How geographically close is the Philippines to Australia at each nearest points, same with the distance between Australia and New Zealand?

Philippines to New Zealand distance

Probably closer than you imagine.

Australia and New Zealand actually share a common land border.

,u2018What!u2019 I hear you ask.

u2018u2026But they are two island nations thousands of kilometres apartu2019.

,This may be true, but both Australia and New Zealand have large overseas territories.

If you turn your attention to their Antarctic territories you will see that they do include a land border that extends for a long distance.

,Australia has the worldu2019s largest chunk (actually chunks) of Antarctica, but New Zealand has an area that is pretty large too, although it includes the Ross Ice Shelf which is melting away thanks to global warming.

,Now what about Australia and the Philippines? I initially thought Australia may have (among its thousands of islands) an island that was close to the Philippines.

Australia does after all have islands that are just a stoneu2019s throw from Sri Lanka, Indonesia and elsewhere.

,After some searching though I think the closest mark would be from the Bathurst Islands (north of Darwin to one of the Philippines most southerly islands - the municipality of Sarangani).

,That is a distance of about 1,931kms.