If youre from a country that was colonized in the past, how do you feel about the countries who once were your rulers?

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300 Years in a Convent, 50 Years in Hollywood.

I come from the Philippines which was once colonized by Spain and the United States.

This is significant because both countries colonized the country for a good amount of time and both had great influence the countryu2019s history.

,,SpainAs my opening line says, we spent 300 years in a convent or rather, we were colonized by Spain for 300+ years which introduced Catholicism to the country, which continues to be the majority religion in the Philippines, at 81% of the population.

,During Spanish rule, many buildings were built which were heavily influenced by them.

,The above is Intramuros (Within the Walls), which is a walled city as the name implies.

It is once a Spanish fortress where most of the Spaniards lived in.

,Manila Cathedral, Palacio del Gobernador (slightly behind) and the Port of Manila in the distance.

,Vigan City, located in the province of Ilocos Sur.

Spanish colonial and Asian architecture have been preserved as seen in the image.

,The Spanish didnu2019t suppress our native languages and in fact, it was the Spanish missionaries who learned the native tongue to preach Catholicism to the masses.

However, that doesnu2019t mean that we didnu2019t borrow words from Spanish and to this day, we continue to use a lot of Spanish words, some of which we donu2019t know comes from Spanish.

,And we continue some Spanish cuisine.

Some of the most apparent are Chicharron and Lechu00f3n.

,Because of how influential Spain had been, many Filipinos consider the start of our modern history with the arrival of Ferdinand Magellan, who came, tried to convert the natives and ended up in a deadly fight with native hero, Lapu-Lapu.

,Most Filipinos are clueless about history prior to Spanish colonization and because of how influential theyu2019ve been, Filipinos continue to hold Spain at high regard.

,Here is our previous President, Benigno Aquino III, on a diplomatic visit in Spain, meeting with King Felipe VI.

,And our countryu2019s name? Well, despite a petition by Duterte to change it, we continue to be supportive of our current name, which, fun fact, was named after Spanish King Philip II, who ordered the occupation of the Philippines in the 1570s,However, rebellion against Spain broke out after the execution of national hero, Dr.

Josu00e9 Rizal.

,Then, the Americans came!,,United StatesOur relationship with the United States is very complicated.

,By all rights, we have every right to detest the US because they committed atrocities like killing Moro people in Mindanaou2026,they suppressed our native tongues and forced English and American propagandau2026,and they were out right racist against us!,However, we still view the Americans differently because they fought alongside us during the Japanese invasion of the archipelago during the Second World War.

,As they fought alongside us, we became strong allies since and the country was home to two of the largest overseas military bases of the United States; Clark Air Base and Subic Bay Naval Base.

We continued to celebrate our Independence on July 4, as that was the day the US granted our independence.

It was changed in 1962 back to June 12 to commemorate our independence day from Spain and July 4 was renamed to Philippine-American Friendship Day.

Philippine Independence Day - July 4, 1946,The US continues to be popular among Filipinos.

About 1.

1% of the American population were Filipinos in the 2011 estimates by the Department of State and many of these Filipinos are serving in the USMC.

,Despite English having been forced down our throats by the Americans to make us more civilized, we remain one of the largest speaking English nations on Earth.

To put this into perspective, according to Wikipedia (info might be skewed), the Philippines has more English speakers than the United Kingdom as well!,,But, you know our country never hates these two colonial rulers.

Sure, there are history which gives us every right to hate them and erase them.

However, we Filipinos have learned to embrace the past and we accept that our modern society is shaped by both colonial powers.

Whatever we enjoy now wonu2019t be what they are if both of these rules didnu2019t colonize us.

,In fact, we used to be the most pro-American country in the world back in 2014, with 92% of those surveyed showing support for the United States.

,Look at our National Coat of Arms!,We kept both the Bald Eagle and the Lion rampant of Spain (Lu00e9on) to pay tribute to our American and Spanish colonial history.

For us to keep them on our national emblem tells you a great deal of how we view them!

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The concept is pretty simple.

Daylight Savings Time (DST) is preferred because it produces the illusion of extended daylight in the evening.

This tends to make people (Historically) work with sunlight in a first shift job and they get more time to u201cplayu201d after work.

The Sunshine Protection Act was named for this.

It was to give sunshine to people so it stimulates tourism etc.

,There was a pretty big problem with turning on and off DST seasonally in that it was noted that a lot of people didnu2019t function well for nearly 2 weeks after the time change.

So the concept is to stop the change of the clocks from stressing people.

I will confess I have always hated the clock shift in the spring and fall because it stressed me.

,People changing times this way causes a lot of trouble where peopleu2019s sleeping is messed up and they make mistakes and generally donu2019t function well.

