How can I make eggless donuts?

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Ingredients:n,1 cup Refined flour (maida),2 tbsp powdered sugar,u00bd Cup Buttermilk,u00bd tsp Baking powder,u00bd cup Dark chocolate melted,nMethod:n,Sift refined flour into a bowl, add activated yeast along with powdered sugar, buttermilk and baking powder and mix well.

Add butter and knead into a soft dough and set aside till the dough rises.

Knock back again dusting with refined flour.

,Roll the dough into u00bd inch thickness and cut into mini doughnuts with a doughnut cutter.

,Heat sufficient oil in a kadai and deep-fry the doughnuts on medium heat till golden.

,Take melted dark chocolate in a bowl, dip the fried doughnuts in it till well coated and then sprinkle sugar coated fennel seeds over them.

,Transfer the doughnuts on a serving plate and serve immediately.

,Source: A recipe website

Mini sugar donuts

Watch him closely.

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Easy donut recipe deep fried

It can be tricky to find examples, because the popularity of most well-known foods has spread so far and wide that the city of origin has often been forgotten.

It also depends on nationality, travel experience, and the culinary appreciation of the person youu2019re asking.

,Many foods, few examplesMention pizza and I think of Naples, Italy, above all because Iu2019ve eaten it there several times and itu2019s known for this famous food.

But others might think of a different Italian city, or New York, or even New Haven, Connecticut, famous for their spectacular pies.

The dish is simply too prominent globally.

,Barbecue doesnu2019t have an instant connection either.

Some think Memphis, others think Kansas City, and even cities like St.

Louis, Nashville, Charlotte, and Birmingham are part of the conversation.

Honestly, based on my research and travels, seven different Texas towns put all of those to shame.

When I hear barbecue, I instantly think Brenham, Texas, a small town that is home to two of the top three BBQ joints in America! So, the reaction to barbecue isnu2019t limited to one place.

,Other food origins are so hotly debated that no individual city would be unanimously accepted.

Were hamburgers invented in Europe or America? Did spaghetti come from Italy or China? Even if we could all agree, the dishes are so popular worldwide that no singular town would be conjured up in our minds anyway.

,What I can give youIu2019ll name a few examples off the top of my head, both American and international, based on my extensive culinary experience and worldwide travels.

Iu2019ll even give you recommendations of where to eat these dishes.

,Weu2019ll also ignore beverages since the question asks about food.

But I can tell you that even when my wife and I are halfway around the world and mention that we live in Tennessee, the unanimous response is, u201cAh yes, the home of Jack Daniels whiskey!u201d,Category 1: Foods that actually contain the name of a cityOne way to almost guarantee interchangeability between food and city with little debate is to provide examples of dishes that carries the very name of the city of origin.

Although I can also provide counterexamples to this theory.

,Nashville Hot Chicken is a prime example! It obviously embodies one of the highlights of the amazing food scene in Nashville, and tourists are determined to try the famous dish when they visit.

Unfortunately, most of them end up at an overrated tourist trap called Hattie Bu2019s.

But nobody makes it better than 400 Degrees, and both Mooreu2019s and Princeu2019s arenu2019t far behind!,However, Texas Toast probably doesnu2019t have the same imagery because most people donu2019t know it originates from Beaumont, Texas, and itu2019s too widely used throughout America.

,The Kansas City Strip has an equivalent association, making one immediately think of this Missouri city known for their impeccable steakhouses.

Iu2019m sure Kansas City, Kansas, isnu2019t springing to mind during your dining experience, nor would any other city.

I would encourage any steak lover to eat the 16-ounce Kansas City Strip at 801 Chophouse!,On the other hand, the similar term New York strip has become so commonplace that I donu2019t think the majority of people consuming this product start imagining New York City.

Itu2019s just another description of a cut of steak for most of us.

,Philly cheesesteaks are unquestionably synonymous with the City of Brotherly Love, because Philadelphia is part of the name.

Itu2019s a place where people line up for hours just to get a taste of Patu2019s or Genou2019s.

Shhh, the best version has no line at all and isnu2019t even located within the city limits.

Leou2019s in Folcroft is unbeatable with the greatest cheesesteaks on the planet!,But Philadelphia Cream Cheese doesnu2019t have the same unanimity with the city, since the brand has become so popular throughout the United States.

Itu2019s more of a staple than a regional delight.

