What are the vastu remedies for Northeast stairs?

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Shiva Om Amit Ji,,Your question is not only interesting but of great relevance as possibly my answer based on my limited knowledge and experience would clear the misconception of having a stair case in the Northeast direction with what I have to say ahead.

,The virtual Bhagwat Geeta of Vedic Vastu Shastra, Mansara has clearly stated ( VOL-4, Chap.


Shlokh 72 ) that a staircase (Sopana) can be positioned on any of the four major directions namely, North, South, East and the West along with the subsidiary directions, namely, the Northeast, Southeast, Southwest and the Northwest.

Hence, it is only the Brahamsthan which has been banned from having a staircase.

Classical texts have a strange method of saying things.

At times they say things by actually not saying anything.

In this case by not saying anything in regards to the Brahmasthan and the staircase, they have indicated that the Brahmasthan is to be avoided.

Further even Feng Shui has also said that the Brahmasthan is not to have a staircase.

,So one can certainly have a staircase in the Northeast division.

However, in such a case one needs to remember that the Northeast is the direction from where one is able to get in the best of both the North and the East directions.

It is a fusion of the u201cJaivicu201d and u201cPranicu201d energies.

So one needs to take care that the staircase should not be built such that it blocks the light coming from there.

The landing need to have large windows.

The steps should have open spaces in between them .

Further the Northeast is a direction which should not be loaded and hence, preferably use material like wood or similar material which will not make the stair case heavy or bulky.

In a nutshell the Northeast staircase should be such that it is not overbearing on you and at the same time it does feel heavy or block the positive energies coming from that direction.

,Further it is important to note that one should not have a Mandir / Temple below the staircase.

One should also not have a over head water tank over it.

this will add to the bulk and weight in this direction which is certainly not advisable.

,You will certainly have to make sure that no column of the staircase has hurt any of the sensitive points of the Vastu Purush, namely, the Shanmahanti and the Mahamarma.

,Sincerely hope that this answer has been of help to you get rid of the notion that having a stair case in the Northeast is a a crime.

In case if you think this answer is good enough kindly share.

,Shivam Kalyanam,,Prof.


Manoj Kalantri.


D, D.

Sc, D.


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Remedy for stairs in front of main door

Iu2019ll preface my answer by stating that I did not serve in any of the US armed forces, although I did spend 4 years at The Citadel, a military college in South Carolina.

I spent about 3 years trying to get into the military, any of the branches, but alas, my partial deafness kept me out.

Iu2019ve also changed names used in this story, since I havenu2019t asked any of the participants for their permission.

,The Citadel is similar in structure to any of the US service academies, but is closest to West Point.

Students live in cadet companies in barracks on campus (the four barracks in the above picture), wear uniforms 24/7, are required to be in their choice of Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine ROTC all four years, and do all sorts of fun things like PT, drill, and parades all throughout their time as an undergrad.

,Freshman year is called knob year, because male cadets have their heads shaved at the start of the year and keep them shaved the entire year (the school didnu2019t allow women until the late 90u2019s, and the name has stuck).

The first full week freshmen are on campus is known as Hell Week, and is quite hellacious indeed.

Not only is Charleston in early August a nice, temperate climate with 100 degree temperatures and approximately 200% humidity, but the shock of the adjustment to The Citadelu2019s system is kindly described as traumatic.

When I went through, physical, emotional, mental, and verbal hazing, while officially prohibited, were the norm (when asked by upperclassmen what hazing is, we were instructed to respond back with either u201cHazing is amazing!u201d or u201cHazing is a myth!u201d).

,Anyways, Hell Week is just the knobs and training cadre, a group of upperclassmen in their company who are tasked with the knobsu2019 military training and preparation for integration into the larger Corps of Cadets.

The rest of the upperclassmen donu2019t arrive, and classes donu2019t start, till the following week, so the first week is devoted to lots of quality time between the knobs and their kind and caring cadre.

For many of the knobs, itu2019s their first exposure to and a crash course in military life, duties, decorum, how to wear a uniform, PT until you drop, drill and ceremonies, sleep deprivation, truly creative cursing, food deprivation, industrial quantities of sadism, awe inspiring mastery of head games, knob knowledge (assorted trivia and items cadets are required to memorize, such as the schoolu2019s motto, chain of command, cadet prayer, and about 2,358,281 other items), and lots u2019n lots of hazing.