There were lots of car accidents and work accidents the sleepy people caused because of the clock times changing.

,I have always wanted the clock left alone.

It didnu2019t matter to me what time it was on the clock the issue was leave it alone.

I live near the Eastern Time Zone border in the Central Time Zone.

I never saw it mattering much which time they chose, just leave it alone.

,Time zone selection and changing basically moved me every summer into the Eastern time zone.

The Daylight protection act does just this.

It leaves the clocks alone.

It basically shifts the entire USA East by sun time on the clock by one time zone.

,The problem with such a shift is that people will over time migrate to whatever time suits them for working and not.

Shift work on 2nd and 3rd shift is disfavored in this schema they have chosen and these other shifts will see a considerable loss of sunlight with the choice.

,Employers typically just alter these times to suit their locality anyway.

So messing with the clocks was just a mess.

It is very common in my area for businesses to open at 8AM (Standard Time) which means they have migrated to the Eastern Time Zone already and all that will happen is after a while they will change to match the folks in the eastern time zone in their business.

,This business of time zones developed in trying to match the sun daylight to the work schedule.

It really doesnu2019t matter to retired or other persons that much.

The problem is that the sun doesnu2019t match these time zones very well.

The further north you live in the USA the less it matches the sun.

The further south the less the value of changing from Standard Time to DST has because the days donu2019t vary much in length.

,I like not fooling with the clocks and just leaving things at one setting or another.

It really doesnu2019t matter which time just leave it alone.

This act has moved to DST for the time zones.

It is just fine with me.

Leave it there which is what the act has done.

,The moving of the clocks particularly in the spring move in time really bothers the natural body sleep schedule.

That gives us a lot of sleepy people stumbling around the world.

That causes wrecks in cars, accidents and lost performance at work.

Shifting times is actually dangerous to people.

,This act to me personally because I am retired means exactly nothing to me now.

My life schedule is not moved one way or the other.

I have worked shift work in the past and the clock shift was particularly troublesome and since I was RN at the time, this sleep mess on a 12 hour night shift was nearly unbearable.

It could hardly be good for medical staff.

It would mean a lot to me as I get older though because the tired nurses and such from clock changes could be dangerous to me.

,So all that this act does is end the fooling with the clocks.

DST was a concept proposed for helping farmers originally.

The odd reality is farmers animals were adversely affected as were the farmers by this change.

There never was any reality to DST.

It was more a belief than a fact.

,The concept was pushed during World War 2 in the USA to try to get energy savings and the reality was it had almost no effect if any.

This is one of those u201cgood ideasu201d somebody had that frankly had no value.

I would liken it to the u201cMaskingu201d of people for containing disease recently.

Some people passionately believed in it, even though it had no reality or basis in fact.

,People often do lots of silly things because they believe them.

They hang onto these beliefs and habits long after they have no purpose has been found.

For example to say u201cBless Youu201d or some other similar phrase for someone who sneezes arose in mankind back in the days of the black plague in Europe.

It actually has no history in the USA but the settlers from Europe brought it to the USA.

It was just an engrained habit.

The human race does lots of silly things this way.

Examples include buttons on dress sleeves on clothes and waving to strangers.

I have nothing against these things they are just sort of like lint that the human race picked up and kept.

DST and Standard Time arose more as a mistake than anything else and lots of claims of value got stuck to it.

Changing the time had no real use.

Any business could just as easily open at any time they choose.

,The basic problem of time setting like this is that solar time which affects sleep schedules is a complicated projection of the seasonal moves of the sun relative to its orbit and the tilt of the earth.

It is latitude affected severely.

Daylight length varies from as much as nearly 18 hours a day to as little as 6 hours a day in the northern USA.

That makes any one hour shift almost irrelevant.

In my area the shift is +/- 2 hours a day.

Further south like in south Florida the shift is about +/- 45 minutes a day.

Pushing around the clock is clearly not much use in some of these places.

Tommy Tuberville (US Senator Alabama) is from South Alabama where the shift is pretty close to 1 hour +/- per day.

He pushed this bill considerable.

His area is probably the one with the least reason to keep changing the clocks.

,The effect of this time and sun angle stuff was driven home to me because my Ex-wife from the Philippines always complained that the sun was crazy in Alabama and she couldnu2019t tell directions because of it.

Where she grew up the angles of the sun and length of the day changed almost none at all.

She had grown up in the tropics.

,I back the bill because I think doing something with the clocks does not do anything real but it really messes up people.

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OK, I feel I can answer this.

I moved from the UK to San Diego, one of the nicer cities in the US, especially when considering climate.

Living in the US is different, and I am glad I tried it, but I definitely would not say I prefer it.

It is equal at best.

,Firstly, house size.