Besides, it made in Lowville, New York, and never was manufactured in Philadelphia.

It was a marketing gimmick.

,The mere mention of Buffalo wings instantly elicits images of beautifully saucy chicken wings at gritty bars in Buffalo, New York.

Versions of this dish at Anchor Bar, Elmou2019s, and Mammoseru2019s are so stunning that theyu2019re flavor is rarely duplicated elsewhere.

,I always chuckle when a European wonders if these spicy chicken wings are made from buffaloes.

But weu2019ll forgive them since the city of origin isnu2019t nearly as prominent internationally as its fellow intrastate metropolis of New York City.

Speaking of Europe, their restaurants that purport to serve Buffalo wings never get it right, and proper American cuisine is rarely made correctly overseas (read to the end to see a link to my Quora post on that subject).

,Wiener schnitzel immediately conjures up thoughts of Vienna, Austria, because again, the cityu2019s name is in the title.

The title translated from German is simply Viennese cutlet.

I suppose Vienna sausage has an equal connection to the city as well.

Those thin, fried veal cutlets are just so good, and I highly recommend Skopik & Lohn in Vienna!,However, mention chicken Kiev and do we all think of Kiev, Ukraine? I do, but less traveled individuals may not.

There are also arguments for its invention in Moscow or even Paris.

There doesnu2019t seem to be any sort of unanimity with either its agreed place of origin or its association with one single location.

,Kobe beef is obviously synonymous with Kobe, Japan.

That city has some delicious steak.

I recommend Kokubu if you ever visit.

,Meanwhile, Korean fried chicken should probably evoke thoughts of Seoul, South Korea, where the modern trend of deep-frying chickens began in that country in the late 1960s.

But for most of us, we likely hear the name and conceive of any entire culture rather than one city.

,Boston baked beans are so synonymous with the city that itu2019s even carried the nickname Beantown since probably the 1800s.

Try them at Marliave and theyu2019ll be a far cry from the inauthentic canned version.

,Conversely, the Boston cream pie doesnu2019t seem to elicit the same images of Boston, Massachusetts.

These donuts are sold all over America.

,Category 2: Examples that almost contain the cityu2019s nameA key lime pie instantly makes us think of Key West, Florida, where this impeccable dessert originated in the 1930s.

Duffyu2019s in Key West has the best one Iu2019ve ever eaten, although my version is pretty darn good!,But mention cheesecake without prefacing it with u201cNew York-styleu201d and not everyone thinks of New York City.

Iu2019ve had some great versions in San Francisco and Paris, so there isnu2019t such a close association here, and New York is more of a description of a style rather than a completely different dish anyway.

For my money, nothing will ever top the cheesecake at Eileenu2019s in Lower Manhattan, but Iu2019d say mine is dangerously close.

,Peking duck has an immediate connection with Beijing where the dish is famous, even though it originated in the city of Nanjing over 500 miles away.

Peking is just a romanized form of the name Beijing anyway, and the city serves some incredible versions of roasted duck.

I ate this dish at Beijing Da Dong that was so incredible I can still taste it today! If you find yourself in Beijing, try it!,On the other hand, Crab Rangoon should make us think of Rangoon, Myanmar, because it was influenced by an ancient Burmese recipe and carries the name of the city in its title.

But the modern version was actually invented in America and is so commonplace on Asian menus in the states that its origins have been obscured.

My version of this appetizer is pretty mind blowing and takes four hours to make!,Category 3: Examples without the benefit of referencing a cityThese are the most difficult examples to provide, foods with no context clues in their title that are inexorably connected to a specific city.

But such dishes do exist.

,Pou2019 boy sandwiches are so intertwined with New Orleans that itu2019s the first example I thought of.

Beignets might also fit the bill, although theyu2019re made all over.

You can read the link at the end of this post to see my mouth-watering New Orleans suggestions on Quora.

,Jambalaya, gumbo, and other Creole and Cajun cooking might not necessarily make one think of The Big Easy because they are made all over Louisiana, Mississippi, and elsewhere.

,Deep-dish pizza will immediately cause any American to think of Chicago.

The term u201cChicago deep dishu201d isnu2019t even necessary here and is essentially redundant.

Hot dogs and the Italian Beef sandwich might do the same, but there are enough tasty examples beyond Illinois that also fit the bill.

