What are some delicious but simple recipes involving soft tofu?

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Tentsuyu sauce recipe

I get the low-hanging fruit, since Im first.

:),Im going to recommend Agedashi Tofu.

Simple, affordable and easy to make.

Oh yeah, and delicious too (I almost left out the most important comment).

If youve never tried it, it is a commonly-served side dish at many Japanese restaurants.

Check it out.

,Youll have to take a trip to your local Asian supermarket for some of the ingredients (or order them online, if that is not possible).

,Ingredients:n,One block soft tofu,Corn starch or katakuriko (potato starch), for dusting,Oil for deep frying,nSauce:n,3/4 cup (185 ml) dashi or Japanese fish stock [1],4 tablespoons soy sauce,3 tablespoons sake,2 tablespoons mirin [2] (sweet Japanese cooking wine),3/4 tablespoon sugar,nToppings:n,Peeled and grated daikon [3],Peeled and grated ginger (optional),Sliced green onions/scallions,Dried bonito flakes/katsuobushi [4],nMethod:n,Cut the tofu into small pieces.

Blot each with paper towels and coat with corn starch.

Set aside.

,Bring all the ingredients of tentsuyu sauce to gentle simmer in a small sauce pan.

Do not bring to a full boil.

,Heat up the oil in a wok a frying pan and deep fry the tofu until they turn light brown or crispy.

Please take note that the corn starch coating will not turn to golden brown easily.

Remove the deep-fried tofu and drain the excess oil on a plate lined with paper towels.

,To serve, place a few pieces of tofu in a small bowl and pour some tentsuyu sauce on the tofu.

Garnish with some grated daikon, chopped scallions and dried bonito flakes.

Serve immediately.