Why do I dream about water bodies more often?

Dream about water

It really depends on what you think of when you think of water.

Water is one of the most common dream symbols and is usually associated with the emotions and the unconscious.

Large bodies of water (ocean, lake, pool) usually represent the unconscious itself.

Consider the numerous figures of speech relating to water and how they may relate in the context of your dream:,1) a fish out of water (uncomfortable),2) in deep water (in over your head),3) water under the bridge (its in the past),4) Blood is thicker than water (family is more important),5) in hot water (in trouble),6) muddy waters (making things worse),7) test the waters (try out),8) through hell and high water (no matter what),9) treading water (in danger of drowning),10) white water rapids (rough waters),You may think of others that make sense in the context of your dream.

,Swimming, paddling or rowing down the river may suggest you are going with the flow and experiencing no difficulties; going up the river suggests you are going against the natural flow or experiencing difficulties; or you are going against your intuition.

You may be making things harder for yourself than they have to be.

,Taking a shower or bath may suggest you are cleansing yourself, releasing your negative thoughts and emotions -- washing your troubles away.

,To be underwater may suggest you are feeling overwhelmed or you are in over your head emotionally or financially.

Alternately, you may be exploring your unconscious, seeking inner guidance or uncovering repressed emotions or memories.

,The condition or state of the water may represent the emotions.

For instance:,1) cold water may symbolize feeling or being cold, distant or unemotional,2) hot water may represent anger or rage,3) rough or turbulent water may symbolize stress; emotional unbalance or difficulties,4) boiling water may represent emotions, especially anger or rage, that have been seething under the surface and are about to emerge or boil over; you may need to walk away and release some steam 4) calm water may represent a peaceful state of mind,5) dirty water may indicate you are holding on to a lot of negative thoughts or emotions; or you may not be thinking clearly about a situation,6) clean and clear water may represent you are in touch with your true nature and spirituality; and/or you are thinking clearly about a situation,7) flowing water may symbolize you are easy-going or going with the flow,8) running water may suggest you are allowing your emotions to run away with you or you may be running away from your emotions (repressing or denying them)

What does it mean when you dream about water flooding

That was probably just your brain trying to entertain itself while asleep.

Donu2019t read much into it because itu2019s probably nothing.

Dream of water in bedroom

u201cI had a dream that it rained at night and in the morning there was water in my bedroom.

What does this means?u201dYour immaturity will be the cause of you missing out on many life long friendships.

But things will work themselves out for the better if you keep trying rather than locking yourself away in solitude.

u2014this is what your dream wants you to know.

Seeing water in dream islamic meaning

Originally answered: u201cWhat do people in Pakistan think of Hinduism?u201d,*Long answer, talking about Hinduism from a Pakistani perspective.

Feel free to ignore.

*,,Know then thyself, presume not God to scan;,The proper study of mankind is man.

,An Essay on Man, Epistle II.

Alexander Pope.

,All faiths are manifestations of the human experience around them.

,When the Mesopotamians settled the banks of the Euphrates, they were victims to its erratic flooding and unpredictable weather that could unexpectedly kill those who lived, farmed and watered their cattle on its shores.

,So the Mesopotamians assumed the Gods were cruel and capricious, their minds forever murky pools.

As unknowable and mysterious as the dark waters of the Euphrates.

,When the Egyptians settled the Nile, they were blessed by its seasonal floods that were easy to foresee.

Floods that killed few and were easily managed, and left behind the rich dark soil of the Nile Deltas that could be used for farming and plentiful food.

,So the Egyptians assumed the Gods were gentle and kind and their minds were formed on order and rules.

And they had only to fulfill those orders and rules and life would be good, life would treat them well.

,,Chance governs all.

Into this wilde Abyss,,The Womb of nature and perhaps her Grave,,Of neither Sea, nor Shore, nor Air, nor Fire,,But all these in thir pregnant causes mixt,Book 2, Paradise Lost - John Milton,Islam and Hinduism are no different.

,If you read the Upanishads, you can hear the slow lazy waters of the Ganges in it.

The rich, game filled forests of the South.

The mist and humid waters of the inner jungles, water hanging from the edges of leaves, the fires in a tigeru2019s eyes.

