What kind of alcohol contains the least amount of sugar?

Funny names for non alcoholic drinks


,u201cAlcoholu201d, or more correctly ethanol (two-carbon alcohol chain with single bonds) is a product of sugar.

,Eth- means a u201ctwo carbonsu201d chain,-an- means u201csimple bondsu201d in the chain,-ol means u201calcoholu201d, presence of a hydroxile molecule (OH) in the chain; since there are only two carbons and the molecule is tridmensional, you dont need to specify where the hydroxile is,If you know what sugar is, youll realise that ethanol is a simple break down and de-oxydation of a u201csugaru201d chain.

u201cSugaru201d is the common name for a two hex/pentose-based chain (by default the doublet sacarose, thus sacarid), whose main difference with ethanol is being longer (C5/C6 instead of C2), having half its hydrogens oxydated (hydroxiles, OH), and having a carbonile ending (Hu2013C=O).

,In short, alcohol is a deoxydated/dehydrated u201csliceu201d of a sugar molecule.

Where energy is already u201cspoiltu201d (unlike in sugar), and its physical properties make it so light that it gets to your brain (crosses the hematoencephalic barrier, as its called in medicine), and makes you drunk.

,It is produced precisely by a fermentation of sugar, one of the products of that reaction of sugar is alcohol.

To produce alcohol you need some source of sugar that you can ferment (wheat for beer, grapes for wine, sugar cane for rum, blue agave for tequilau2026).

,The molecule ethanol is always the same, its a molecule, ethanol is always CH3u2013CH2u2013OH, and it obviously tastes exactly the same.

The difference between an alcoholic drink and the other is not the alcohol, its all the other products from the different fermentations.

Most of them are sugar, or sugar-based.

If you take sugar from an alcoholic drink, you basically get an undrinkable bottle of pure alcohol.

,Besides that, alcohol is far more unhealthy than sugar, your body is designed to chemically process sugar and get energy from it, sugar enters the Krebs Cycle like a hand in a glove.

Alcohol is a product of sugar, the liver (chemical centre of the body) has to reverse it into something non-toxic the body can process.

The whole processing of alcohol goes against the metabolism of the bodyu2026 sugar gives us cheap, bad-quality energy, but its a natural source of energy for us.

,It is very funny that you are avoiding sugar in the drinking, because your liver will turn alcohol itself back into a normal glucidic product in order to process it ud83dude02u2026 in other words, the liver will do with it as if you had eaten sugar instead of alcohol.

,All your body sees here is u201chow do I turn this into sugar?u201d,,In any case, if you dont want any alcohol with sugar you send it to me, I am in serious need of getting drunk lately ud83dude11

Healthy non alcoholic drinks

When I am in a social situation in which I need a drink from a bar, I order sparkling water with a bit of lemon or lime in it.

I might have ice in it too.

I like how this tastes and it is far less obtrusive than making a big deal about not drinking alcohol.

,One restaurant I go to has the option of cucumber slices in water.

I actually prefer this to citrus because cucumbers are produced locally, but it is not a standard ingredient at bars.