A start-up I worked at a few years ago asked me to sign a confidentially agreement. Should I sign it?

Employee confidentiality agreement doc

For entrepreneurs, getting your employment and vendor restrictive covenants documents in order is absolutely essential to bundling a tidy package for financing, acquisition, sell, etc of a company.

These documents should be collected in an orderly manner as new employees are hired.

,The general rule is that and employer must provide an employee with good and valuable consideration for signing a restrictive covenant; i.


, you are receiving a job offer, and in exchange you agree to sign the restrictive covenents.

,However, after the horse has left the barn, and you work for a company or on a project without restrictive covenants, if the firm asks you later to sign the docs, they generally must provide you with additional good and valuable consideration to sign the new paperwork.

So in my view, if 2 years later, they come back to sign the restrictive covenant docs, I would suggest that you not sign the new docs until you recieve such additional good and valuable consideration and this may include cash, equity, rate increase, etc.

,When a company acquires another company, they generally require that the employees of the acquired company are re-papered on contracts of the new company, and in this instance, being offered a job to continue ones employment is generally termed be sufficient good and valuable consideration.

,I highly recommend that you speak to a labor law attorney before signing a restrictive covenent after that fact.