You see endless fields of green, stone temples that 5 generations of your family have built over time.

You feel the crevices of each stone in your fingers, the cool touch of their stairs under your feet, how the temple idols lit under the candles placed before them.

,If you read the Quran, you hear the crackle of the fires lit by Bedouins in the desert night to keep warm.

The swirling winds of a dust dervish.

You feel the thirst in your mouth, you feel the vulnerability of life in the desert.

You feel how important and urgent your social structures are, as they are the delicate artifice on which all life is built in the desert of scarcity.

You feel the sting of the slap from your father for breaking a rule of the caravan.

But you understand: Life is hard here.

And you need to toughen up to survive.

Mistakes are not easily forgiven.

Not when the food is scarce and the water elusive.

,The warmth of the caravan is your only assurance at life in the cold dark desert.

You gaze up at the night sky, filled with wonders of the universe, in a time when no city lights hid the arms of the milky way.

And you wonder at the mystery of life, what your place in the world is.

,Both faiths are the manifestations of the human experiences that gave birth to them.

,Each of us gives birth to our Gods that, in return, give birth to the universes that give birth to us.

In the cyclical nature of consciousness defining itself.

,Drink the milk of the holy mother cow, and you will be bestowed with the secret magics of the divine, according to Hindu mystics wiped out by the first invasions.

,Eat the flesh of animals, balanced with a plant diet and you will maintain the pure balance between aggression and rationality, according to Punjabi Muslim scholars of the 1800s.

,Our bodies, our beings, manifest the faith which itself is manifested by how the body experiences the world around it.

,,What are the roots that clutch, what branches grow,Out of this stony rubbish? Son of man,,You cannot say, or guess, for you know only,A heap of broken images, where the sun beats,,And the dead tree gives no shelter, the cricket no relief,,And the dry stone no sound of water.

Only,There is shadow under this red rock,,(Come in under the shadow of this red rock),,And I will show you something different from either,Your shadow at morning striding behind you,Or your shadow at evening rising to meet you;,I will show you fear in a handful of dust.

,The Wasteland, T.


Elliot,If you feel Islam has a harsh structure or rigidity to it, itu2019s because the faith was borne in circumstances that required it.

,When you begin with a call to reject all idols in favor of one God and the pagans drive you from your homes to starve in the outskirts of the city, die under torture, flee across the city to Christian refuges and finally to the city of Madina, you realize how lonely you are in your fight.

When the thin spideru2019s web is all that stands between you and your hunters, in some lost cave in Arabia, you realize your life was never your own to begin with.

And that all men are at the mercy of mercurial, unknowable forces that grant mercy as easily as they grant death.

,When you step out of the ranks of your men, hot sand burning the skin beneath your feet, the Quraishi champion swords man, who you called brother just a year ago, challenging you to fight to the death: You wonder at your journey in life and how strange it has been and how uncertain the tides of your life are.

And you hope and pray that your decisions were the right ones.

,When you stand in phalanx, shoulder to shoulder, with men who share no blood or tribe with you, staring down the Meccan cavalry charging at you, you realize the meaning of brotherhood.

And what it means to form a community with men who share nothing with you except your faith and your ideals.

,When you stand before your Caliph as he declares war on the 2 superpowers of the world simultaneously, you realize what it means to throw yourself into the maelstrom of violence and constant war, without knowing whether you will win.

Without knowing whether you would return home.

Only that you took vows and if this is to be the end of your life, then so be it.

,You have lived under the shadow of death your entire life, in the desert.

Where the water was scarce, the food uncertain.

Where mistakes meant the end of your lives.

The rigid structure and rules of life in the desert are what let you survive.

,You learn to give mercy where your enemies submit but to give none when they fight.

Because the oasis can only quench so many thirsts.

And the scarce desert can only feed so many.

And so it was either us or them in war.

,All the verses in the Quran are reflections of life in the desert.

Where life is harsh, the living is tough and rigid rules and structure and discipline must be followed if you are to survive and if your tribe is to survive.

,But all the beauties and mysteries of that life are also present in it.

