How do you prepare baby back ribs?

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Baby back ribs in oven

Rub with salt and pepper all over.

,Sear in a pan.

,Wrap with foil so there are no holes.

,Drop into water simmer for an hour.

,Mix Ketchup, vinegar, Brown Sugar & Paprika, boil, reduce.

,Remove ribs from water and foil, brush your sauce all over generously.

,Chill in the fridge for 8 hours.

,Start a BBQ.

A proper one, using wood, not a gas one.

If you dont have one, make one.

,Use plenty of wood.

Light, wait until the flames have died down and you just have embers left.

,Place ribs on a rack above the embers.

Remember, youre no longer cooking, youre now reheating and smoking.

,Keep brushing with your sauce every 5 minutes.

,Keep this up for an hour.

,Serve, enjoy, theyll blow your mind.