,The core of cadre is just a handful of upperclassmenu2014the cadre platoon leader (a senior), cadre platoon sergeant (a junior), and 3u20134 squad sergeants (also juniors).

The companyu2019s commander and executive officer (seniors), and first sergeant (a junior) are also involved, but they run the entire company, too, so they have lesser involvement than the aforementioned cadre members.

There are also a few other junior and sophomores who are tangentially involved with cadre, but those are the main players.

In the picture above from a recent Hell Week, youu2019ve got the cadre platoon leader and squad sergeants in the front, knobs in the middle, and what is probably the cadre platoon sergeant in the back.

,For the next two months, through Parentu2019s Weekend in mid-October, the knobs are known as cadet recruits and are trained exclusively by their cadre.

They really donu2019t interact with the other upperclassmen at all outside of classes, except to call them Sir or Mau2019am.

After Parentu2019s Weekend, the knobs go from being cadet recruits to being full cadets, and are integrated into the rest of the Corps, though they remain knobs until the end of the year.

During those two months of cadre training, the cadre members are gods.

They can make your life sheer misery or make you think youu2019re the one knob in your company who isnu2019t a complete, fucking moron.

Anything said by cadre (and upperclassmen in general) is the equivalent to God passing down the Ten Commandments to be inscribed on stone tablets.

Their job is to weed out the weak, and by golly, they generally do a great job! We averaged about 40% attrition across the entire knob class during the two months of cadre, the majority of which came during Hell Week.

My understanding is that my year had higher than normal attrition, with the norm being somewhere around 25u201330%, and that number has decreased significantly due to reforms in the years since I was there.

,Now that Iu2019ve given some background on El Cid and the knob system, letu2019s get into some of my more memorable stories (Iu2019ve changed the names).

,u201cTaylor, report to my roomu201dDuring Hell Week, our platoon sergeant (Iu2019ll call him Mr.

Fanger) and the squad sergeants (Iu2019ll call them Mr.

Someman, Mr.

Pigeon, and Mr.

McCant) introduced us to a fun game where theyu2019d call out conflicting orders, and take sheer delight in watching us knobs spazz out as we decided who we were going to obey.

They and the rest of the upperclassmen turned it into an art form over the rest of the year and loved to spring it on us when we were least expecting it, or least had the time to spend indulging their whims.

,After Hell Week, once classes started, the upperclassmen would often tell us to report to their rooms after a meal, or after class, or any other time they chose.

On very rare occasions, it wasnu2019t a bad thing, they might have an innocent question, or for some of the less sadistic upperclassmen, might just want to chat, but the other 95% of the time, they just wanted to PT the ever-living daylights out of us in response to us having failed to correctly rattle of some bit of knob knowledge, or slighted them in some way, or because they were in a bad mood and wanted to take advantage of the time-tested remedy of improving their mood by watching knobs suffer and question their existence before their very eyes.

We spent a ton of time reporting to upperclassmenu2019s rooms as knobs, and I spent more than normal doing that because I was a reliable fuckup.

,I was terrible with certain aspects of knob knowledge, primarily the menu.

See, knobs were required to know the full menu in the mess hall at least three meals in advance (it was posted online, so we had to memorize it every day), and some upperclassmen wanted more than three meals in advance, and I was often the one they picked on to have memorize more, most likely because I was so awful with it that I could be reliably expected to spaz and either repeat meals or just flat out forget them.

At one point, I was expected to know 5 days worth of meals in advance, a full 15 meals, and failed that test every single time.

,Hereu2019s one of the most memorable experiences from a week or two into September, when we were lining up in formation prior to marching to breakfast.

By this time, all of us knobs were well acquainted with our cadreu2019s peculiarities and knew which ones were hell on earth when pissed off.


Someman) u201cTaylor!u201d,(Me) u201cSir, yes, sir!u201d,u201cWhatu2019s for breakfast?u201d,u201cSir, bacon, toast, and grits, sir!u201d,u201cFuck.

Whatu2019s for lunch?u201d,u201cSir, hamburgers, french fries, andu2026oh, fuck, I canu2019t remember what else is on the menu for lunchu2026uh, I know ice cream bars are on the menu this week, I hope to God theyu2019re today!u2026and ice cream sandwiches, sir!u201d,u201cYou better be fucking right that there are ice cream bars, Taylor, because if there arenu2019t youu2019ll be at my room every single fucking waking moment for a week.