The poetry of suffering and hope, the magic looking up at a night sky and seeing the entirety of creation before you.

Watching dust devils swirl in their frenzy in the vast emptiness of the desert, reminding you of your mortality.

Mirages on the horizon, filled with the lies of water.

But every once in a while, a small miracle happens.

And you chance upon a sanctuary.

Of cool water and shades under palm trees.

Your hot skin hisses as the water hits it.

You hear the laughter of your caravan and the voices speaking out in pleasure at the certainty of life, for today at least.

,And you imagine this is what heaven must be like.

,Only long years later, as you live in the opulence of conquered Persia, surrounded by berries, slave girls and water puddles do you forget what it felt like.

The hot sand beneath your feet.

The scorpions trek across fine sand.

The discipline you had to endure to survive the heat.

How you had to give up your food for a guest and go hungry for the night, because that was the custom of the desert.

,Nasser AlOthmanu2019s photo of the Milky Way over the Arabian Desert.

Source: Can you describe the stars in the sky,He took me by the hand and made me kneel;,he took my wife by the hand and made her kneel.

,The god then touched our foreheads, blessing us,,and said: You were but human; now you are,admitted into the company of gods.

,Your dwelling place shall be the Faraway,,the place which is the source of the outflowing,of all the rivers of the world there are.

,The Epic of Gilgamesh,As it is with Islam, so it is with Hinduism.

,The ecologies of the land shape our experiences in life and thus, shape the faiths that we develop to adhere by them.

,In the water rich, fertile lands of the Indus Valley, the Ganges banks and the tropics of the Indian subcontinent, life was easier than the desert.

There was game in the forests, the branches hung low with fruits, the soil was rich for farming, rivers filled with life and water was everywhere.

,There was no Oasis where only one could survive.

,So if your neighbor worshiped Ganesh and you worshiped Hanuman, a co-existence could be achieved.

,The large population masses and farming based society meant hierarchies had to be established so each had his role to play.

,But even these were fluid, and movements in South India arose over and over to reform the faith and and ensure its continuous evolution over the ages.

,Where there was no scarcity, the land could afford to host everyoneu2019s God.

,The tolerance in the old faith extended not only to divinity but the products of it as well.

In Deviu2019s temples, a tolerance for human sexuality and the ability to redefine your idea of sexuality held sway.

Even as it faded away in the old fertility goddess civilizations of the Indus, the Nile and the Euphrates.

,The swirling colors of the world mixed in the rain drops hanging from palm trees in the monsoon.

Replicated in human customs like Holi festivals to celebrate the richness of the land and the joy of being born in the fertile cradle of the world.

,Rain drenched leaves in Kochi, India.

Source: The Worlds most recently posted photos of india and raindrop,As different as their cradles could have been, Islam and Hinduism had their commonalities where human experience intersects.

,Who among us could read about Arjunau2019s grief and inner turmoil at facing his own brothers and family in battle and not see parallels with the Muslims of Medina, facing their fathers and brothers and sons in battle lines when the Meccanu2019s descended upon Medina for Badr.

,When families are torn apart over a war about values, the definition of justice and the struggle to define right and wrong.

In a blood letting that pits brother against brother.

,,Each unit made up often: ten soldierswhose leader reports to a unit of onehundred soldiers, whose leader reports to a unit of onethousand soldiers, whose leader reports to a unit often thousand.

With iron logic he had raised the great structure,from the flat,internecine earth,(u2014u2009abyss where absolute, necessarypoweris fettered, bewildered by something working within us,MUD IN THE VEINS, to paralyzedecisionu2009u2014; as well as by that necessarysweet daringthat leaps across the abyss to risk all, to correct and cripplepower,u200au2014.



but then finds, in despair, it must try to master it).

,The Fourth Hour of the Night , By Frank Bidart,When Islam burst forth from Arabia in a madness of violence and righteous fury, it was in fact the desert that broke forth.

Men who knew how to cross and fight in hot deserts with little water and plenty of hunger to bear.

,Zeal after all, has a quality of its own.

And men intoxicated upon verses of divinity, raised in the hellish heat of the Arabian desert, unleashed their pent up fury upon the world now that they were a unified tribe.

