What are the Doshas in a horoscope, and what are the possible remedies?

Vastu according to horoscope

Doshas in a horoscope are many.

,Dosha like in Ayurveda, e.


: Jala-Dosha (Cold fever), is a hindrance to normal living.

,In Vedic Astrology, Dosha is again hindrance to normal living, due to Past Birth(s) bad Karma.

,The bad or good karma from Past Birth(s) manifest as Dosha or Yoga in Time.

,So one can consider Dosha as a negative of Yoga and vice-versa.

,As in Ayurveda, Doshas are classified according to the five Pancha Bhuthas, and that in turn mapped to Grahas as below.

,Doshas in a Horoscope of a Vedic Astrology is due the following,Bad placement of Grahas.

,Bad effect or Drishti of Grahas.

,And inter-active (combinations) of different Grahas on the horoscope, by above mapped doshas.

,Also as below due to inert behavior of Grahas between them.

,As in case of Modern Medical science or Ayurvedic science, there is a Medicine or Remedy for the Doshas.

,Sage Agasthiya and other Rishis formulated different temples to dissolve the bad karma or dosha in different temples constructed according to Hindu Agamic Vastu based temples.

,Hinduism is based on Karma, Agama rites, Temples were dedicated to the two of the Tri-Murthis namely Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu.

,Nava Grahas come under jurisdiction of the Tri-Murthis, so praying with Devotion and Belief in these dedicated Graha temples, removes the Doshas in a Horoscope.

Numerology and directions

Hi Prashanth,,Well, thatu2019s quite a loaded question/questions.

Way too much to cover here.

Generally speaking, numerology is often referred to as the u201cScience of Numbers.

u201d It works with all the same base numbers that mathematics does (1u20139 and zero, which is more of a placeholder or symbol, both in mathematics and numerology) which is why it is such an incredibly accurate system.

The Pythagorean System is by far the most scientific and accurate, though.

,Numbers, thanks to String Theory in Quantum Physics, can be viewed, like all things in existence as varying vibrating strings of light (a.


a energy).

Their vibrational or frequency pattern each differs and each number has its own distinctive characteristics, qualities, positive/negative attributes, etc.

,As such, these numbers, whether they might be in your date of birth or addresses, phone numbers, other peopleu2019s dates of birth (their vibrational or frequency patterns), the global energetic cycles, patterns, and so on, also have an impact on your own vibrational pattern.

,I would suggest you pick up a book on numerology or take an online course about it if youu2019d like to study it further.

Itu2019s very fascinating.

,Top Numerologist & Life Strategist Michelle Arbeau