Whatu2019s for dinner?u201d,u201cFuck, fuck, fuck, I know Mr.

Someman is a sadistic fuck and can and will PT the shit out of me in one session, let alone a weeku2019s worth of sessionsu2026Sir, rolls, broccoli, andu2026oh shit, I canu2019t remember and now I know heu2019s going to gouge out my eyeballs and skullfuck me!u2026rolls, sir!u201d,u201cRolls, broccoli, and rolls? Goddammit, Taylor, you have one motherfucking job.

Report to my room after breakfast.

u201d,u201cSir, yes, sir! Iu2019m going to die, Iu2019m going to die, Iu2019m going to die.

If I make a break for it now, will he be able to stop me before I get off campus?u201dAfter breakfast, I reported to his room and spent the next 20 minutes before class doing approximately 1,999,999 pushups, air chairs, and assorted other fun exercises while he stayed in his room with the door open so he could monitor me while he was getting ready for classes.

,Fast forward to after lunch, when we were lining up in formation to march back to the barracksu2026,u201cTaylor!u201d,u201cSir, yes, sir!u201d,He walks in front of me with a plate covered in probably 20 ice cream sandwiches.

u201cReport to my room, Iu2019m feeling nice today.

u201d,u201cSir, yes, sir! Fuck, fuck, heu2019s never nice, whatu2019s he going to do to me?u201d,u201cTaylor, do you have a 1:00 class (the first class after lunch, there is about a 30 minute gap between the end of lunch and the first afternoon class)?,u201cShould I lie and tell him yes? No, heu2019ll know, he always knows when we lieu2026Sir, no, sir!,u201cGood, goodu2026u201d,Five minutes later, I report to Mr.

Somemanu2019s room and he walks out with the plate of ice cream sandwiches.

,*Except still in the wrappers,u201cIu2019m feeling nice today, Taylor, here, have oneu201d,I take one and feeling very gunshy, unwrap it and take a bite.

,u201cToo slow, you have 20 seconds.

u201d,Oh, fuuuuuuucku2026 I eat the rest in two bites and brace myself for the undoubted shitstorm while brain freeze starts to set in.

,u201c22 seconds, Taylor, beat your fucking face (that means get down in the pushup position)u201d,I get down.

,u201cStart pushing and think about what a fucking useless excuse for a human you are.

u201d,I start doing pushups.

,u201cSir, one, sir! Sir, two, sir! Sir, three, sir! u2026Sir, thirty-three, sir! Sir,u2026u201d,u201cGet up and take two sandwiches.

Now youu2019ve got 30 secondsu2026go.

u201d,I frantically start tearing at the wrappers and shoving them in my mouth.

Two bites per sandwich, thereu2019s ice cream and smushed chocolate graham cracker everywhere, and the September heat is causing melted ice cream to stream down my face and onto my uniform.

,u201c28 seconds, huh.

Would you look at that.

Beat your face and start pushing.

u201d,I drop down into the pushup position again, brain freeze reaching critical levels and the sandwiches starting to make my stomach feel queasy.

,u201cSir, one, sir! Sir, two, sir!u2026Sir, forty-three, sir!u2026Sir, fifty-one, sir! Shit, my arms are on fire, I canu2019t keep going much longeru2026Sir, fifty-two, sir! Sir,u2026u201d,u201cGet up, youu2019ve got one minute to eat as many of these as you can.

u201d,Fuuuuuuuuuuuck meeeeeee! I grab handfuls of the now pure mush sandwiches and just start shoving them in my mouth, getting probably as much dirt (from my hands) and sandwich detritus on my face and uniform as in my mouth.

My brain was a block of ice and my stomach was threatening to secede from the rest of my body.

,u201cStop! Wow, Taylor, you finished ten of those fuckers, I knew you were a fatass.

Beat your face.

u201d (On a side note, at the time I was 5u20329u2033 and maybe 125 pounds, definitely not a fatass).

,As I dropped down, I discovered that there was an upperclassman standing behind meu2026and that I had managed to wipe out the painstaking polish on their right shoe with my own shoe.

Time stopped and I began to see my life flashing before my eyes.