My house in the US is a little bigger (probably 20%) than in the UK.

It has the same number of bedrooms, but things like walk in closets and larger bathrooms make it a bit bigger.

It also has one complete open room that we donu2019t use.

It has a triple garage, in the UK I only had a double garage.

The garden is smaller than my UK garden, but it overlooks a canyon which is a big winner.

Would this make me prefer living in the US.

Absolutely not.

It is a nice to have, but not really a deal breaker.

,Now the climate in SD is lovely.

Even this winter that has been unusually wet I have been to the beach with my kids in January.

This is a massive win for the US, and if there were regions of the UK with a similar climate I would consider moving there.

But again, it is a nice to have, not a deal breaker.

And sometimes I even miss the change in seasons and the long UK summer nights.

,And for all the advantages the bigger house and weather brings, the US US has some really big disadvantages, which to me are deal breakers (Iu2019ll be heading back to the UK in the next couple of years).

,Education - The school system in California is vastly under funded, and you know it as soon as you take your kids into a school.

The class sizes are too large.

They are the same size as in the UK, but in the UK schools there was a teacher and 1 or 2 teaching assistance per class.

You can really feel the difference, the teacher canu2019t ever dedicate time to individuals, to help the struggling ones, or push the bright ones.

And helping the struggling ones is the priority (no child left behind policy) which means the whole class goes at the speed of the slowest child, which leave 75% of the kids bored and not pushed.

,Guns, you never feel safe.

Every-time I hear a noise at night that might be a burglar, I wonder what the hell I can do.

I know in the UK they are 99.

9% not armed and going to run away if I turn on a light or make a noise.

In the US I expect most are armed.

,Health care.

I have a good policy through my work, but if I lost my job and someone in the family got ill I would struggle.

It is a constant worry on my mind, and I can never relax.

I donu2019t think many Americans appreciate how comforting and reassuring it is knowing that what ever happens health wise, my family and I wonu2019t be homeless.

,Job security- my company can pretty much let me go with no notice and little payoff.

,Multiculturalism- Everyone says this is a great thing.

I donu2019t think it is.

Where I live there are little pockets of communities, all living their own separate lives blissfully ignoring each-other as much as they can.

The Indians hang with Indians at the park playing cricket, the Chinese do something (work all day/night from what I can see), the Vietnamese and Philippines sit in the park chatting and drinking.

The more established Americans (who are probably a minority where I live) socialise together doing their thing.

There isnu2019t much mixing, I would say people tolerate each-other at best.

I much prefer the mono-culture where I lived in the UK.

Everyone had a lot more in common, it was far easier to talk to people and get involved.

,Food costs.

Eating out in the US is so much cheaper than the UK (maybe less so after tips!) but healthy options are really limited.

Good food from the grocery store is so much more expensive.

The competition caused by the big 4 supermarkets in the UK keeps the food prices reasonable.

In the US the competition just isnu2019t there.

You can save some money by getting your shopping from 4 or 5 different shops, but you waste so much time.

It seems as if it is ingrained in the US mindset that trying to save money on grocerys is bad.

,Public services - the DMV and IRS etc are so crap.

They are light years behind in terms of customer service etc.

In the UK everything is online or done by phone.

Everything in the US involves standing in a queue for a long time to see an over worked grumpy employee.

I assume this is union related?,Work life balance.

I was lucky, I get the same 5 weeks a year holiday/vacation here as I did in the UK.

But it has stopped me from moving company, as I would have to drop to 2 or 3 weeks a year.

What is the point of living somewhere nice if you are so busy working that you never get to enjoy it.

Also people do not mix work and life.

In the UK it is common to have a chat in the work kitchen about the weekend, what you did, how you family is, who won the football etc.

In my company at least, people never talk about these things, it is work 8+hours a day and nothing else.

And for mothers, good part time jobs donu2019t exist.

My wife was able to work as an engineer 3 7 hours days a week.

She could maintain the balance of keeping up her skills, earning enough money, and yet getting to be with the kids 4 whole days a week, and there for them every morning before school and in the evening to cook them dinner.

It seems unheard of in SD to do this in a professional company.

The mothers at my company have to choose between giving up work, or letting someone else bring up their kids as they are working from 9am-6pm each day.


Americans may call this self reliance, but people are only concerned about their self, friends or family.

It can be small things like when you are trying to enter a free way.

In the UK cars will make a gap for you, they will either speed up or slow down to easy you transition from slipway to freeway/motorway.

In the US the people on the freeway will continue on as if you are not even there, even if they can see you are about to be squashed into a barrier, or have to stop (not a good option on a free way).

People rarely hold a door for you, they will happily sit and watch their kids push in front of my kids.

Generally the level of politeness is far lower than in the UK.