What do Filipinos hate the most about the Philippines?

How to order in Starbucks Philippines

I personally donu2019t like the culture itself.

Like how it works and how it affects peopleu2019s mindset and behavior.

Itu2019s even very complicated for me to explain how it functions but most people are getting close-minded, ignorant and all those negative traits day by day.

I donu2019t think itu2019s the best country to live the freedom that you want.

Regardless if youu2019re good or bad, polite or rude, smart or not, recognized or ignored, people always got something to say about you.

Thatu2019s why I always remind myself to just be myself all the time and naturally I donu2019t impress people so I just live in peace and just do the things I am into without bothering other people.

,This place is filled with hypocrisy and irony.

Irony in an awful way.

People here mostly follow people.

Individualism is probably recognized less.

It seems like peopleu2019s decisions depend on other peopleu2019s opinions.

The majority have the mindset of pleasing anyone just to gain something back.

Young people that are too busy improving their self-esteems on social media, some are even worse because their desperate for attention and validation.

Most things seem to be filtered now, at least thatu2019s what I see.

,People that canu2019t stand opinions that are better than theirs and thatu2019s the truth.

People with garbage opinions think theirs are better and all clean and eventually it turns into a silly argument on the internet, most of the time, especially in this modern time.

And of course, itu2019s a waste of time arguing with someone who is very much unaware of his or her own shortcomings.

Too much ignorance that you think you are so good but itu2019s actually the complete opposite.

,People that deals with people unfairly.

Between you and his or her friend in a job application, the one that they will most likely pick is their friend and not you even though you are more qualified in such position.

Perhaps, friendship still matters regardless of the situation.

Now, this doesnu2019t happen all the time and itu2019s just a mere example that also happened and probably still happens.

,If youu2019re a non-believer, they think you are practicing the works of the devil therefore you are seen as a violator instead of accepting you as a person just like them who also breathes and just forget your belief.

That explains why non-believers here lie about their belief and instead just tell people they are believers.

,Some people also think you are showing off just because you ordered something in Starbucks or other fancy restaurants or cafes.

Seriously, it doesnu2019t matter who buys something from somewhere fancy as long as they have the right amount of money and because they can.

If you canu2019t buy one like what they have, then itu2019s your problem.

Some people are just basically insecure and again, thatu2019s the truth.

,It seems like they rather want to hear the sweetest lie and not the painful truth.

I think they canu2019t stand it.

,Despite all of those, Christmas, food, tourist spots, friendliness, and family culture are still nice here.

Starbucks menu

Im assuming you mean Starbucks hacks.



for customers.

,But, what are some hacks for BARISTAS? I write a Starbucks blog for baristas and these are some of the hacks baristas use to make your drinks faster: http://www.


com/post/16056113491/bag-of-tricks-for-the-barLevel 1 techniques (little to no effect on quality),Make ice drinks as a batch, especially coffees and teas.

Pour and ice them all together.

,Steam enough milk for multiple hot drinks.

A pitcher is enough to fill two grandes drinks, if you leave just a little space in each.

,Shake teas in the cup by putting the shaker lid over it.

This will only work for Grandes and Ventis however.

(edit: lid doesnu2019t fully fit on grande cups anymore.

may splash when shaking),Blend multiple Frappchinos together.

You can do 2 Ventis without holding the lid, 3 Ventis while holding.

,Top off non/low-fat lattes with the other milk, if youu2019ve run out of the specified one.

No more than a quarter of the cup though.


5% or 1.

5% fat milk will taste about the same.

,Level 2 techniques (may effect taste)n,Serve drinks even if shots are (slightly) expired.

,Pour a small amount of steamed milk into hot drinks before shooting shots to negate oxidizing espresso, if you donu2019t have enough milk available to fill the entire drink.

,Turn espresso grind to coarser to decrease shooting time.

,Serve or resteam milk thatu2019s been sitting for less than 5 minutes.

Temperature should still be above 140 if it had been steamed originally to 155-160.

,Donu2019t bother shaking teas, or simply shake it a little after putting the lid on.

,Eyeball Frappchino ingredients directly into pitcher.

If the ice is slightly floating before being blended itu2019ll be about right.

,Level 3 techniques (will definitely effect taste and/or health)n,Serve extremely expired shots.

Use a cup and pre-shoot your shots.

A short cup will hold 6 shots of espresso.

Estimate and pour into drinks as needed.

,Donu2019t bother rinsing pitchers.

This means youu2019ll be mixing old and fresh milk together before resteaming (a health hazard).

,Donu2019t bother wiping steam wands.