Whats the shadiest tactic youve witnessed HR use at your job?

Friendly termination of services letter

I will preface this by saying that I believe people have the power to do what is right.

It pains me when they choose to do what is wrong.

,This story isnt from my company, but it is still worth mentioning.

,BACKGROUND,A close friend of mine had worked at his company for 18 years until he was fired u201cwith causeu201d last month.

This meant he received no package of any kind, 3 years before his retirement.

,John (fake name) was an international salesman for Evilcorp (fake name).

Over the past 18 years, he closed over $125M for the company, selling machines that cost $50u2013500K each.

In 2015, John was in the top 10 performing salesmen in a company with over 60,000 employees.

Needless to say, he was good at what he did.

,THE NEW BOSS,Earlier this year, John was assigned a new boss.

They didnt get along from the first moment they met, but John didnt care.

He made money on commissions and as long as he kept selling, everyone would be happy.

,Things took a turn when Johnu2019s new boss decided to cut his territory in half and not change his targets.

Then, he trained all the salesmen in a new CRM and never told John.

6 months go by and the new boss slaps John with a u201cdisciplinary performance letteru201d, stating that his inability to do the job has given management the right to terminate him in 90 days unless he starts using the new CRM and starts making his quota.

,John was pretty bitter about this.

He mentioned that he was never trained and that it was impossible to meet the targets because his territory was too small.

They basically ignored him and said that if he didnu2019t do what was outlined, he would be fired.


,THE FINALE,So, after pushing hard and setting a territory record, he was still fired from his job.

HR told him that because he failed to perform against expectations, he was terminated with cause.

A security guard escorted him out of the building and his personal items were shipped via courier later that week.

,A man who was excellent at his job was forced into early retirement with nothing to show for it because of a personality clash with his boss, and perhaps a strategic positioning to avoid paying a large severance.

There was no package, no dignity and no possibility of finding a similar job before he the retirement age where his pension kicks in.

The company didnu2019t need to let his 18 years of service go like that, but the people behind it sure chose to do the wrong thing.