Which are the best ideas for celebrating a 19th birthday party?

Birthday dinner ideas for large group

Something simple or complicated?,Do you want to keep it inexpensive? Does the price matter to you?,At home or out somewhere?,With just family, a few friends, or a large group? Or as a personal challenge?,Do you live in a city, rural area, or suburb?,Do you have access to transportation to do an activity outside your immediate area?,Will you be at home, away at college, or living on your own at the time youd be celebrating?,If you give us more info, it would help.

,Here are a few specific ideas.

Nix the ones that make you cringe; look for something along the lines of the ones that appeal to you.

,* rock climbing or rock wall climbing,* all-day or overnight hike/cookout/campout with friends,* road trip (possibly with an overnight) with a few good friends,* nice lunch or dinner at a fancy place with a close friend or two,* massive Capture-the-Flag game with a bunch of friends - at night, using glowsticks,* cook an elaborate dinner for family/friends and spend the evening relaxing and enjoying their company - maybe add a slide show of when you were a baby, with food on your face, for them to laugh at, and celebrate how far youve come