that moment when the S.





agent called her Ms.

Lewis and she corrected him and said doctor.

Thats right, I worked hard for that doctor title!,CREDIT: MARVEL STUDIOS,When you got the call to return, did Marvel pitch you on the idea that shes become an astrophysicist now, and were you surprised by what she ended up doing after Thor 2?I didnt know she was a doctor.

All I knew was that they wanted to bring Darcy back and that it was for WandaVision.

So I was extremely surprised only because Darcy had had no interaction as a character with anyone in the world WandaVision at all, so I was like, Wow, that was the last show I excepted to be a part of.

But when I saw what they did with it, its kind of an ingenious move for them.

,On the podcast Keep It, you said you only read your scenes in the script and didnt know what else was going on, which is funny because episode 4 makes Darcy and Jimmy Woo [Randall Park] the audience surrogates, trying to figure out whats going on just like we are.

But does that mean you were even more confused than the audience while shooting it?Well, I did know initially because we read through all the episodes.

So I was in on the table reads, so I knew what happened and what was going on, but I decided consciously to stop reading because I didnt want to know too much and Im not a good enough actor to fake not knowing anything [laughs], so it could only help me.

And getting to this moment where were talking about it, Im consciously trying not to spoil anything, but also there is an element of me really not knowing what happens, so it makes my job a little bit easier.

,Part of the shows appeal is that its playing with the sitcom format.

Obviously, you spent six seasons on the CBS sitcom 2 Broke Girls.

Did you rely on any of that experience coming into WandaVision?Well, you know, acting in a sitcom is completely different than acting in a single-camera show or film.

Its like an art form in itself.

Its absolutely crazy and you really have to learn how it works, so I really enjoyed the first few episodes of WandaVision seeing them do that.

As a fan of their characters, it was so interesting and they all are amazing.

I really enjoyed Paul Bettany being very, very funny.

Hes like a genius.

,So would it be fair to say you got a chance to put any of the skills you learned on 2 Broke Girls in this context?Uh, I think youre asking a clever question that I cant answer.

I love you for it.

I appreciate the tactic, though.

,I had to try! Part of the fun of watching episode 4 is seeing you and Randall bounce off each other.

What was it like getting to work closely on that episode?It was amazing.

Hes a lovely, wonderful person, great actor, obviously.

But it was so funny just because Jimmy Woo and Darcy Lewis, again, a couple of people who never interacted before in any of the franchises, so that was really fun.

And I think there was that knowledge that, Oh, people are going think this is cool.

Its always really fun to see pairings that you dont expect.

So yeah, its a delight.

Hes lovely.

,CREDIT: EVERETT COLLECTION,A lot of episode 4 was you guys sitting behind screens, looking at things that would be added in postproduction.

What did you do to make those scenes come alive for yourself?That was difficult, I will say, because I knew what was on the screens loosely, but I didnt see the footage so I was imagining it.

So yeah, that tested my imagination a bit, but it kind of added to the mystery because when you see us solving a mystery, we really are solving a mystery.

Its like very cool to see it all put together.

Watching the episodes is new for us as well: Oh, thats what I was reacting to! Now I see! [Laughs],In coming back to this role, was it hard to step back into character, or did you find that pretty easy?I had to refresh myself on myself, if that makes sense.

But my development for myself was more like, Okay, shes been in school this whole time.

Shes learned a lot, but I dont think shes changed as a person that much.

We could get real deep and emotional on the subject of it people change or not, but I felt like I dont think Darcy as a human being is that different but she certainly has become older, wiser, and more senior.

Now shes the boss, and shes never been the boss before.

I think theres that confidence in herself that maybe she didnt have before that was fun to see.

I enjoy her.

[Laughs],Ive heard that you try not to watch things youre in, but have you watched episode 4 yet?Yes, I do watch WandaVision because Im not like the main character, so I think that enables me to watch it.

Its harder for me to watch myself in large doses, only because theres something about, you know, were not supposed to see ourselves in motion like that.

Its not good, its not healthy.

[Laughs] Theres an element, Uh, I shouldnt see myself this much.

So yeah, I try not to, but this one Im able to, but also I think its just a cool show.

,New WandaVision episodes debut Fridays on Disney+.

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