Why didnt Australia have a larger role in World War II?

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Tunisia to Philippines time

Didnt it?,The Australian Army at its peak (in 1942) numbered 476,000 - 6.

6% of the population of the entire country.

,In total, 730,000 men passed through the Australian Army at some point - an astonishing 20% of the male population of Australia.

,400,000 of those men served overseas, with 40%, 160,000 men, serving in front line areas.

,Australian soldiers had already fought in Egypt, Libya, Ethiopia, Somalia, Greece, Crete, Syria, Iraq, Britain, above Germany and in the Atlantic by the time the United States and the Soviet Union had joined the war.

,Australians went on to fight in Tunisia, Sicily, Italy, above Yugoslavia, over Poland, in France, in Malaya, in Singapore, in Burma, in New Guinea, the Dutch East Indies, Ceylon, China, Iran, the Solomon Islands, the Philippines, Borneo and Okinawa.

,The Royal Australian Navy, at its height, was the fourth-largest in the world.

,The Royal Australian Air Force made up, at times, over 10% of the Allied bombing strength over Europe.

,The RAAF dropped a total of 6% of the bombs dropped by RAF Bomber Command during the war.

,Australia lost 27,000 men killed and 23,000 wounded in action, as well as 1,165 non-battle fatalities and a further 2,051 dying in non-operational areas.

,29,000 Australians were made prisoners of war.

Around 7,500 died in captivity, 7,000 of whom died in the custody of Japanese soldiers.

,,Too often, both in u2018realu2019 academia and here on Quora, writers (including myself) trend towards a u2018Big Threeu2019 view of the Second World War that excludes or ignores the contribution of so-called u2018minor nationsu2019 to the global war effort.

,Such an outlook inevitably results in questions such as the one posted above.

Australia pushed itself to breaking point during the Second World War and fought harder than anybody had any right to expect.

,The Australian Army was absolutely critical to the Pacific Campaign.

Without it the war in against Japan would have either been lost or lasted twice as long.

The Australian Air Force made a critical contribution to the Battle of Britain and the bombing campaign over Fortress Europe.

The Australian Navy fought with distinction across the world.

,Australia, for its population, location and industrial strength, had one of the largest roles of the war.