What is the main reason why people in the Philippines work abroad?

Australian Dollar to Philippine Peso

The main reason is the high exchange rates.

,Filipinos are selective with the countries they work for, preferably the ones with the high exchange rates, commonly First World countries.

You can barely find a Filipino working in equally poor countries such as Venezuela or Somalia.

,First World Countries:1 United States Dollar = 53.

32 Philippine Peso,1 Australian Dollar = 40.

30 Philippine Peso,Third World Countries:1 Venezuelan Bolivar = 0.

00053 Philippine Peso,1 Somali Shilling = 0.

093 Philippine Peso,If the Philippine peso (PHP) is valued equally with the United States Dollar (USD) at 1 PHP = 1 USD, then no Filipino would even think of going abroad for work.

,The aforementioned, hypothetical exchange rate is attainable through a competent Philippine economy, among all other factors such as a competitive corporate environment and a drive for economic and national prosperity.