,The strange thing is, the Caliphs had always foreseen that the purity and zeal of their faith would not be dampened by sin.

But that as their warriors grew accustomed to the lifestyle and riches of a water-fat land, they would forget the old meaning of Islam.

,They would forget the thirst in their mouth, why they wrapped their faces during a sandstorm, why they treated their animals with kindness as they were their only mounts in the desert of death.

They would spend too much too much time indoors, drinking wine and fucking slaves.

And would forget what the night sky looked like.

They would hire pretty singers to sing for them.

And forget why they memorized hundreds of verses in poetry their ancestors passed down to them.

,You see, Islamu2019s half life begins when the desert is left behind.

The further you are from it, the less Islam makes sense.

,You chaff at its rigidity and its rules, that were made for life in the scarce, hostile desert.

You wince at its painful restrictions in lands where the pleasures of the flesh and alcohol flow freely.


The Rio GrandeI grew into the silence of third person, a landscape,,a mesa.

I flew hard into the silence of gray smog,,my chest burning, my throat dry with the songs,of women with sagging faces, children,strapped to their bent backs.

,They have become a river metaphor, a border,,a soulless chant to believers.

Maquiladora workers slain,and buried in shallow graves.

My palms refuse,to fold in prayer and god giggles in my red ears.

,Sand pecks my skin like a drum roll in the hot wind.

,The march of children, their backpacks plastic,,the way they see color a mystery, a dance, the shapes,of clouds, an elephant, a dove, a long-lost dog.

They sing,song their way past the factory-circus.

,Woman as a River Between Borders,So what happens when the desert meets the river?,What always happens.

Either the desert is flooded.

Or the river dries across the endless sand.

In this case, it was the latter.

,The irony of the Islamic forces reaching India is that the Arab ancestors, the Bedouins who began Islam: They always dreamed of a place like Kashmir when they struggled against the desert to live.

When the sand burned under feet, they dreamed of a place with cool springs like Kashmir.

When the sand whipped them across the face, they dreamed of a place with grass so green and soft that men could lie down on it right there and sleep on it.

When their throats parched and their bellies rumbled with hunger, they dreamed of a place like Kashmir where no one would ever feel hunger and thirst again.

,If there was ever an idea of heaven, in the minds of the Arab men who began Islam, it was Kashmir.

A land with cool air, clear waters, green grassy endless lands, mountains that touched the sky and water that fell from the heavens.

,I never saw the ocean until I was a man.

And experiences like that break something inside you.

Like when your parents die.

Or when you lose your virginity.

Or you murder someone.

You feel a part of you has altered forever and there can no longer be a going back to who you were before.

,It must have been like that, seeing Kashmir for the first time.

But alas, you may have left the desert but you still carry the desert inside you.

And the armies acted as the desert had taught them to act with the burning of Kashmir and the atrocities of the earlier armies.

,The establishment of formal empires in the sub continent began the gradual acclimation of the new comers to the ecology of the land.

In the rich sands of the Punjab, its mighty rivers and its monsoon rains began the mystical Sufi movements.

Which drew in its own converts from the castes of old.

A gentler Islam took root in the tropics of the south, where the mother earth welcomed all her children from afar.

,,Who is immune from ruin by time?,Each generation wearier than the one before;,these days no one deigns to have children,until they are professionally secure.

,And the media waits long and long to warn,the idealists born during the baby-boom,that the future is also being sabotaged:,undone by sluggish sperm; hardened wombs.

,The Desert of Empire,The womb of our mothers shape us, and the womb of the world shapes us all.

,I have talked about how the human experience of the desert shaped Islam and how the human experience of the Tropics shaped Islam.

,And how these faiths define us as much as we define them.

,But we live in a new world now: Centuries later, two new nations stand upon the land.

A new aspect or layer has been added to the ecology of the land: The ecology of technology.

,The loud speaker, the social media, the mass propaganda define the faiths in ways that the old attributes never could.

,A new kind of scarcity has taken a fever grip: the scarcity of capital, the scarcity of the modern economy.

,So that even if the land is plentiful enough to sustain all of us, our hearts arenu2019t.

,A new human experience will define the faith.