Someman) u201cTaylor, you just fucked yourself in the ass, you fucking moron!u201d,(Mr.

Fanger, on the way to his room) u201cYour ass is mine, Taylor! If you arenu2019t at my room in five fucking seconds, I will PT you so hard, you wonu2019t be able to walk for a motherfucking week!u201d,(Me) Oh gosh, oh gosh, oh gosh, can someone please shoot me and put me out of my misery?!(Mr.

Someman) u201cDonu2019t get up, start pushing.


Fanger) u201cTaylor, why arenu2019t you fucking at my room yet? Get over here!u201d,(Mr.

Someman, now screaming in my face from his own pushup position 6 inches in front of me) u201cPush, Taylor, Goddammit!u201d,I start pushing and calling out the pushups as I hear someone come running down the stairs.


Fanger, running over to scream in my ear from approximately .

01 microns away while Iu2019m pushing) u201cTaylor, I fucking out-fucking-rank Mr.

Someman, why arenu2019t you fucking at my fucking room?!u201d,(Me, thinking how I wished I could dive headfirst into a black hole, and thinking that while Mr.

Fanger does indeed outrank Mr.

Someman, Mr.

Someman was far, far more sadistic than Mr.

Fanger) u201cSir, no excuse, sir!u201d,(Mr.

Fanger, now speaking very quietly, just above a whisper) u201cTaylor, you get up and report to my room right now, or youu2019re restricted to the barracks except for PT, drill, or classes till Parents Day and youu2019ll be reporting to my room every waking moment you have.

u201d,At that, I started to get up and Mr.

Someman went (even more) ballistic.

His face turned a rather bright shade of purple, veins were standing out on his neck and forehead, and spittle was flying everywhere.

By now, there were several other cadre members on the scene, probably making sure they didnu2019t miss the fun.


Someman) u201cDonu2019t think Iu2019ll forget about this, you shit! Report to my room after your last class today!u201d,In a complete daze, I went to Mr.

Fangeru2019s room and spent the next hour PTing to the point where my entire body was numb.

After class, I then got to spend 2 hours with Mr.

Someman learning new and fun ways to experience muscle failure, then spent an hour shining Mr.

Fangeru2019s shoes after dinner,For the next two weeks, that was the pattern of my days, then both Mr.

Someman and Mr.

Fanger got bored and let me off the hook, only for me to do something stupid and keep perpetuating the cycle.

,*******,That was the first time that phrase brought a shitstorm of Biblical proportions raining down on me, and was a pretty common occurrence the rest of the year.

Many times it was just me, or me and one or two other knobs in my company, sometimes itu2019d be all of us knobs, but those smoke sessions at an upperclassmanu2019s room were one of the biggest and strongest bonds we formed as a class, and many of us are still best friends years later, due to the shared torments we underwent.

,After knob year, I grew to know the upperclassmen as people, and, ya know, Mr.

Someman turned out to be actually a decent guy.


Fanger was still a weirdo, but there were no hard feelings between any of us.

When it came time for us former knobs to be cadre ourselves, we carried on the tradition, albeit with less vitriol and (Iu2019d like to think) less sadism on my part.

,The Citadel is a truly unique institution, and while knob year was hell on earth on the banks of the Ashley, I wouldnu2019t trade a second of my experiences there for anything.

3 steps stairs Feng Shui

I am assuming you mean a staircase (not a ladder, which would be dangerous).

,Your staircase should face in the direction where it makes sense to place it, from the architectural view point, based on functionality and safety.

,It would be a mistake to try to orient a staircase in a particular direction - based on astrology or numerology - if this would mean placing it in a position that was hard to reach or that didnu2019t make sense compared to the layout of the ground floor.

,For good Feng Shui, follow these rules for staircases, if possible:,Make sure your staircase does not directly face a door (this applies to the bottom and to the top of the staircase).

,Have a landing in the middle (after you have gone up half way) instead of a staircase with just one flight of stairs.

,Make sure to have good banisters on both sides of the staircase.

,Do not leave open space between the steps (see-through staircases are bad Feng Shui, especially indoors).

,Use the space underneath the staircase for storage, if you wish and it can be completely enclosed, or place plants and lights under it.

Do not leave the area open where distracted people could hit their heads under it.

,Do not locate a staircase in the middle of the building.