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Honey garlic chicken marinade

If I say u201cchicken wings it doesnt sound great, until I tell you the story of the marinade I dreamed up (and, while it might exist somewhere else on the internet, I refuse to look for it).

,Almost anyone whos had a chicken wing in North America knows about honey garlicu2026 but I was out of honey.

,Being Canadian, theres usually maple syrup aroundu2026 so, maple garlic was born that day.

,I cook by smell and colour, so ratios might have to be tweaked on your end, but it was 4 garlic cloves, finely chopped, and about 4tbsp of maple syrup (probably a bit more).

But heres the rub (literally).

Once those two are combined, throw in a bit of sambal, and a touch of soy sauce.

Then put your wings in there, and massage away.

Then cook.

Then eat.

Then thank me.

,I only had like 8 wings on hand, and it wasnt enough marinade, so I adjusted the next time, adding more where/when needed.

,Satisfyingu2026100% u2014 in fact, after telling a few friends about it, they were curious.

The recipe has been adjusted slightly more to become a u201csignature dish of mine (throw some coriander leaves and/or spring onions on top),(Mine werent as shiny as this Google photo, but it brought you here)