Is the single market, the greatest concern if UK, exits the EU? . Would the famers in the UK be sufferers, like chicken & cereal farmers in UK?

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Chicken cereal

Farmers in the U.


, might suffer if they plan to exit European union through referendum.

And in case of exit cereals, chicken and milk farmers might face a European duty in case of exit.

But would U.


be better off than paying x amount to Brussels to be a part of EU weekly.

,Can some part of whats paid to EU budget be paid towards NHS revival and finding new free trade open markets?

Baked cereal

I have baked cereal, similar to Post Grape Nuts.

,Homemade Grape Nuts Cereal RecipeBut making a flaked cereal requires industrial machinery, with rollers to crush the grains and steamers, I believe.

Not something one can do at home.