If the original Sabbath was on Saturday, is it a sin for Christians to keep the Sabbath on a Sunday?

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Monday prayer for the week

We keep the Sabbath as a scriptural command.

It is not u201csymbolicu201d anymore than u201cthou shalt not killu201d is u201csymbolicu201d.

They are ALL literal, despite spiritual implications.

People have been trying, almost desperately, to single out the fourth commandment, exclude it, abolish it, remove it, revise it, u201ceditu201d it, change it, and rationalize itu2019s different treatment, for centuries, and it all started with Constantine, the sun worshiper, who pretended to be u201cChristianu201d and forced everyone to honor his sun god, on Sun day.

Much later, pagan influences equated Yahshua (Jesus) with the sun god, which some people believe today.

Even later, the English word (which did not even exist then) u201csunu201d happened to sound like the word u201csonu201d, so that was supposed to be u201cproofu201d that they were the same, therefore itu2019s OK to honor the u201cSonu201d on u201cSundayu201d.

,Sunday is the day of honoring the sun god, not Yahshua.

It is not a u201csabbathu201d.

It was never changed in the bible.

Believe me, Iu2019ve heard each and every single argument trying to connect the first day of the week with the Sabbath, and itu2019s just not there.

In fact, the Bible very clearly says that the Sabbath was OVER and then, the first day of the week began.

The Bible says that the disciples werenu2019t together on the first day of the week because the sabbath was changed to the first day of the week, it says they were HIDING.

The Bible doesnu2019t say that Paul preached on a u201cSunday Sabbathu201d, it says he started preaching on the real Sabbath and preached a excessively long time, and since the days started and ended on sundown, not midnight like we have today, he preached from the Sabbath into the first day.

Nothing changed.

The word Sabbath means rest, and the commandment has nothing to do with prayer meetings or communion or preaching or singing.

It means REST.

It means DONu2019T WORK THAT DAY.

So what does the Bible say? WORK on the first day of the week, in 1 Cor.


Thatu2019s called WORK.

Obviously, it WASNu2019T THE SABBATH.

,Yes, there were other days called u201csabbathsu201d that were part of the Mosaic law and part of the nation of Israelu2019s civil and religious practices which were fulfilled in the work of Christ.

There is a difference.

Satan knows that all he needs people to do is break ONE commandment, ANY ONE.

it doesnu2019t matter.

This has been the easiest one for people to use.

The Sabbath has been attacked very specifically and repeatedly, with people determined to put a square peg into a round hole.


,Christians got together on EVERY day of the week.

They prayed every day, they had meals together (breaking bread, not a u201ccommunionu201d) every day, they worshiped every day, they helped one another every day, they sang and praised God every day, but they worked every day EXCEPT THE SABBATH.

It wasnu2019t u201csymbolicu201d, OR THE FIRST DAY OF THE WEEK WORSHIP WOULD BE SYMBOLIC, TOO, RIGHT?,So go to church on Sunday if you like.

God only gave ONE Sabbath, and people have been trying rather desperately to make it the first day of the week, not the seventh day, as the Bible says.

In fact, there are now calendars, where some stubborn, manipulative person decided that MONDAY would be the first day of the week, and Sunday is now the SEVENTH, just to throw confusion into the world.

I go to church sometimes on BOTH, but only ONE day is the Sabbath.

You can go every day of the week, but only one day is the Sabbath.

Is it a u201csinu201d? Are you disobeying the fourth commandment? You tell me.