As a cookchef, do you use MSG when you cook at home?

Taste of Home chicken recipes for two


,I bought this in my local Chinese supermarket because I was following a fried chicken recipe that aimed to reproduce the flavour of KFC, and KFC, as everyone should know, uses a metric ****-ton of MSG in its brining and breading.

The fried chicken recipe was awesome, by the way.

My daughter and I agreed after eating it that we never needed to eat anything again.

(The recipe I followed used no more than a heaped teaspoon of this stuff.

),The supposed medical evidence that MSG causes u2018Chinese restaurant syndromeu2019 has been debunked years ago, yet people still freak out about this unassuming white powder which is really nothing more than a complex salt.

MSG is automatically in things like tomatoes, cheese and soy sauce, but for some reason, when itu2019s isolated and sold in bags, people think that theyu2019re putting some noxious Chinese Brain Poison in themselves.

I attribute at least a bit of this to anti-Asian racism.

,MSG is very peculiar stuff.

If you taste it, the immediate sensation is of saltiness, which then immediately mellows into a general sense of deliciousness, of something pleasingly tasty and savoury.

The slightly eerie thing is that there is nothing else going on in the flavour: no aroma, no texture, no temperature, no weight in your mouth of the food that must be causing this sense of yumminess.

,I havenu2019t started using it in everything I cook.

I cooked a steak last night which, after aging in the fridge for three days after Iu2019d salted and peppered it and then decided to postpone cooking it, was incredibly intensely flavoured and probably generated loads of MSG all by itself.

,But I would use it in something that Iu2019d slaved over for ages, but which had turned out to be lacking in flavour and just needed more oomph.

Iu2019m looking at you, tonkotsu broth in my freezer that I simmered for sixteen ****ing hours, and which still ended up disappointingly underpowered.

Edit: While I stand by my earlier point that MSG doesnu2019t cause u2018Chinese restaurant syndromeu2019, because itu2019s, you know, true, I would add one small qualification.

,MSG, like meat, beer, seafood, oily fish, nutritional yeast and many other things that taste good, contains purines.

Purines naturally occur in the body and are not bad in themselves, but it could happen that the body develops an inability to process them, whereupon they form uric acid crystals that deposit in your joints (typically in your big toe) and, hey presto, youu2019ve got gout, the classic illness of the 18th century gentleman.

I say this, because it happened to me, a little over two years after writing this answer.

,Gout can be managed pretty easily with anti-inflammatory drugs and as long as your diet doesnu2019t consist of wall-to-wall seafood pizza, steak and beer, you can eat pretty well without triggering an attack.

But, like with every other ingredient ever, use MSG sensibly, not as a condiment on everything.

Happy cooking.

Easy chicken recipes for dinner for families

In my family, we usually have Vietnamese dinner style with 3 or 4 dishes: 01 stew/fried/grilled dish, 01 stir-fried/boiled dish (mostly vegetables) and 01 vegetable soup.

Here is what we have tonight:,1.

Pork baby ribs stew with black peppers and chivesClean the ribs with vinegar before cooking.

,Marinate it about 30 minutes with garlic powder, onion powder, salt, a little bit sugar, chicken powder, oyster sauce and fish sauce.

,Put a little bit oil in a pot, when it is hot, put all the meat in and quickly stir-fry it.

,Then add coconut water and stew it slowly over the low heat.

,When it is almost done, taste and season it again.

,Finally, add chives and black peppers in.

If you like spicy, add more Thai red peppers.

,#Video in Vietnamese language: Cu00e1ch lu00e0m su01b0u1eddn kho tiu00eau ngon u0111u1eadm u0111u00e0 tu1ea1i nhu00e02.

Stir-fried chicken with lemon grass and red peppers.

This one is a bit easier and faster to make.

,I found a recipe video in English for you on YouTube.

Vietnamese Lemongrass Chicken | Gu00e0 Xu00e0o Su1ea3 u1edat | Lemongrass Chicken Recipe | Gu00e0 chiu00ean Su1ea3 u1edat3.

Murtard greens soup with shrimpsThis one is super easy to make and you can choose any vegetable you like, such as: spinach, corn, broccoli and carrots, etc.

You can also use beef broth or chicken broth for soup base.

Make sure you clean vegetables with salt water before cooking.

,Put a little bit oil in a pot and quickly stir-fry the shrimps with garlic and/or onion.

,Add water (beef broth/chicken broth).

When the water is hot, add vegetables.

,When it is almost done, season it with salt and chicken powder.

,Finally, add green onion and black peppers.