How far could a small, private plane fly?

How many hours From Philippines to Hawaii

The record as far as I know was set in 1958 by Pat Boling who flew nonstop a Beechcraft Bonanza J35 from Manila, Philippines to Pendleton, Oregon.

The distance was 7,090 miles in 45 hours, 43 minutes.

,There have been many other long flights in Beech Bonanzas.

There is one near me that flew 4,887 miles.

,Flight of the u201cWaikiki Beechu201d Beechcraft BonanzaThat aircraft flew from Hawaii to New Jersey in March 1949.

The Model 35 Bonanza eventually is in the Smithsonian Institution on permanent display at the National Air and Space Museumu2019s F.

Steven Udvar Hazy Center at Dulles International Airport near Washington, D.


, very near my house.

I see it regularly.

,Itu2019s parked right under another ocean-crossing aircraft, the Concorde.

,The Concorde flew far faster, but the Bonanza, however, had far more range.