What is it like to be a poor student at a very rich university or high school?

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Though I cannot legitimately call myself poor, being an Indian student in a Private Business school in San Francisco is an impoverishing endeavor, primarily because of the devalued Indian Rupee.

,Think of it in these terms:nAn average software engineer in India makes somewhere between 300,000 to 500,000 INR annually.

,Average cost of a studio apartment in SF is nearly 100,000 INR.

nCell phone (Sprint), Internet (Comcast) other utilities (PG&E) will cost 12,000 INR.

nAn average textbook for a business Masters degree costs around 15000 INR.

nHell, a decent dinner with a couple of drinks in a mid-range restaurant will cost you 2500 INR.

,Being in a 1 year masters degree program is quite stressful (if you are academically competitive) and many students choose to counter stress by partying, clubbing and binge-drinking periodically.

,Add to this the birthday celebrations of your 500 odd batch-mates, end of semester partying, and other random celebrations.

This ensured that we had at least 2-3 Facebook event invites every weekend.

A night out of mediocre partying meant an easy 5000 INR including Cover charge, 2-3 drinks and cab fare.

,This is where the financial disparity actually begins to show.

nWe Indian students could not match up to those spending patterns, and we gradually did start frequenting parties less and less.

This does result in cliquish behavior on both sides of the economic spectrum.

,Thankfully my inability to wear Gucci shoes or buy a MacBook Pro did not affect me much, me being an uncouth bum and all.


However, it shows.

You are treated a little differently.

Im not saying that ALL my classmates or teachers were condescending or discriminatory.

I did make several close friends from other nationalities who I still continue to be in touch with significantly more than my fellow Indian students.

But house parties where EVERYONE except the Indian and Chinese students were invited was not a rarity.

That happened.


It was hurtful.


but we dealt with it and constantly reminded ourselves that we are here to study.

,Enter Campus rotation.


My Business school had 5 campuses all over the world, and we had an option of taking a semester in Boston, London, Dubai or Shanghai.

The fun part of seeing another country aside, the huge international exposure aside, there really were some interesting courses available on other campuses which most of us could not afford to enroll in.

When our existing classmates left, several students from other campuses came in.


Welcome party! Orientation party!! Student-council-unofficial party!!! All I could hear was cash registers ringing and my meager bank account depleting.

,The Holiday season was pretty brutal.

When our classmates were spending hundreds of dollars on Halloween costumes, flying to other countries to celebrate Thanksgiving/ Christmas with friends or family.


we were pretty much twiddling our thumbs and surviving on KFC.

,The winter breaks/ spring breaks made it even worse.

Our classmates with disposable income were rampantly posting pictures of them having fun in Cabo, Hawaii, or whatnot.


or at the very LEAST skiing in Tahoe or skydiving.


we were struggling to combat boredom in our tiny studios.

,But in retrospect it grounds you.

You learn.

You see people richer and poorer than you and realize that beneath the fancy Prada shirt is an equally vulnerable young person.


who shares the same insecurities that you do.

Today I can afford several of the things I couldnt have imagined JUST 2 years ago.

But having foregone the materialistic and having focused on the true worth of glitz and glamour, I believe I can choose my expenses wisely.

,Sure its hard.

But what thing worth achieving isnt? :)

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YES!! My best friend came back and showed me my future after she died.

,In December of 1989 my best friend and her two children were killed in a car wreck, and they had all been to my house just a couple of hours before they had been struck by a gas truck while trying to cross a busy intersection.

,I had been planning on moving to a new city in a couple of weeks and my friend had come over to complain about it.

I hugged her and told her I would always come back to see her and she hugged me back and said, u201cI am really going to miss you.

u201d I remember putting shoes on her two babies, giving them lots of hugs and kisses, and then watching them all drive away.

Two hours later, all three of them were gone.

,My friend and her daughter had the same birthday, and then they died on the same day as well.

It was beyond incredibly sad.

Her family decided to place all three of them into one single coffin.

There was a viewing the day before her funeral that I wish I hadnt attended.

Seeing her laying there with her arms around her beautiful babies was more painful than anything I had ever experienced, especially since I was one of the last people to see them alive.

It was overwhelming, and a memory that I can never unsee.

Thankfully, it wasnt my last memory of her.

,That night I dreamt that my friend was standing at the foot of my bed.

She was smiling and looking down at this beautiful baby girl that she was cradling in her arms.

My friend looked like an angel, she was dressed all in white and she seemed to almost glow.

Then she looked at me and smiled as she held this dark haired baby out towards me and she said,,this is Bailey.

Bailey was her daughters name, the baby who had been born on my friends birthday.

However, my friends daughter had platinum blonde hair, and she was 3 years old.

This was a newborn baby with a full head of black hair that my friend was holding.

The very tips of the babys hair were also red, like it had been dyed or something.

,The next day as my boyfriend and I were driving to the funeral, I told him about my dream.

He smiled and said that it must mean that he and I were going to have a child named Bailey, someday.

Then he spoke her full name, and he used his last name.

I can still remember the strange feeling I got when he said it, too.

We had only been going out for about 3 months at that time, but somehow, I knew he was right.

Funny thing is, that he and I werent even married until 8 years later, and only after several break ups, yet even he seemed to know back then, that this baby in my dream was his.

,In December of 1999, on the tenth anniversary of the day of my friends death, my birth control method had a surprise epic fail and I got pregnant, out of the blue.

I knew right away that I was carrying a girl, and her name was Bailey.

,As fate would have it, my daughter was born on my birthday.

She was an exceptionally beautiful baby with a full head of jet black hair, except the very tips, which were red.

As soon as I saw her I knew that she was the same baby I had seen ten years earlier when I had dreamed of my friend.

We named her, Bailey, just like we had always said we would, we didnt even consider another name.

Itu2019s really quite amazing, that she was born on my birthday just like her namesake had been born on my friends birthday.

My daughter, although perfectly healthy, had not been due for another month.

She is my only child, and the greatest birthday present ever.

,This story still brings tears to my eyes, and my daughter will be turning 18 in just a few weeks.

My friend came down from heaven to show me my daughter 10 years before she was even conceived, complete with her black hair and red tips.

Then she named her, too.

We also both gave birth to our daughters, named Bailey, on our respective birthdays.

,Thank you Melyndau2026I sure do miss you! You really are my best friend.

I know that you are ok, wherever you are.

I love you! I know you are watching over my daughter now, too.


I came across this question while I was sitting outside on break at work.

Right after I saw it I looked up to see a swarm of dragonflies buzzing around me.

That was the moment when I decided that I would write this answer as soon I got home.

I finished it just now, and came outside.

There is now a swarm of dragonflies buzzing around me in my front yard.

I am sure they werent there when I got here.

My friend is definitely ok and she still tells me that almost 3 decades after she died.

I have always told Bailey, that this means that she has a destiny, and she is meant for something very special.

,My beautiful baby girl!,Update: I was going to show this post to Bailey on our birthday, which is in about 3 weeks, but I couldnt wait.

I watched her eyes swell up with tears while she was reading this.

When she finished, she gave me a hug and said, u201cthats awesome.


She was amazed by all the comments and upvotes.

Thank you!! This is, by far, the best post I have ever written on Quora.

,This is Bailey

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It depends on a probability we donu2019t know, namely the chance of having twins.

Twins will typically share the exact same birthday.