Is it possible or beneficial for the Philippines to reopen and reestablish the old Manila Galleon trade route with Mexico and Latin America as a 21st-century maritime trade route like Chinas New Silk Road Initiative?

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Iu2019m personally confusedu2026 what do you mean by reopen?It seems to me that this question is assuming that the trade routes are u201cclosedu201d and that we u201cno longeru201d have any u201ccontactu201d with Latin Americau2026 but in reality the trade routes are a lot more vast and extensive today, than they were in the past.

,The trade routes never closed, in fact, the world is a lot more u201cinterconnectedu201d due to globalization.

Therefore we are a lot more connected to Mexico and Latin America today, than we were centuries ago.

,Now, moving on to the topic of Chinas modern silk road projectu2026 they are trying to improve the land-based interconnectivity of mainland Eurasia by investing in the construction of more ports, train tracks, bridges and roads.

However, I dont see how the Philippines could do the same with the former galleon trade, because the largest ocean on the planet is literally right in between us.

Its not like we could just build a bridge from here to there.

Our best options for direct trade with Latin America are modern cargo ships and airplanes, which we already have as I type this answer.

Basically, theres really not that much to improve on.

,This simulation gives you an idea about the volume of our current global shipping industry.

Those little dots represents cargo ships.

,This simulation gives you an idea about the volume of flights within a 24 hour time period.

Yes, those are airplanes.


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The only time I have been a passenger on a flight that had to be diverted was when our family was flying to the Philippines in July 2017.

We were on an Air China flight flying from Beijing Capital Airport, China to Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Manila in unsettled weather.

After circling over Manila for a while, the flight was eventually diverted to Clark International Airport in Pampanga province, which is 60 miles or 96 kilometres north west of the NAIA.

However when we landed we did not disembark but just waited a while before the flight took off again and landed at the NAIA about three hours behind its scheduled arrival time.

I expect that this small diversion may happen from time to time with flights to Manila, especially in July or August, when the weather can be stormy or unsettled at the NAIA, but much calmer only 60 miles away at Clark, or vice versa.