What can a landlord deduct from a security deposit for cleaning and repairs?

what can a landlord deduct from a security deposit for cleaning and repairs?

A landlord may only deduct for damages, not routine cleaning or normal wear and tear.

They can deduct for excessive cleaning if the place is left abnormally filthy.

Normal wear and tear means things like nail holes from wall hanging, scuff marks, dirty grout, small carpet stains, loose handles, so forth.

Damages could mean anything from broken drywall, unreported leaks, unreported appliance failure, burns, broken cabinets, a lot of things.

Basically the property has to be returned in reasonably good condition but itu2019s not expected to be pristine as if no one lived there.

Also, typically they are not allowed to charge to repaint the property or change the carpet unless it is heavily damaged.

Normally the landlord has 30 days to reconcile your deposit and must provide a list of deductions.

In some states itu2019s 15 days.

Security deposit not returned within 30 days

South Carolina Law states: Failure to Return Security Deposit as Required: If the landlord refuses or fails to return the security deposit within the 30-day limit, the tenant stands to recover up to the triple the withheld sum, plus any legal fees associated with recovering the deposit in court.

The tenant may sue in terms of their security deposit in South Carolinau2019s Magistrates Court up to a maximum amount of $7,500.

,Note you MUST provide a Forwarding Address: The tenant must provide the landlord with a forwarding address, in writing, which may be used to send the statement and returned funds back to the tenant.

If no address is provided, the landlord will mail it to the last-known address without being responsible for damages resulting from late return or non receipt.

Security deposit return letter


,Send the letter without your threat.

,The threat is going to make anyone defensive and cautious in dealing with you.

,You could instead say that as there was no damage, you would appreciate the return in full of your security deposit and trust that this can be done immediately.