,Islam itself is in the turmoil of contradiction: A desert faith in a rich land.

To most, there is no contradiction.

And I congratulate them on the stability of their minds and lives.

,But men like me are torn.

I read the verses and I taste the sand in my mouth.

I do not understand the need for the rigidity and the discipline and the structure when I do not see the scarcity that gave birth to them.

I do not see the need for the rigid laws of etiquette that were built to help you stay alive, surrounded by death in the sands, when all I do is sit in front of my computer with enough calories to last me a week in my fridge.

,This doesnu2019t stop me from appreciating the beautiful aspects of Islam.

How the Quran repeatedly expresses its love for the stars and you know this was the book for men whose divinity was felt under the clear night sky in the lonely stretches of the desert.

,But who knows: I could be the idiot after all.

As the water dries up in the land, and the desert encroaches upon the once fertile Punjab: Perhaps the faithful will have the last laugh at all and Islam will carry us over in the new era of Global warming and scarcity.

Who knows, as the world heats up and vast continents turn to deserts, perhaps the Momin that I grew up laughing at will conquer the world as their faith is the only one capable of surviving in the tough, water stressed planet.

,,Somewhere things are happening.

Marvelous orange,and purple things.

Flooding rivers at dusk, wheels threading,roads in the desert.




,Somewhere you are lying in a white bed.

The clock,on your thigh is ticking.

Somewhere a human form,is being lifted from the ground.

,Strangers, Christine Gosnay,So if you ask me what I think of Hinduism, I will ask: u201cFor whom?u201d,For a farmer in the deep south? For a Civil servant in the North? For a Maoist political activist in Nepal? For a Bengali professor in Bangladesh? A Hindu student in Sindh? A convert in Canada?,Can their sole experience define the entire faith?,The doctrines of Christian love, suffering and sacrifice came from the Christian slaves huddled together in prayer in Roman Colosseum as Lions in the arena approached to tear them apart.

The doctrines of a Fatheru2019s mercy, the mystery of the holy spirit, Christu2019s redemption came from Gnostic meditating in caves, priests collecting scriptures in Churches, peasants listening to the gospel in villages.

,Yet, what they tried to convey through their experiences in scripture meant nothing to the Spanish conquistadors as they committed mass genocide in Latin America or the Dutch colonists who were chopping off childrenu2019s feet in Africa or the British colonists who were starving women and children in South Africa or the Bengal.

,I believe Hinduism is what it has always been: a constantly evolving body of ideals and beliefs, with innumerable schools of thought.

In the old times, a river or a mountain marked the line between one belief in a region and the other.

,Now with the internet and mass media, men can define more standardized versions of the faith that form the mainstream.

Something Muslims are all too familiar with during the Quranic standardization under the Arabic language by Caliph Usman and the Loud speaker Sunni conservatism that has gripped the land.

,It would be a tragedy if all the richness and diversity is lost to a dry uniformity under the grind of technological centralization.

I know from my own experience as a Pakistani Muslim, the destruction wrought upon the cultural and artistic life of the land by such attempts.

,But I have always held out hope in the complexity of human beings, their thoughts, emotions and actions.

How the complex interactions between humans on scale foil even the most sophisticated attempts at mass slavery under one authority.

,Someone always manages to bury the dead sea scrolls for them to be discovered centuries later.

A heresy is always whispered somewhere in the dark.

A radical monk always mediates his way to a new awakening in a cave somewhere.

A candle always manages to be lit in the darkness.

,,Were you hoping that I would bash Hinduism and make claims about its backwardness due to caste system or whatever?,Or were you hoping that Iu2019d gush over its tolerance and its popularity with White hippies?,If so, sorry this answer strayed towards neither.

My interaction with Hinduism is about as tortured and complex as the early Arab invaders when they touched the borders of the subcontinent.

,I struggled and eventually gave up trying to finish the Upanishads.

I consider the Bhagavad Gita as one of the most impactful books I have read and still lovingly talk about it and its poetry to whomever cares to listen.

I identified heavily with Arjunau2019s complex, human like flaws and his struggles.

