Are biblical baby names unique yet sturdy if they decide to be a professional?

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Unique biblical baby names

Biblical names for boys: David, Samuel, Adam, Noah, Matthew, Mark, Luke,John, Andrew, Simon, Peter, Paul, Philip, Jonathon,Isaiah - and many more.

With a few exceptions I wouldnu2019t call them exactly u201cuniqueu201d, at least not in western society.

,Girls names: Eve,Ruth, Hannah, Esther, Abigail, Mary, Elizabeth, Martha, Priscilla, Lydia, Tabitha, Persis and more.

Thereu2019s certainly a few very common girls names, but a broader scope for classic but unique names.

,The thing about Bible names is that theyu2019ve been around a very long time.

Many feel a bit old fashioned and tired.

The unique ones just feel strange (Iu2019ve taught a Zipporah and a Jael).

I donu2019t think the unique ones will hold back a person, these arenu2019t misspelled or made up names (Iu2019m looking at you Neveah), just a bit old fashioned and off the beaten path.

If you like a particular Bible name for your child, go for it, just Mae sure you spell it correctly.

It canu2019t be worse than Heven-ly.

(A child in my daughteru2019s daycare was given that unfortunate moniker).