In the 1800u2019s people thought that in the future there would be stagecoaches pulled by metallic horses. What are our visions of the future that will seem antiquated 100 years from now?

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Metal Horse year

It sounds like their vision was pretty spot on.

After all, we have front mounted engines that are front wheel drive; which u2018pullu2019 the rest of the vehicle with them.

And, the power is even measured in u201chorse poweru201d.

:),For us? I think the concept of hand-held computing devices will eventually go away.

There will be a more direct interface; eventually.

,It doesnu2019t even have to be a neural interface, or anything like that.

It could be a system housed on a discreet wearable; where the visual interface is projected into your eyes from a set of contact lenses.