They made him more real and identifiable to me than any u2018Superman-saintu2019 hybrid who is perfect in every way and people like me can barely relate to them.

,I grew up in the centerfold of Islamic ideology and Pakistani nationalism.

Yet my closest friend is a Hindu, one with whom Iu2019ve shared struggles that even my family and siblings donu2019t know about.

,I struggle to give you a clear answer because no words have been invented that could capture the sum of the human experience over long millennia that aggregate to define what a faith is.

No symbol, no singular concept exists to convey the entire weight of it all.

,It can only be held in your mind, like water in your palms.

,The Jewish and Parsi and Tibetan refugees fleeing to India.

Prince Dipendra massacring the Nepalese royal family.

LTTE rebels preparing to defend their villages.

The burning of Gujrat.

Indian doctors saving Pakistani children.

Indian and Pakistani soldiers in blue helmets serving together to maintain the peace in war torn nations.

The Samjhota bombings.

The mathematical advances stemming from this land.

The lynched Dalits.

The colors of the Holi.

The pain of fathers searching for abducted daughters in Sindh.

The mystic ascetics who starve themselves for the truth.

Your mother praying for you and stuffing your bag with charms before you traveled abroad.

Post Colonial Hindu scholars writing works on how colonialism impacted the developing world, being studied far and wide.

The feminist treatise of Hindu women.

The environmentalist initiatives of Indian peasants, who understand more clearly our connection to the earth than Harvard scholars, and tie themselves to trees to prevent them from being cut down.

,And if you look deeper, you see the Hinduism of the land itself.

Within the memory of each child or nostalgic old timer, you hold the fragmented experiences whose sum total defines Hinduism.

How your fingers traced the groves in the stones of each temple.

How your arms glistened with the rains of the Monsoon.

Your eyes staring the dark grey clouds drowning the heat.

The smell of soil struck by first rains.

,The Upanishads are the manifestation of all these experiences.

Read them closely and youu2019ll feel these memories, speaking to you from across time, trapped inside them as well.

I read them and I feel all these things, even when the words sometimes make no sense and the concepts are difficult to understand.

Perhaps they were meant to be felt.

,Beyond that, I hold no pretense to understanding.

Here, where the desert meets the river.

,So faithful Love unequald; but I feel,Farr otherwise th event, not Death, but Life,Augmented, opnd Eyes, new Hopes, new Joyes,,Taste so Divine, that what of sweet before,Hath toucht my sense, flat seems to this, and harsh.

,On my experience, Adam, freely taste,,And fear of Death deliver to the Windes.

,Eve urging Adam to taste the forbidden fruit, Paradise Lost,The Katas Raj temple in Pakistan.

The growing desertification of Punjab, Climate Change and over development has resulted in its holy ponds drying away slowly.

Perhaps best symbolizing the water - desert metaphor for the issues between Hinduism and Islam.

Source: ENVIRONMENT: WATER WOES AT KATAS RAJEdit: Might just delete Pakistani and Indian comments getting into religous internet wars.

Biblical meaning of water in dreams

You ask me if you are already reading the Bible, is it a part of your life and faith.

If not, I might think you are using water dreams to u201cforceu201d the story into the Bible.

,Water symbolizes cleaning in the Bible.

The word of God cleans us up and shows us the truth.

In ritual practice, water symbolizes what we cant see.

Christ is the ultimate fountain of truth.

Truth cleanses us if we come to it willingly; this is the u201cI am the way, the truth, and the lightu201d.

He said, u201c No one comes to the Father except by me.

u201d,You can use the Bible to find out what water is used for, and see if your dreams match what God says in his Word.

,You can also get help from an expert.

,Hereu2019s one ( https://www.


ca/unitedrevivaldotcom/biblical-dream-interpretation-get-yours-here )

Seeing water in dream meaning

Water in dreams is emotion: it ebbs and flows; it floods; it fills in empty spaces.

,What is the water doing in your dreams? Is it still and calm? Is it keeping you from getting where you need to go? Is it contained in a glass? Is it a vast, deep ocean? Are you soaking wet? Are you drowning in it?,Replace the word u201cwateru201d with u201cemotionu201d in your description of the dream and you will know what its trying to tell you.