Can I drink pineapple juice after having the chicken pox?

Chicken with pineapple juice

You can eat or drink any food in the known universe before, after, or during chicken pox or any other non-digestive system infection.

There is zero way food can affect chicken pox, and zero way chicken pox can affect food.

Same for pretty much every disease that does not involve the gut.

,I am not aware of any reason to not drink pineapple juice anytime ever, assuming you dont have a fruit allergy or intolerance or diabetes or obesity.

,Also note that alcohol is not exactly helpful when sick, or when healthy for that matter.

So have your piu00f1a colada without the rum, though if you are getting chicken pox while old enough to drink alcohol legally, then you have other things to worry aboutu2026

Simple pineapple chicken

What do people in the U.


eat? 26/07/20Where do I start?,We eat so much stuff.

I wont go into any ethnic foods, just typical British Fayre.

,Iu2019ll start with my favourites and see how it goes.

,Plaice and Chips (Whereu2019s the Cod?),Halibut and Chips.

(Whereu2019s the Hake?),Salmon Steak and Chips.

(Whereu2019s the Haddock?),You see we are not that boring.

We do eat other fish apart from the main three.

,Half Roast Spring Chicken and Chips.

Yes, we actually eat that much chicken, when weu2019re hungry,Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding with Roasties.

I wasnu2019t going to put this one up as itu2019s so obvious but how can I miss it out?,Pork Chop and Apple Sauce.

A decent pork chop on the bone.

Just the way it should be.

,Roast Lamb with Mint Sauce.

Welsh lamb of course.

,Roast Duck with Orange.

Okay, there may be a few raspberries as well.

We just love our fruit.

,Rack of Ribs and Chips.

Itu2019s not only the Chinese that can do a mean ribs.

,T Bone Steak and Chips.

I know this isnu2019t very big compared to US size but itu2019s massive for us Brits.

,Mixed Grill and Chips.

When we canu2019t decide, we have a little bit of everything.

,Gammon, Egg and Chips.

Sometimes we switch out the egg for a slice of pineapple.

,Chicken Maryland and Chips.

When you have a craving for deep fried everything (which is most of the time) this is the one to go to.

,Chicken Omelette and Chips.

When you run out of ideas, you just want something simple and filling.

,Chicken Salad.

Ideal for these hot summer months when you donu2019t feel like eating much.

,Lotus Root Soup with Peanuts and Pork.

Just kidding with this one.

Itu2019s just something my wife made for me the other day.

Made with fresh lotus root and not the ones from a tin.


,Except for the last item, all these meals are typically what we eat here on these isles.

,Feel free to give some or all of them a try next time you visit.