,On the other hand, something like clam chowder is so popular throughout New England that I doubt everyone necessarily thinks of Boston.

,Hot Browns are irrefutably Louisville, Kentucky, through and through.

This turkey, ham, bacon concoction smothered in Mornay sauce is a beautiful thing.

,However, while sourdough bread makes most Americans think of San Francisco, it was actually around in at least 3700 BC in Switzerland if not earlier, so this affiliation wouldnu2019t be universal.

,Crab cakes are most certainly connected to Baltimore.

And despite being sold throughout the Middle and South Atlantic, Iu2019d say Baltimore is almost an automatic response here.

,But Alaskan king crab is more reminiscent of deep-sea fishing in the high seas beyond the state of Alaska than it is with any particular city.

,Fried cheese sticks probably donu2019t bring up any specific association.

But fried cheese curds just scream Milwaukee, at least if you polled only Americans.

There is an instant connection! Milwaukee Brat House serves the best fried cheese curds in the world! Youu2019ll also find the indelible Wisconsin Cheese Mart with sensational cold cheese curds if you want a snack or aspire to make your own deep-fried version.

Canada also has a vast array of quality cheese curds, as the item is more likely found in North America than anywhere else in the world.

,Lobster rolls are deeply connected to the state of Maine.

But they donu2019t have a city association necessarily.

You might think of any number of Maineu2019s coastal towns, maybe Portland.

But I always think South Thomaston because NOBODY does lobster rolls better than McLoons!,International examplesBeaver tails have Ottawa written all over them.

If youu2019ve ever ice skated on the frozen Rideau Canal and eaten a piping hot cinnamon beaver tail in a little shack on the ice, youu2019ll never forget it.

I know I wonu2019t!,Meanwhile, a gorgeous bowl of poutine should conjure up images of Montreal, but its popularity has spread so far and wide across Canada and into the U.


that this is not always the case for everyone.

,Baguettes are instantly redolent of Paris, defining countless bakery window displays all over the city.

They might be sold worldwide, but they are unapologetically Paris.

,However, something like ceviche has so many different regional variations throughout South America.

It might lead one to think of Quito or Santiago.

I always think of Lima because ceviche originated in Peru, but not everyone would agree that ceviche and this city must be intertwined.

I had the best ceviche of my life at La mar cebicheru00eda peruana in Lima!,Other regional examples for foodies and world travelers only(Cioppino),People who are serious foodies and world travelers like me know of other more subtle examples.

Cioppino is so clearly San Francisco, and so delicious.

When we hear Okonomiyaki, we imagine the moments weu2019ve devoured that dish in its hometown of Hiroshima, Japan.

And every time I cook with Gruyu00e8re cheese, I think of my walks in Gruyu00e8res, Switzerland.

Even when we eat a bialy at an American bakery, those scrumptious doughy treats, many of us think of its namesake Biau0142ystok, Poland.

Fried mini donuts near me

Iu2019ve been very fit, but also very obese and rigorous about diet, and obese but not at all selective about diet (which I considered to be my natural appetite), and in this latter case, a typical day for me was:,Breakfast: 2 McGriddles and hash brows,Morning Snack: Either a muffin, or a 6 pack of mini donuts.

(If I was still hungry in anothe hour, Iu2019d usually supplement this),Lunch: At the time, I worked near a diner, I would have two grilled cheese sandwiches, potato chips, and two slices of pie.

,Afternoon Snack (before end of work): Iu2019d usually run to the McDonaldu2019s in the building for fries and a value menu burger.

Sometimes a McFlurry if it was hot.

,Afternoon Snack (on my way home from work): Usually a burger and a Frosty from Wendyu2019s.

,Dinner: My go-tos were Pizza Hut if I ordered in (so an order of breadsticks, mozzarella stick, and a large pan pizza) or Golden Corral if I was going to eat out (so usually 2u20134 trips to the buffet).

,Dessert: When I would get home, usually a pint of ice cream,Late night snack: Either another ice cream, or if I was hungrier still, Taco Bell (6 beef tacos, chips, and 2 cinnamon twists),Over the weekend, Iu2019d usually just have three large meals and one small snack:,Breakfast: Bacon, Eggs, Waffle, Toast,Lunch: Burgers usually,Dinner: Pizza,Late: Either ice cream or Iu2019d get a shake and a burger.