How wild are Google company parties?

Halloween party decoration ideas adults

Iu2019ve been going to them for seven years now.

They vary, depending on the group.

I can only speak about the engineering parties.

The holiday parties are usually at the VP level, or several directors banding together, so at least several hundred people.

Then there is Googleween, the company-wide Halloween party.

At the division level, each larger team also gets its own fun outing.

Sometime that can involve a party as well.

My manager at Google has his own rock band, called Urs Truly in honor of our big boss, Urs Hu00f6lzle, and they play at various Google events.

Sometimes they throw parties themselves, where Googlers from the audience come up and sing, like a live music Karaoke thing.

,They are generally large and have a theme, like Scientific Discovery or James Bond or Harry Potter or Alice in Wonderland or whatever.

There is always an opportunity to dress up in a costume, though most people donu2019t do that.

There is usually a live band, but not many people dance (that Kid Rock scene from the first episode of HBOu2019s Silicon Valley is pretty accurate).

Google books some fancy party place or museum of sorts, and sets up lots of side rooms with theme-related events, like Harry Potter cookie decorating, at painting pet rocks at the 70s party.

Oh, and thereu2019s always a photo booth where people can take selfies using theme-related accessories.

,My wife likes to take pictures, so let me see if I can find a few that donu2019t violate anyoneu2019s privacyu2026,Ok, hereu2019s one from our first Googleween:,Our theme was Suburban Crime Lords (Nancy Botwin from Weeds and Walter White from Breaking Bad).

She had a baggie of oregano.

I had a baggie of rock salt with blue food dye.

,Hereu2019s me trying to hold in my stomach during a Bond-themed holiday party:,That one was a while back.

I canu2019t imagine them throwing a Bond party these days.

,Another year, at Googleween, we were Frankensteins Monster and Bride:,One year, Googleween theme was (I think?) Game of Thrones:,Of course, we ran into another Dany:,The next holiday party was Venetian-theme:,I had an idea for The Mask of the Red Death, but it wasu2026 anti-social.

,We tried to do all black and white at the next Googleween:,This one I donu2019t even remember.

I think I was one of the characters from the new Ghost Busters (Holtzman).

Must have been the kids Googleween (there are two parties):,I think we also did HBOu2019s Westworld at (adult) Googleween that year:,Thatu2019s Maeve Millay with the MiB, which I wasnu2019t really pulling off.

Iu2019m a big fan of Westworld, so I told my manager I was going to get the Maze tattoou2019d on the back of my head.

Actually, I also told my wife, who promptly mailed away for a temporary tattoo for me to try it out beforehand:,So, I went to work with it on, but no one said anything.

I think they all believed I would actually get one.

,This last Googleween, we went as Dany and Jon Snow.

,And less than a month ago, our holiday party theme was Studio 54:,The party started out kinda lame, since it was based on a dancing theme and engineers tend to shy away from that.

Since it was my last Google holiday party, my wife and I went all out.

We got out on the empty dance floor and boogieu2019d to the live band (Hip Service) until it was clear to everyone in the room that they could not possibly look more foolish than we did.

Eventually, we got most people dancing and the floor was packed until after midnight when they shut everything down.

We had help from a guy dressed as Daryl Dragon (Captain and Tennille, RIP Daryl) with silver wings on his back and neon pink short shorts.

That guy really drove the crowd wild.

Even the old manager dudes at the back of the room were bobbing their heads and doing a little side-step thing.

It was glorious!,So, to answer your question: Google parties can range from u201clameu201d to u201ctons of funu201d.

I donu2019t think they ever get wild, like they might have been earlier on when Google was smaller.

Mostly people are professional and polite.

Occasionally, someone drinks too much and does something stupid and short-sighted, just like most company holiday parties.

I guess it depends on what you think of as wild.

Based on my experience with wild parties, Google parties donu2019t have:,Nudity (anymore),Drugs (No one having a bad acid trip),Sex (no one engaging in oral sex on the couch),Damage (No one throwing furniture off the roof),Weapons (No one brought a bullwhip),Skinny dipping (in the hotel pool),Fights (no one get injured at Google parties),Memory loss (I canu2019t remember the really wild parties),Still, they are as much fun as you are willing to put in effort for.